Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt

T-shirts, in general, are the most important and must-have things in your wardrobe. Thygesen Textile Vietnam, a recognized manufacturer with decades of experience in the textile industry, offers Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt manufacturing through a full-package service.

Product Specifications:

-Fabric: Organic Cotton, Cotton, Modal/ Spandex (the proportion can be varied by customers)
-All sizes
-Appropriate for regular activities.
-Machine Wash.
-Non-chafe fabric taping reinforces neck and shoulders.
-Lay-flat collar keeps its shape after washing.

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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – An Experienced Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt Manufacturer

women's round neck long sleeve t-shirt manufacturer

Although a t-shirt is a basic item, you can make yours stand out by investing in premium materials. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is here to help you create the best quality t-shirts.

Our advantages include design, patternmaking, and sample development. We could put up those processes for a high-quality tech pack in a short period of time. Furthermore, you would receive an estimate for the greatest pricing as soon as feasible.

In terms of production, Thygesen owns factories with innovative machine systems and a trained workforce. Therefore, production time is cut without sacrificing quality. We’ve won our client’s trust, and they’ve granted us permission to assist them in examining the goods before shipment.

To detect errors, we have competent experts and on-the-spot quality inspection. We have skilled technicians and in-house QCs to ensure our commitment to providing the best quality t-shirts to our customers.

Introduction to Thygesen Vietnam

The economic development in some countries has a large contribution to the fashion sector. Clothing needs are extremely necessary for people’s daily lives. Understanding that, many clothing manufacturers were born to market many different product models. In which Thygesen Vietnam is one of the manufacturers with a long history of development with many successes.

As a leading Activewear Manufacturer, Thygesen Vietnam has achieved certain successes. The products launched by this manufacturer in the market are sold well and receive the trust of all customers.

In addition to popular clothing items, this manufacturer is also sought by many customers for products such as gym underwear. These products all ensure the high standards that are set for apparel evaluation. Many brands and retailers have come to Thygesen to select a large number of gym underwear to provide their customers with the highest quality items.

If you are a retailer who is in need of developing Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt but do not have a lot of capital as well as a suitable source, Thygesen will be the perfect choice that you should not ignore. Surely with many years of experience in the profession, receiving many high reviews from customers, the company will help you get the best-selling products in the market.

Sustainable Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt Manufacturer

Search volume for sportswear has seen an amazing growth at the beginning of this year, up to 59% recently. Sustainable fashion towards sustainable actions in sourcing, production, distribution, marketing and consumption.

Understanding the needs of users, we have continuously produced sportswear for everyone’s training. The production process of our sportswear also has a clear process, according to each specific working stage. To get the most complete product, we have followed the specific process as follows:

  • Step 1: Prepare materials.
  • Step 2: Make a diagram or design a pattern.
  • Step 3: Spread and cut the fabric.
  • Step 4: Sew the finished product.
  • Step 5: Finish the clothing product.
  • Step 6: Check and pack the product.

Let’s take a closer look at what our private label manufacturing services can do for you. First and foremost, we believe that, given the range of fabric materials available, we can manufacture almost any type of sports bra as requested. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned if you are not currently a large brand with a high order quantity; our minimum orders are quite low when compared to other large-scale operations. Another service worth considering is our full-package service, in which we will assist you from the initial phases, such as material selection and sample development, to the final stages, including timely delivery of your products.

Futhermore, in the countries with the most developed economies in the world, the human factor is always highly valued by businesses. It seems to them that human development is a mandatory task, not allowed to be absent-minded. A business that wants to develop sustainably must have enthusiastic human resources who always work hard. And to get that, the company must care about the interests of employees. Thygesen has really done that, we care about the interests of our employees. We ensure that every employee will receive a decent salary, have reasonable rest time. For us, the most important thing is to ensure the satisfaction of employees, gain their trust, and to be able to develop the company in a sustainable way.

One of the prominent characteristics of people’s shopping behavior today is more attention to the sustainability of products. Along with the trend, sustainable fashion is gaining more and more popularity and changing the way people consume fashion products, helping to protect the environment, reducing waste.

The reality is, that the fashion industry cannot become more sustainable without costs. A “green” brand needs to be made from natural ingredients, following methods that minimize harm to the environment, and also follow through on commitments to protect workers. To achieve these, sustainable fashion products inevitably cost more than fast fashion products.

But instead of being thrown away quickly, “green” fashion products will have a longer shelf life, reduce harm related to consumer health and have many other long-term benefits. Therefore, although the price is higher than fast fashion, you will also get the corresponding value when using these products.

Currently, on the market, there are many leading brands that are pursuing sustainable fashion trends, including Thygesen Vietnam. For us, the use of sustainable fashion products not only enhances your own beauty but also shows your responsibility towards the environment. A green product usually costs more than the products of fast fashion brands. However, if you invest in a quality product that can be used many times, the cost per use will be much lower instead of using poor quality items and you have to buy new ones constantly.

So, if you are looking for a  Custom T-shirts Manufacturer to make Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and find the best solution for each of your requirements.

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