Work Hoodie

A perfect hoodie for winter working day made and supplied by Thygesen’s One-Stop-Shop service. It’s destined to provide customers a supportive manufacturing solution to cut more cost, save more time and satisfy customer with better quality product. The whole manufacturing process from material development to sample building, bulk production, packaging and logistics is included in our service. Let us help to take off in your business.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: CVC, TC, Cotton, Polyester and blended with Spandex,…
  • Performance: Lightweight, breathable, temperature regulation. color fastness, durable, comfortable allowing free movement.
  • Color: any color
  • Size: full size range for your option
  • Measurement: customized measurement chart or USA, EU, ASIAN standard.
  • Made in our own factory in Vietnam
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A Full-Service Work Hoodie Manufacturer – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Work Hoodie Manufacturer

Work Hoodie is considered one of the best products that provide great support to the wear in shaping their body in yoga and fitness activities. Shaper Legging provided by our OEM service would be your business’s secret weapon to take more advantage of your fashion & clothing market, with outstanding properties such as high compression in a well-designed structure while remaining very comfortable thanks to very soft, smooth, breathable and absorbent fabrics.

Our service not only provides you with high-quality Work Hoodie  but also brings you the advantage of a very competitive price. It might be unbelievable when a Shaper Legging Manufacturer tells you that they might excel at both. However, let us demonstrate how we do it:

  • Premium quality fabric
    Firstly, we focus on the quality right from the first step of developing new kinds of fabrics. We have in-house experts in yarn & fabric to keep us updated with the latest innovations in the material industry. We cooperate with the best material manufacturers in Asia to allow us freely develop new kinds of fabrics. That’s the first step we take to make the best quality Shaper Leggings.
  • Full-package service
    Secondly, we include all stages of the manufacturing process in a full-package service. This helps to save much of your time and effort compared to using separate services from different suppliers. In this way, we are also able to set take control of everything for the best quality thanks to professional cooperation among technicians, workers, designers, salesmen, merchandisers, and logistics… in a unified service.
  • Cost advantage
    In addition, we have gained a lot of advantages from low labor costs and local tax incentives for locating our factories in developing areas in the North of Vietnam. We focus on investment in high-tech machines and comprehensive training programs for our labor force. All is for keeping the highest level of quality and productivity.
  • Flexible service
    In case you are not looking for an OEM service manufacturer but simply just a Shaper Legging wholesale supplier for a shorter lead-time, our service is still applicable. We have many designs available here for your options and you could freely use them with your private label.

We focus on highly functional materials: Our designers and in-house experts keep up to date on new yarn and fabric developments and innovations in order to provide our customers with a wide range of advanced material possibilities. We are entirely flexible in designing new kinds of fabric for valued functions of shorts since we have close-knit contact with a large network of material suppliers. Our shorts are incredibly breathable, good at absorbing moisture to keep the wearer dry during the entire day, and very silky and smooth to avoid chafing and bouncing. Our designer will also consult with you to ensure that the products are well-structured and supportive for the wearer.

We focus on the flexibility of the service: As a  Workwear Manufacturer as well as Hoodie Manufacturer, we can provide OEM and ODM services. In addition, we also have a large range of available designs here, which you are free to use for your own brands.  We prioritize in optimizing productivity without sacrificing quality, therefore, we train our workforce to be multi-functional in every production stage. We are very adaptable when it comes to setting up production lines. That’s how we keep our productivity high while maintaining product quality. With a full package solution, we can also help you save time and money by reducing the amount of time and money you spend traveling and dealing with too many suppliers.

Reliable work hoodie manufacturer

Referring to the largest clothing manufacturer in the world market, Thygesen cannot be ignored. This is a company specializing in fashion production that has developed all over the world, including Vietnam. Thygesen has been in the market for a long time and now we have more than 90 years of experience in fashion production.

With that development, we are proud to be a premium organic cotton manufacturer, always giving our customers the best experience. The products we bring to the market are guaranteed to have been thoroughly tested, selected selectively so that customers always feel satisfied. If what you are worried about is the fabric, then come to us to get the products that best meet your needs.

Furthermore, Thygesen Vietnam has a professional staff with many years of experience in the field of clothing manufacturing. Besides, we are also fully equipped with modern and advanced machinery and equipment, which promise to ensure on-time work, and provide a large number of products to retailers. Customers can rest assured to come to us to receive the best products. With a modern production process that complies with many strict standards, although it is quite expensive compared to normal cotton, 100% Organic Cotton yarn is produced by organic materials that are benign to the skin, free of harmful chemicals. harmful, reducing the risk of skin irritation … especially good for children’s skin. Organic Cotton fabric is especially more environmentally friendly due to the process of saving fuel and water in production. Besides, this fabric also gives the user a comfortable feeling.

Understanding the benefits of organic cotton, we have chosen this fabric to produce clothes, especially for children. Because children’s skin is always very sensitive, wearing clothes with bad materials will affect the skin, causing many bad conditions on the skin. Thygesen fabrics have received the oeko-tex standard 100, a certificate issued by high-ranking agencies specializing in testing high-quality fabrics. Therefore, customers can completely trust us to choose to buy products.

You can always hire clothing manufacturers to figure on your Work Hoodie just in case you do not have the stitching skills and expertise for the project. The sole belongings you need to secure may be a jacket design and sketch it on the PC as a pre-production file. Include your specifications and other details of the merchandise since this pre-production file will function as your eventual professional tech pack for the custom clothing project.

Good manufacturers are well-versed and experts when it involves clothing manufacturing and you’ll simply trust them to try to do the remaining of the assembly work as long as they need the tech pack. Coordination is required to urge your requirements across though. Recognized among the leading private label clothing manufacturers in Northern Viet Nam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam thrives to simplify the complexities of this private label apparel manufacturing industry by dedicating ourselves as a personal label clothing manufacturer providing a ODM/OEM service. The service handles subsequent tasks like designing and making tech packs, sample development, bulk production, inspection, logistics, etc. The task of developing new sorts of knit fabric is additionally included in Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s service. that permits us to assist our customers to develop any new design of their own brand.

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