Work Uniform Polo Shirts

Simple but have never been out of style, this Collection is the best choice for every gentlemen to go to work owing to its abilities ( breathable, fast absorption, low pilling,…). Thygesen Textile Vietnam is now providing an economic full package service for those who are looking for bulk Work Uniform Breathable Polo Shirts wholesale.

Products Specifications:

– CVC, TC, Cotton and blended with Spandex,…

– Coolmax, Thermal, Polyester, etc.

– Breathable, UV protection, Absorbent, Soft, Four-way Stretch, Keep Warm, Fast Absorption, Quick-dry,…

– Can withstand industrial washing; Ensure a high level of color fastness and resistance to the stainless

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Work Uniform Polo Shirts Manufacturer


Uniform Workwear Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

No need any advanced research, it’s obvious that how comfortable a Uniform Workwear product is affects a lot to the workers’ productivity as it directly bring them the comfort or discomfort. Therefore, products that combined with values functions like: light in weight, durable, strong fastness, good sweat-wicking, quick dry, and smooth would be very preferred. Thygesen Textile Vietnam has a strong capacity in manufacturing and providing those items. Not only providing available designs for wholesale, we provide OEM, One-Stop-Shop service for those whose business relates to those products.

With over 90 years of experience in this fabric and garment manufacturing industry, we are now reputed as a reliable Workwear Manufacturer in the North of Vietnam. We are supplying for a wide range of  Custom Uniform Workwear from T-Shirt, Polo-Shirt, to Base Layer, Outer Workwear…. All can adapt very well with industrial washing conditions.

We set up a capable factory equipped with modest machines, high technology, and smart operation and management system to maximize our productivity and proficiency, reduce waste, avoiding technical problems and shorten the lead-time.

Located in the North of Vietnam, we are benefited with a lot of advantages to be a pioneer Uniform Workwear Manufacturer. We are very near material sources in Vietnam and from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, Thailand… so the sourcing time and cost are both relative low. There is also an abundant source of high quality but low cost labors. We invested in a very poor area of Vietnam to gain more tax incentives. And furthermore, Vietnam has signs lots of FTAs allowing us a very big advantage in terms import tariff o almost big markets like USA, EU, Japan, Korea,…

We enhance our customers’ business by helping them save more time, money, and effort significantly and effectively. We include all stages of manufacturing process in an One-Stop-Shop or a full-package service. Therefore, they don’t need to travel everywhere finding and working with too many of people and suppliers.

In this short brief, It’s hard for us to bring you a whole picture of our service. We welcome you contact or come to visit our office and factory in Vietnam, to see how we adapt our service to your requirements and create more values and benefits for you.

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