Knit Jacket

For this great performance workwear knit jacket, you can choose our innovative custom service. We care about the quality of our products and want to deliver the highest quality fabrics in the most efficient manner at competitive rates. From sample development to finished garments, Thygesen offers comprehensive OEM solutions to meet your needs.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: CVC, TC, Cotton, Polyester and blended with Spandex,…
  • Performance: Lightweight, keep warmth well, durable, comfortable, temperature regulation.
  • All sizes, colors and customizations are available
  • Measurement: USA, EU, Australian standards or customized
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Workwear Knit Jacket Manufacturer – Knit Jacket Supplier in Vietnam

Knit Jacket Manufacturer

Knit Jacket is an ideal item in winter when the temperature drops. It keeps the wearer warm and stay protected in all conditions.

If you are looking for a Workwear Manufacturer as well as Jacket Manufacturer, Thygesen is willing to assist you. Our development team studies your specs to design readily practical tools, methods, and work instructions, which in combination with the deployment of today’s technology, ensure timely production and consistent quality standards.

As a leading workwear Knit Jacket Manufacturer, Thygesen takes great pride in providing top-notch customer service to our clients. We care about the quality of our products and want to deliver the highest quality garments in the most efficient manner at competitive rates.

Simplify your manufacturing process with a supportive One-Stop-Shop service

You will no longer need a pattern & tech-pack making team, a material sourcing department, or some QCs stay in the factory or a third-party inspecting service… Your idea will go directly from some drawings to the real product.

Providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service, Thygesen covers for the whole manufacturing process.  You will save a lot of time, money and effort wasting in working with too many service suppliers or manage a complicated operation system for each separate manufacturing stage. The only thing you need to do is to give us your idea of the products and your quality & functional requirement.

No more worry of poor quality or delay in delivery

Owning capable knitwear factory which is set up under LEAN system, we are cutting waste and maximize the proficiency without sacrificing quality. We do every thing in compliance with international standards ISO 9001, SA 8000, OEKO-TEX 100, CE, WRAP…

We use good quality fabric and high quality garment workmanship to make premium quality products. We prioritize training programs which ensure that all of our labors can master every our machines, technology and garment techniques. They can be freely arranged into production lines to maximize our general proficiency.

Our merchandiser, factory & logistics department cooperate closely with each other to make sure that the whole manufacturing process runs smoothly. Our technicians & in-line QCs ensures that every issue or problem will be resolve quickly. 100% of fabric is inspected before manufacturing.

We engage the whole system in making sure that the quality and the delivery time are guaranteed.

A reliable knitwear manufacturer for a long term business

We make truthfulness, compassion and forbearance our highest quality to guide all thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Do not pursuing the business model of economy of scale as other textile manufacturers, Thygesen focuses on creating more value to customers. We believe that our customers always benefit from a stable partnership with an experienced knitwear manufacturer who can help to save their time, money and effort in each new project.

Referring to the largest clothing manufacturer in the world market, Thygesen cannot be ignored. This is a company specializing in fashion production that has developed all over the world, including Vietnam. Thygesen has been in the market for a long time and now we have more than 90 years of experience in fashion production.

With that development, we are proud to be a premium organic cotton manufacturer, always giving our customers the best experience. The products we bring to the market are guaranteed to have been thoroughly tested, selected selectively so that customers always feel satisfied. If what you are worried about is the fabric, then come to us to get the products that best meet your needs.

Furthermore, Thygesen Vietnam has a professional staff with many years of experience in the field of clothing manufacturing. Besides, we are also fully equipped with modern and advanced machinery and equipment, which promise to ensure on-time work, and provide a large number of products to retailers. Customers can rest assured to come to us to receive the best products. With a modern production process that complies with many strict standards, although it is quite expensive compared to normal cotton, 100% Organic Cotton yarn is produced by organic materials that are benign to the skin, free of harmful chemicals. harmful, reducing the risk of skin irritation … especially good for children’s skin. Organic Cotton fabric is especially more environmentally friendly due to the process of saving fuel and water in production. Besides, this fabric also gives the user a comfortable feeling.

Understanding the benefits of organic cotton, we have chosen this fabric to produce clothes, especially for children. Because children’s skin is always very sensitive, wearing clothes with bad materials will affect the skin, causing many bad conditions on the skin. Thygesen fabrics have received the oeko-tex standard 100, a certificate issued by high-ranking agencies specializing in testing high-quality fabrics. Therefore, customers can completely trust us to choose to buy products.

The organic fabric manufacturer

One of the most important factors to get quality fashion products with long-term value is the fabric. Nowadays, with the appearance of many clothing manufacturers, it becomes difficult for people to choose the best manufacturer. Because not every address selects the best fabric. Cotton yarn can be used for many different types of weaving such as woven or knitted. The characteristics of Cotton fabric give a soft and durable finished product. Therefore, the applicability of this fiber is very high, Thygesen has chosen this material to be used in the production of T-shirts, shirts, jackets, khaki pants, children’s clothes, etc.

In addition, because the production process does not use GMOs and chemicals, the yield of Organic Cotton fabric will be much less than that of regular Cotton. This is also one of the reasons why Organic Cotton is used more in the high-end garment segment.

Full-package service
Secondly, we include all stages of the manufacturing process in a full-package service. This helps to save much of your time and effort compared to using separate services from different suppliers. In this way, we are also able to set take control of everything for the best quality thanks to professional cooperation among technicians, workers, designers, salesmen, merchandisers, and logistics… in a unified service.

Cost advantage
In addition, we have gained a lot of advantages from low labor costs and local tax incentives for locating our factories in developing areas in the North of Vietnam. We focus on investment in high-tech machines and comprehensive training programs for our labor force. All is for keeping the highest level of quality and productivity.

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