To Sustainability

and Beyond!

From the beginning, Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ambition has been to operate ethically and sustainably. We believe each of us has a role in helping protect our future. That is why we strive every day together with our partners, co-workers, and customers to create values for the environment, people, and society.

Environmental Compliance

Minimize waste
We strictly follow the local and international requirements for waste disposal in our textile industry.

Minimize air emissions impact
We make sure air emissions impact is minimized and chemicals are
properly managed.

Recycle more
We prioritize the use of recycled materials and accessories in our
collection development.

Eco-friendly fabrics
We utilize our technology and expertise to make garment products
from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled nylon/polyester, bamboo, etc. Our garment products are certified with Oeko-Tex to
be safe to wear.

Reduce plastic packaging
We encourage our customers to use recycled paper bags instead of
plastic or nylon ones.

Great Workspace

where individuals encouraged to maximize personal capabilities

At Thygesen, our employees’ well-being is important to us. To guarantee that our employees have a safe working environment and can focus on attaining their full potential, we run our facilities in accordance with certification programs such as SA8000, WRAP and Better Work.

Pay It Forward

& Support Local Communities

We are grateful to have ongoing support from local communities throughout our development. We have spread this kindness through our social activities:

  • Being the first company to invest in Yen Lap Industrial Park, Yen Lap District (Phu Tho Province), and create jobs for more than 400 laborers of Yen Lap.
  • Helping stop the spread of Covid-19 by donating money and providing masks to remote, isolated, and infected areas.
  • Donating and supporting children of 11 primary schools in Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province – a northern province during the 4th COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam.
  • Donating to households living in poverty and victims of agent orange in Yen Lap District (Phu Tho Province).

Taking Steps Towards a More
Sustainable Future with Us!