The Company Retreat of Thygesen Vietnam – “Intelligence of Heart“

After joining the Thygesen Vietnam’s company retreat “Intelligence of heart”, Mr. Frederic Labathe from Oxford Organisational Development Institute shared his experience:

“Just finished a two days retreat in Ba Vi National Park with the first company I work with that means do what they say when it comes to bringing values and heart into the workplace”

I usually dislike working with companies because I always feel I am wasting my time. You share beautiful things with people, open hearts, minds, raise hope and explore the possibility of working in a spirit of cooperation, of service and bring the heart into the business of success and all goes well. But almost always, at the end of the workshop, the management board comes back and uses everything you have given to push their people to be more competitive, go for fast profit, and all the rest …

But this time was different and it gave me a sense that what we do in our field, we dreamers of worlds where people are genuine, together, proud, and happy to do what they do, we do not waste our time

We explored the intelligence from the heart and it felt real and authentic.

Thygesen Vietnam’s Company Retreat– “Intelligence of Heart“

A big thanks to Doan Thi Thu Hien and her courage – or heart intelligence – to really walk the talk and make a big difference.

Hien attended SML in 2013 and was the first company director I met in my career who dared to share power with her people and send most of her staff to SML. Today, the company is thriving, expanding through ‘comfortable hard work’. It really feels like a family: beautiful workspace, beautiful people, and a great spirit of togetherness, honesty, truthfulness, and mutual support.

When you see teams like this, there is really only one thing you can imagine for them: ALL-ROUND SUCCESS.

Thanks for inspiring us, Hien.

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