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Why is Thygesen Textile Vietnam the leading company in clothing design and manufacture?

The world is entering the post-pandemic period, therefore, fashion brands, as well as businesses also need to find factories that can bring high-quality clothing design and manufacture to meet the needs of customers. Specifically, the rising awareness of sustainability has also driven the demand for hi-tech & eco-friendly clothing production. Thygesen Textile Vietnam with long-term experience and strong capacity not only leads the fashion trend but also controls the latest manufacturing technology.

What can Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s clothing design and manufacture services offer?

Starting as a knitted fabric manufacturer, Thygesen has gained more than 90 years of experience in fabric manufacturing. Having an experienced team of in-house yarn and fabric experts, Thygesen has great advantages that other Vietnam garment factories may not have. 

We keep ourselves updated with new trends and innovations in the yarn and fabric industry to always bring our customers the freshest options. Having worked with many businesses from USA, EU, Japan, Australia…, for several years, Thygesen has transformed to be capable and adaptive enough to meet well with those different requirements. 

Our inspiring product range


Encouraging the creation of active and healthy lifestyles for global active brands, our OEM/ODM service provides a full range of activewear: tank tops, leggings, joggers… We focus on high-quality products and functional fabrics to provide wearers with the best comfort and support throughout the day.

Relying on our advantages in the multi-handling process and skilled labor, we offer flexible and adaptable manufacturing services to help our customers at all stages of the manufacturing process. You will be surprised by the saving of time, money and energy.

clothing design and manufacture

Fashion and casual wear

If you want to find a reliable Casual & Fashionwear Manufacturer, a potential cooperator with an international standardized manufacturer, the latest technology with modern machines and skillful laborers, Thygesen is ideal for you. We offer a large range of casual and fashion wear like T-shirts, Crop Top, Polo T-shirts,… Look no further as you would our capabilities. Japan’s LEAN system reduces our wastage in every production step. Every order of yours is beneficial with efficient time and reasonable price.

thygesen clothing design and manufacture


With the target of bringing the safest and most comfortable clothes worldwide to kidswear brands, we dedicate ourselves to premium quality and highly functional knitted wear. All kinds of kids’ clothing types with special fabric such as animal hoodies, baby bodysuits, or baby jumpsuits can be found here, certified with OEKO-TEX 100 and CE Standard, of course.


Our clients

Thanks to our expertise, flexibility, and reliability, Thygesen Textile Vietnam always guarantees satisfaction for all of our clients. We have been entrusted with several major brands in the world such as:

  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Boody 
  • Albion X
  • Calvin Klein
  • G-Form
  • DKNY
  • Fjallraven

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s premium clothing design and manufacture services

If you are trying to find a knitted fabric and garment manufacturer for either pre-produced or newly-designed products, Thygesen Textile Vietnam Would be your perfect partner. By choosing Thygesen Textile Vietnam, you will receive premium custom clothing design and manufacture services. We always focus on perfecting our strong and long-term capability of providing a supportive OEM/ODM service to save the cost, time, and energy of customers spent on manufacturing high-quality products.

ODM services-design and manufacture clothing

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s OEM services 

With our OEM services, you will have more opportunities for new products. The brand has the original idea and processes like testing and branding ready to go and it requires a manufacturer that offers skilled labor and supply chains at reduced costs. 

With our experienced labor and supply chains, we can totally meet the needs of customers’ product demand. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we have a high operational capacity of more than 350,000 pieces per month. Therefore, we can easily cater to your high-volume order, ensuring quality & timely delivery.

OEM services in Thygesen Textile Vietnam also control over customization of the customers. We always ensure the integrity of your intellectual property because the manufactured products will always be exactly as requested by the customer and there will be no deviation.

There will be no limitation of OEM service in your fabric choices for your design. We not only use advanced systems to produce but also provide you with access to our huge fabric bank. Thanks to new technologies, new generation polyesters such as Aerocool, Aerogear, and Aerosilver have been created and are well applied to the new fabrics of Thygesen Textile Vietnam. Moreover, you will never have fabric limit problems when working with us because our in-house experts always have the best solutions for you.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam ODM services 

With Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ODM service, you can save time in the setting up period because you mustn’t spend a lot of time coming up with product designs, consulting suppliers, and arranging custom production lines. 

There’s no need to spend financial resources on R&D and designing products from scratch. By leaving most of the technical aspects to ODM suppliers, who have a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing, you can allocate more resources in market research, brand development, and product marketing.

With our ODM service, marketing, and selling pre-produced, finished products are much easier and quicker compared to a component product. Before ODM manufacturing appeared, many businesses had to place orders in enormous quantities and value. Thanks to ODM manufacturers, you will have the opportunity to test several different products on the market first, therefore, it will be easier for you to build a reasonable marketing and sales strategy. This will not only save costs but also minimize potential risks during the sales process.

Some products of ODM services in Thygesen Textile Vietnam:

  • T-shirts 
  • Hoodies 
  • Tank tops
  • Bras 

clothing design manufacturer

We also manufacture ultra-soft, super breathable, absorbent, and antibacterial underwear available here. Our service includes all tasks of manufacturing from material development to design, pattern making, sample developing, production, inspection, and delivery. The objective is to save costs and time of customers from wasting in dealing with too many service suppliers. 

Having a robust team of yarn and fabric experts cooperating with an active sourcing department, Thygesen has advantages in material development to design and manufacture activewear for Yoga, fitness, workout, running, cycling, and exercise. Almost the majority of types of innovative knitted fabric are available in our fabric bank. Custom activewear provided by our professional manufacturer are stretchy, breathable, absorbent, quick-dry enough to enchant all girls and women by making them feel free and super comfy all day long

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – the reliable company for clothing design and manufacturing services

With 90 years of history, we have gained a global reputation in developing and producing top-quality knitted products, both fabrics, and garments.

Vietnam Garment Factory

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is certified by SAAS with SA 8000 and WRAP certificates. Besides, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has received some certifications like ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX, CE, GSV so that we can assure transparency and ethics.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers a high operational capacity, our factories are equipped with the newest automatic sewing machines. We are using the LEAN concept in production flow so that we can simultaneously optimize our operational performance and improve profitability, so we will be more efficient and cost-effective. 

We also meet ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to reinforce customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and also the assurance of conformity to customers   

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we fully understand the mission of the company and the individual. With strong capacity and long-term experience in the clothing industry, we can meet all of your requirements if you need to produce clothing.

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