The trend of seamless leggings 2021

What are seamless leggings?

Most traditional leggings have visible seams where the fabric is assembled. It can be seen on the crotch, waist, legs, and ankles. Unlike these pants, seamless leggings are models with almost no seam at all.

Also called seamless leggings, they are created based on a pattern in which everything is already integrated. The garment is then knitted and then assembled with a few seams to give it a shape. The open parts are closed on themselves then knitted and sewn without visible seams. This relatively new technology is focused on fitness without stitches. It requires a lot of precision, but less labor and little waste of materials.


Seamless leggings

Although the manufacture of seamless leggings is complex, they allow you to create trendy clothes with simple or fanciful patterns. The seamless leggings are ideal for all sports activities. they can be worn for running or even weight training. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will quickly discover the benefits of this piece in the gym.

Benefits of seamless leggings

Lightweight and breathable

Lightness and breathability are the reason why people love seamless leggings. They also allow excellent air circulation which brings you additional comfort. As a result, they eliminate bad odors and keeps you cool for the whole workout session. They can also regulate your body temperature.

Flexibility and comfortable

Seamless leggings give you the ultimate comfort. With this piece, you can say goodbye to irritation during your sports sessions. They eliminate the risk of skin abrasion and burns that affect your efficiency. Indeed, they incorporate elastic elements that allow the seamless leggings to stay in place, regardless of the movement performed. This anti-friction property is ideal for athletes who do a lot of cardio. 

benefits seamless leggings

Durable, long-lasting

The seamless leggings are basically just one piece of fabric. Thanks to this, the garment is much more fitted and becomes a second skin. It adapts perfectly to the body and promotes muscle maintenance. Its flexibility allows you to stretch in any way you can. It inspires you to give your best, whether it’s a quick workout at home or a session in the gym.

The garment also shows excellent durability. Even with heavy physical training, the seams are not likely to get damaged. The chances of the leggings tearing during your workout are lower compared to traditional leggings. 

How to get the right seamless leggings for you?

We buy beautiful leggings, but they are not comfortable, stretchy, and breathable … Stop repeating those mistakes and start shopping for the right leggings. Discover our tips to ensure you make the best decision before buying.

Choose the right material

First, you must pay special attention to the material that your seamless leggings are made of. Choose stretchy fabrics that allow you to move in all directions. Additionally, ensure that the material is breathable and comfy. And why not make sure your leggings are also made from an eco-friendly fabric? For example, our Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified seamless leggings are made with durable cotton, polyester, and lyocell fibers and a blend of spandex, so they’re both comfortable and light on the planet!

Always look for 4-way stretch sports leggings. This type of fabric is much more comfortable and adaptable than one-way or two-way stretch. If there are slight differences between your body measurements and the leggings sizes, it doesn’t matter and your leggings will still be very comfortable and fit.

To give you an idea of ​​how these different types of fabric work, the two-way stretch stretches side to side and returns to its original shape, but it does not stretch up and down. Four-way stretch leggings stretch in all directions and retain their original shape thereafter. You enjoy the freedom to move without your leggings shifting or slipping on you. You also get more flexibility and comfort when it comes to sizing.

Find the right fit

How to choose the size of a pair of seamless leggings can sometimes be quite complicated or even risky. Indeed, the size of seamless leggings is not as standardized as other types of clothing. This makes it difficult for us to get the right size.

Unlike your everyday clothes, your leggings need to be tight and snug. Who wants to spend their time pulling up those leggings after every running step? However, seamless leggings that are too small run the risk of being too tight, making them cramped and therefore uncomfortable. You can find the size you think is yours by carefully comparing your length, waist, hips, and thigh measurements to the size chart table given by your suppliers.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a reputable seamless leggings manufacturer and wholesale supplier in Vietnam, offering a well-organized and flexible ODM/ OEM service with full access to all various choices to our customers. Our products are certified with SA 8000, WRAP, ISO 9001:2015, CE, and OEKO TEX Standard 100.

Our teams of designers and technicians can give you suggestions for the most efficient options and solutions for each particular requirement of the seamless leggings products based on worldwide market trends and strong experience. If you have your ideas, we can assist you to optimize and make them more manufacturing-friendly for maximum production efficiency. Contact us now for the most fashionable and stylish pairs of seamless leggings!

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