Cotton Spandex Leggings

Thank to high quality Cotton & Spandex materials, these leggings are perfectly suitable for every occasion from dating, working to playing, training,… Thygesen Textile Vietnam as a huge potential Cotton Spandex Manufacturer, is looking forward to every partner whose desires are open garment market and increase our core value.

Products Specifications:
– Materials: 90% polyester , 1o% spandex
– Size: all sizes are available
– Four-way stretch
– Flexible
– Free movement
– Soft, breathable & comfortable
– Smooth
– Ecofriendly
– Antibacterial, UV protection, Anti-odor
– Moisture management

Cotton Spandex Leggings Manufacturer – Wholesale Supplier


Cotton Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Cotton Leggings especially Cotton blended with Spandex leggings are always favourite choice of women on every markets as their premium characteristics: high stretchy, soft and smooth, stable, breathable, good moisture absorb and quick dry… If you have a potential market for those items, let us enhance your business with our One-Stop-Shop service of manufacturing high quality products at very competitive price and in a short lead-time.

One-Stop-Shop or a full package service
Do not waste your time and expense traveling to one place to work with material supplier and then move to another place to work with a sewing factory while managing a designers and technician teams effectively and think about hiring a third-party QCs service. All have been already combined in our service. We would help you carry out every stages of manufacturing process. With more than 85 years of experience in this industry, we are capable enough to handle all those thing in an effective way.

Supportive, Flexible and Adaptive Service
Supportive, Flexible and Adaptive are 3 characteristics that we emphasize in our service. We would be pleased to find the best solution for each of your requirements. For example, if your first target is finding a good Cotton Leggings Wholesale Supplier to use their available designs with our private label, our service are still be able to be adaptive. We have many desired designs of Cotton leggings any other kinds of active wear available here for your options. Or if you would like us to help yo create a totally new one, our designers and technicians would help you.

High quality, Low cost, Short Lead-time
At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, quality would always be the first priority. We focus on both materials selection and manufacturing techniques to ensure that high quality product. We optimize our productivity to lower cost and shorten the lead-time instead of sacrificing the quality.

It’s really hard to bring you a whole picture of our service in this short advertisement. We welcome you and every people who is looking for a good Cotton Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier come to visit us in Vietnam and see how we arrange everything to satisfy our Customers.

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