Custom Workout Gym Shorts

Gym Short might be considered a must-have one for every people who pursue fitness. Contact us if you are looking for an OEM service for good quality products at very competitive prices.

Products Specifications
– 100% Cotton (or blended with other compositions as per Customer’s Requirement)
– Light in Weight, Supper Smooth, good moisture absorption, quick dry
– Drawstring closure
– Made in Vietnam

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Custom Workout Gym Shorts Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Gym Short Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for Global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam.

A long with Tennis Short, Cycling Short, Training Short and and Yoga Short, We also consider Gym Short as our main Activewear products line. We are offering an full package service for manufacturing those products with additional advantages for our Customers.

Gym shorts are products that require a lot of special functional characteristics to create a comfy and supportive feeling to the wearers. They should be very stretchy, soft and smooth to not hurt the practitioners with any bounce and chafe. They would also be high compression and well-structured to support the muscle. It means that not only a good structural design but also premium quality materials must be integrated in Gym shorts.

Deeply understand that each piece of Gym Short are supportive for the practitioner not less than any other Gym equipment. We focus on perfecting ourselves to be capable of offering the best quality products at the most competitive price.

To do that, We start with our designers and technicians team. They are equipped with solid knowledge and profound experience to cover every technical and artistic requirement from Customers. We could bring your raw idea to life in the most desired appearance. As a Gym Short Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for Global market We are also, have many designs available here for your option in case that you would like to use our designs with your private branded label.

Sourcing is also our advantage. For decades, we have built up a wide net work of best local and international yarn & fabric suppliers enabling us to be totally flexible in developing new kind of fabrics. We keep ourselves updated with new trends, development in material market to apply the advanced innovation and application to our products.

In terms of production, we optimize our productivity by focusing on training our labors to master machine and technology. Each of our workers are able to use at least 3 kinds of machine. That enable us to be flexible in arranging production lines. Productivity is maximized.

We strongly believe that, wtih a full package service, We could help our customer save lots of time and expense. We share those value with our customers to create them more advantage in the market. Consequently we would be able get more. That how we have grew up and got success since 1931.

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