Drop Shoulder Hoodies

A question that comes across our mind that why don’t we combine a hot trend of drop shoulder into a sporty hoodies that would perfectly appeal people a lot. It brings us a decision of adding it into our selection of our One-stop-shop Manufacturing service

Products Specifications
– Main material: cotton, polyester (adjustable or blended as per Customer’s Requirement)
– Perfect for a chilly day. It’ll go with almost all pants, shorts.
– Machine wash or hand wash cold water. Do not use bleach
– Features stripe, hoodie back and fleece inside.
– Full sizes available

Drop Shoulder Hoodies Manufacturer


Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Drop Shoulder Hoodies Manufacturer for the global market

When the function comes from the structure of a products, a drop shoulder would be an creative innovation that make the hoodies a desired item. It balances out a pear-shaped body that is narrower on top and wider in the hips. Besides, a long sleeve drop shoulder could help the wearer hide the thick or flabby arms. It make people thinking about the hip-hop style, make the wearer look younger, more active and stylish. That’s how drop shoulder hoodies came and replaced a part of classic hoodies.

With 85 years of experience as a fabrics and clothing manufacturer, Thygesen Textile Vietnam are now providing an economic full package service for those who are looking for a reliable drop shoulder hoodies manufacturer.

  • We help our customer in developing new fabrics and samples. We closely cooperate with our yarn & fabrics supplier to be flexible in development of new fabrics. We would also keep updated with latest innovation that could help to integrate more fashionable characteristics and valued functions to our products.
  • We have in-house experts and technician who are experienced enough to not only carry out the order well but also consult our customers with better solution for optimized quality and prices which may come from materials, and production techniques.
  • Our factory are well organized under a LEAN system that is combined with well-trained labor forces. Each of them are able to master several different machines enabling us to optimize the productions.
  • Logistics system in cooperation with strong merchandising department allow us to commit with every customers that goods will always reach to their place on time in the most delighted looks.
  • In case that you do not have your own design or you just would like to use ours under your brands, You are also most welcomed.

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