Fitness Legging

99% of the performance of a fitness leggings is made in the manufacturing process. What help you inspire your customers created by your garment manufacturer. I guess that you can imagine how much time, expense and effort it will take you in material sourcing, tech-pack producing, sample development & quality controlling & inspection when you hire a poor CM service. Thygesen’s One-Stop-Shop OEM service would be a best alternative solution in this case. Contact us today for a better support.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: Polyester+spandex, Nylon+spandex, other blend as request.
  • Performance: high compression. elastic, cool, breathable, absorbent, quick-dry, free movement.
  • Color/Print: developed as customer’s requirement
  • Size: A full size range at customer’s option
  • Measurement: customer’s measurement chart, USA, EU, ASIAN standards.
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Vietnam

Fitness Legging Manufacturer – Fitness Legging Wholesale Supplier

For people who love workout & fitness, A legging which are specially designed with distinctive characteristics like high stretchy, durable, smooth and soft-touch, breathable, good moisture absorb and quick dry… is always a desired item. It’s essential for them not less than any other fitness tools. If you have a potential market demanding for this products, lets our One-Stop-Shop service of manufacturing this products (professional legging manufacturer) help you enhance your business with several additional advantages.

Our service will shorten your lead time

When all stages of manufacturing process are combined in only one full-package service, the lead-time would be decrease significantly. All would be carry out in a unified process. Besides, we have advantage in inbound logistics as we are also a fabric manufacturer. In addition, we built up a broad network of yarn & fabric suppliers to allow us develop and get provided very quickly. High productivity thanks to proficient labor force and modest machines & technology is also a key of our speed.

We commit providing high quality products

Manufacturing at high speed doesn’t means that we could not guarantee the high level of quality. We set up our factory in a LEAN process, applying ISO 9001 and other international standards, we prioritize in maintaining the high level and the stability of the quality. Besides, we inspect 100% fabrics before manufacturing and have in-line QCs working with experienced technicians to make sure that there is no problem with the committed quality. Owning a facilitate factory, we believe that we have a big advantage compare to any other Fitness Leggings Wholesale Supplier.

Our service would help you optimize your cost

A full-package service provided by a Fitness Leggings Manufacturer would always be an economic service. We lower your cost by saving it from your time, money and efforts traveling everywhere working with many suppliers in different places for each of separate stages.

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