Graphic T-shirt

Graphic T-shirts are very popular, especially for teenagers as they contain slogans or funny stickers and pictures. Give us an image or a slogan that you want to be in your shirt, we will provide you with OEM service, from designing the shirt, picking up fabrics and colors to manufacturing it right here in our own factory in Vietnam. Moreover, Thygesen also has good contact with reputed printing companies so any modern printing technologies such as sublimation or digital priting are not a problem.

Product specifications:

  • Performance: Comfortable, Alluring design, Durable, Fashionable, Stylish.
  • Fabrics: 100% cotton. Customers can choose another kind of fabrics.
  • Any colors can be selected.
  • All sizes available.
  • Measurement: USA, EU, ASIA standard.
  • Made in Vietnam.

Graphic T-shirt Manufacturer – Graphic T-shirt Supplier


Graphic T-Shirt Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

When people would like to refresh themselves with some special item to wear, they thing tend to think about a Graphic T-Shirt instead of a plain or melange one. Sometimes, the graphic would show the wearer favourite quote, ideal or taste. It means that they love them. If you are engaging your business in supplying those interesting graphic T-Shirt to the market. Let us give you a hand with our One-Stop-Shop service to manufacture and supply you this products with many of additional values.

We cooperate with best sub-contractors of printing in Vietnam. Reputed as a pioneer Graphic T-Shirt Manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, for many years, We have built a close knit cooperating relationship with biggest printing house in Vietnam. Our first priority for graphic T-Shirt is high quality prints. They must be very strong in fastness to last for the whole life-circle of the T-Shirt.
We have experts in printing technique. In fact we have in-house expert in yarns and fabrics. They have profound knowledge and solid experience in dying, knitting, finishing and printing. They always keep updated with new technology, development, innovations to apply the best in our service.
We have a modern factory to produce high quality product at a very high productivity. We are now have a modern factory with 300 skillful labors. We focus on training them well and equip them with modest machines and technology. We arrange everything in LEAN system and comply with international manufacturing standard.
We do not require order of big quantity. We do not require that our customers must have order of ten thousand piece per week. The order of several thousand pieces per month would also go well. We focus on perfecting our service to optimize the productivity, create more values and then share more with our customers and get more.
We welcome customers from every marketing worldwide with your own designs or an idea of products. In other case, let use our own design or let our designers help you to create a new one.

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