Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

If I have to find something to talk about this fashionable and high performance Long Sleeve Polo Shirt, I just wanna to tell you that “Take it to your customers and don’t forget to come back to our One-Stop-Shop service before you are out of stock ’cause they can’t wait to have one”.

Products Specification:

  • 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester ( or other blends as per customer’s requirement)
  • Products are of Vietnam origin
  • Machine Wash
  • Long-sleeve polo shirt featuring two-button placket and spread collar
  • Logo tag at left side seam

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier


Long Sleeve Polo Shirts Manufacturer providing One-Stop-Shop service for global martket – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

A Long Sleeve Polo Shirts seems to be harder to combine with other clothing than a Short Sleeve Polo or long sleeve T-Shirt. However, if someone love wearing that style, they hardly change it. So keep satisfy your loyal customers by refreshing your business with higher quality long sleeve polo shirt at best price and let our One-Stop-Shop service help you to do that.

One-Top-Shop service
Do you think that a service that help you to cover from material development to finishing garment products is much better and economic than separated services for each of those stages? We strongly believe that a full-package service would always be better in both quality controlling and cost saving. That’s why we choose to invested in our factory, people and management system to make our service more supportive and well adaptive with different kinds of demand.

High quality products
International quality standard like ISO 9001 are applied to our manufacturing process. Our customers trust our quality controlling system and our commit. They choose to use our QC service.

Competitive price
You could easily imagine that, if a manufacturer can improve their productivity while maintaining the quality of the product, they could offer their customer a more competitive price. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we have 2 strategy. Firstly, We locate our factory in an area with very cheep labors force available. Secondly, We focus on training them to make them to be master every techniques, machines and technology. Each of them can use many kinds of machines allowing us to be totally flexible in arranging productions lines. Productivity is optimized.

Small MOQ
Distinguish ourselves from other normal Long Sleeve Polo Shirts Manufacturer, we do not pursuing the model of Economy of Scale. We focus on perfect our service to save our Customer overall money, time and efforts, create more value and integrate all those thing to our products. Our customers could gain more means that finally we could gain more.

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