Luxury Activewear Leggings

Our goal is to design premium quality leggings so fashionable you might question ever taking them off. Luxury Activewear Leggings made from the best quality fabrics by expert designers. Therefore, these leggings can satisfy all ladies’ requirements of both fashion and function, even the most difficult ones.

Products Specifications:

– High stretching/ Good compression
– Four-way stretch
– Flexible
– Durable
– Free movement
– Soft, breathable & comfortable
– Antibacterial, UV protection, Anti-odor
– Drifit, Fast absorption & quick dry, Wicking, sweating out
– Moisture management
– Keep you dry and comfortable
– Anti-pilling

Luxury Activewear Leggings Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Luxury Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

It’s not just because leggings is not a pant so it shouldn’t be a luxury item. People who love leggings would be so exciting wearing a luxury legging which are in a gorgeous design combined with great functional characteristics. We believe that this product would sell well in so many markets. If you are the one selling this products or a new one who is looking for a new business opportunity, let check if our One-Stop-Shop service of manufacturing this product could bring you any advantage.

Premium quality fabric
Luxury Leggings need to be made of premium quality fabric. We have in-house experts who has a profound knowledge basis and solid experience in yarns and fabric to take in charge of it. They keep updated with new development and technology in material industry to make sure that we will not miss any advanced innovation. Thanks to close-knit relationship with a wide network of yarn & fabric supplier, we are totally flexible in fabric and material development. So there is no limit for premium quality fabric.

Hi-tech manufacturing
In our facilitated factory, many hi-tech machines & technology have been set up and mastered by our workers. We also cooperate with best dyeing house and printing and fabric finishing sub-contractor in Vietnam for highest quality product. There would be no color fading, no fault in printing… The advanced fabric finishing would make them a really luxury product.

High supportive service
Enhancing your business with a manufacturing service demands us to me more flexible and adaptive to provide you better support. What happen when you have a good idea but your Luxury Leggings Manufacturer or your Luxury Leggings Wholesale Supplier can not help you design or make pattern for it? It’s obvious that your idea can not come to life. So a supportive service especially a full-package supportive service would be essential.

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