Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

Specifically designed for training or working by Thygesen’s expert designers, the Long sleeve compression shirts satisfy all people especially for those who have intense activities.
With over 85 years history, Thygesen Textile Vietnam proud to be a trustworthy and professional manufacturer to any partner whose business relevant to garment products.

Specifications Products:
–    Materials: 85% polyester, 15% spandex (or adjustable with customer’s requirement)
–    Size: Available at all sizes
–    Great for sports, skiing, snowboarding, training, competing, and weather condition sports and activities
–    Moisture Sensing
–    Quick time Dry
–    Free movement

Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Shirts Manufacturer

Looking for a professional leading compression clothing manufacturers who can provide high-quality wholesale compression shirts, compression shorts, pants, tank top and etc? Having professional techniques of weaving, dyeing and sewing, we are able to consult, support you about materials, products’ structures and functions. Therefore, customers especially who do not have experience of textile can reduce the high cost for hiring experts.

More than that, our own factory in Vietnam focuses on reducing waste in any step of manufacturing so that the qualities and progresses always in guaranteed as well as the prices are reasonable. Last but not least, we can saving money for you in developing new product due to our designers always catch up the fashion trends changing everyday.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam are among the top-notch compression garments manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in Vietnam.

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