Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts

Can’t wait to help men who love cycling avoid discomfort in the seat while riding caused by chafing or bad moisture absorb, We offer an OEM service for manufacturing the best Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts

Products Specifications
– 80% Polyamide and 20% spandex (adjustable as per customer’s requirement)
– Enhances moisture wicking and body heat thermoregulation.
– 3D structure chamois is breathable and comfortable.
– Smooth flatlocked seams can avoid friction and the skin irritation.
– Non-slip silicone legs grippers and elastic to keep shorts in place, no slide up.
– We could add reflective marks design for highly reflective and visible when riding at night.
– Full Sizes

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Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Cycling Short Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Integrated with lots of our efforts and capability, Cycling Short is one of our special activewear product lines offered in our full-package service. Each of Cycling Short provided by our manufacturing service are perfectly combined with both fashionable and functional characteristics to create the most comfy feeling to the wearer.

Let see if our service could bring you a premium product or any additional advantage on market for you:

We are focus on high functional materials: Our designers & in-house expert with their sensitiveness always keep updated with new develop and innovation of yarn and fabrics to bring our customers various of advanced options of materials. With close-knit relationship with a wide network of materials suppliers, we are totally flexible in developing new kind of fabric for valued functions of Cycling Short. They would be very breathable, good at moisture absorption to keep the wearer dry for the whole day and be very soft and smooth to not cause any discomfort of bounce and chafing. Our designer would also help to consult you to make the products well-structured to be more supportive for the wearer.
We are focus on the flexibility of the service: As we are a Cycling Short Manufacturer, FOB, OEM, ODM, One-Stop-Shop service are all available here. How every, We also have a comprehensive selection of available designs here, so you could freely use them for your brands. Therefore, you could also feature us a Cycling Short Wholesale Supplier.
We prioritize in optimization our productivity without sacrifice of quality: We train our labor to be multi-functional in every productions stages. We are totally flexible in arranging productions line. That’s how we maximize our productivity while remaining the quality of the product. We also help to save your time and expense of traveling and operating with too many suppliers with a full package service.
So, if you have a good design, or just an idea of the product, just come with us. We would help you bring it to life in the most efficient and effective way.

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