Men’s Training Tank Top

Finding shirts for training, playing sport or workout ? The Men’s Training Tank Top collections are totally suitable for your uses and desires.

We are ready to supply your customers with our best service from choosing material to packing and delivering your garment products.

Products Specification:

– Materials: 60% cotton, 40% polyester ( adjustable with  Customer’s Requirements )
– Size: Availble at all size
– Free movement
– Soft, breathable & comfortable
– Smooth
– Ecofriendly
– Drifit, fast absorption & quick dry, wicking, sweating out

Men’s Training Tank Top Manufacturer


Men’s Training Tank Top Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

As a highly supportive products, Training Tank Top is becoming a must-have item like practice tools in fitness, workout or training centers. The requirement for the quality of this product is gradually increasing along with the demand for it. Business men who are looking for a new advantage or opportunity in their market would love to be supplied by a better service that could help them save more time, money and effort in manufacturing high quality Training Tank Top. As a pioneer training tank top manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, We are providing an one-stop-shop service for the same purpose.

Let us add some more details of our service:

Professional & high productive manufacturing system
We own a facilitated factory equipped with sufficient modest machines which are mastered by a well-trained labor force. We located our factory in Phu Tho province where a low cost but high quality labor force are available. So we could produce high quality products at very competitive prices. Each of our workers is proficient in using many different machines allowing us to be totally flexible in arranging production lines.

Strong sourcing team
To be adaptive with various kinds of requirement, we are very focused on strengthening our sourcing team. Backed by our close-knit relationship with a wide network of yarn & fabrics suppliers, our sourcing team would be totally flexible in helping you developing new kind of fabric that would integrate more valued functional characteristic like: high stretchy, stable, smooth, good moisture absorb and quick dry…. to our products.

Supportive service
As mentioned above, our service aim to save as much as of our customer’s cost, time and efforts. Inbound and outbound logistics is also our advantage. In case that you don’t have your own design and tech-pack, our designers and technicians would help you to make it or you could use our available designs with your private label. So you could consider us as a trustworthy Training Tank Top Wholesale Supplier too.

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