Plus Size High Waist Leggings

As lots of women are looking for plus size high waist leggings, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is manufacturing and providing a wide selection of these products for wholesale all in our OEM service.

Products Specifications
– Fabrics: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex (adjusted as per customer’s requirement)
– Supper Soft, High Stretchy, Durable, Comfortable Smooth and Natural feeling.
– No pilling, No Shrinkage
– Full Sizes
– Made in Vietnam

Plus Size High Waist Leggings Manufacturer

Women who are struggling with finding a good item in plus size that is stable & durable enough but high stretchy and comfortable enough for workout and fitness would love to add a pair Plus Size High Waist Leggings to their wardrobe.
Differ from normal leggings, plus size leggings for fitness always require a much more special fabrics and garment stitching techniques. It means that in order to bring to the market the best quality products at an affordable price, you would better find a good manufacturer or supplier at first. Located near the materials source with a wide network of suppliers and a professional team of in-house experts, We are confident to help our customer select or develop the suitable fabrics that’s good enough for each required functions. Besides that, as mentioned above, Stitching techniques that can be acquired by skillful & experienced labors force with sufficient modern machine equipped is the same important as materials choosing. With more than 85 years of fabrics & garment manufacturing experience and sufficient capacity, Thygesen Textile Vietnam are confident to assure the best quality of productions.

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