Plus Size Leggings For Women

Designed to help ladies, especially for those who not so thin or skinny, to get rid of the thinking that it is impossible to wear a legging. Having over 85 years in garment industry, Thygesen Textile Vietnam provide high quality Plus Size Leggings along with OEM One-stop-shop service worldwide.

Products Specifications:
– Materials: 90% cotton 10% spandex
– Size: Available at all sizes
– High stretching, four-way stretch
– Flexible
– Durable
– Free movement
– Soft, breathable & comfortable
– Antibacterial, UV protection, Anti-odor
– Fast absorption & quick dry,  sweating out


Plus Size Leggings For Women Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Plus Size Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

A plus size legging is a very interesting product since fit the wearer and make them look very active and stylish. I beg that it does much better than any kind of clothing. That’s reason why there are more and more people love it. To be able to bring more good quality plus size leggings to more people, We choose not to be a seller but a Plus Size Leggings Manufacturer of this product. We are providing a One-Stop-Shop, OEM service for manufacturing various kind of plus size leggings from printed plus size leggings, cotton plus size leggings to high waist leggings…

Good functional fabric and high quality manufacturing
People in plus size are quite sensitive with the durability of the product especially leggings. That’s why we prioritize selecting durable fabric and using strong sewing or bonding techniques. However, it doesn’t means that a durable leggings must be a very thick one. Our plus size leggings must be very light in weight, breathable, good moisture absorb, soft, smooth and quick dry… It must be assured not to cause any bounce, chafe or any other discomfort to the wearer.

High supportive service
Flexible and Support are core value of our service. We would be pleased to help you in case that you would like to develop a new kind of fabric. Or if you do not have a completed design and tech pack, we would help you to make one based on your idea of the product or we could also suggest you some of our available design. You could freely use them with your branded label. We means that our service would also apply for those who is just simply looking for a Plus Size Leggings Wholesale Supplier in stead of a manufacturer. All stages of manufacturing process would be included in our full-package service to help you save time, money and effort wasting in working with too many suppliers.

As we just mentioned, Thygesen Textile Vietnam, as Plus Size Legging For Women Manufacturer, is pleased to be your loyal partner to bring the best garment products to customers. Always looking for highest manufacturing technology and having abundant of finance, we are able to produce a variety type of garment products with international quality that meet all the customers’ demands of fashion functions.

Furthermore, no matter you are wholesaler, online shop or retailer,… if you find out any potential markets, all you need are contact us and our acknowledged sales team will reply only in 24 hours. And then, we also have expert designers that can support and develop your sample or even if you have not finished a complete idea yet, let us help to make it come true. Finally, our factory in Vietnam has modern machines and skillful labors so that we can manufacture efficiently and rapidly. As a result, your order will be finished in period time and we also delivery your goods to exactly places you need.

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