Private Label Compression Clothing

Why be like the rest when you can be a trendsetter in the fitness clothing industry? Start your own designs and we will help you putting your own label on it. Consult our customer advisers and expert technicians for the optimal solution for your private compression shorts labels.

Product Specifications:

Various label type: Printed, woven labels…

Customizable color, materials and designs

Impressive Minimum Orders.

Competitive Prices.

Short time delivery.


In greater details, along with designing and manufacturing labels for our customers, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is distributing One-Stop-Shop service for every single designs brought to us. Optimizing your ideal with our experienced advisers and designers, enhancing your products with our high standard in-stock fabrics, saving your precious time waiting for delivery would be some of your tremendous benefits from our services. In addition, we can provide unexpectably low minimum order for new brands which are still expanding their operation, enormous man power and modern facilities to acquire the demands of major brands. Last but not least, exceptionally competitive prices owing to the high work efficiency.