Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirts For Women

Regarding to T-shirts in general, they are the dominant and must-have items in your garment. Simply just take a quick look around, it is not that hard to find a T-shirt is it? As a reputable supplier with 85 years dedicated to the textile industry, Thygesen Vietnam is providing T-shirt manufacture and wholesale solutions with One-stop-shop process.

Product Specifications:

Polyester and Cotton (the proportion can be varied by customers)
-All sizes
-Appropriate for regular activities.
-Machine Wash.
-Non-chafe fabric taping reinforces neck and shoulders.
-Lay-flat collar keeps its shape after wash.

Round Neck Long Sleeve T-shirts For Women Manufacturer

Understanding the incredible flexibility in T-shirt designs in the present days, our fabrics for female round neck t-shirts are always customizable. Our customers can alter the proportion of raw materials, knitting styles, colors, patterns…with the intention of producing the most satisfactory product for their consumers.

To ensure the aforementioned arrangements are feasible, we put a modern factory and elite force of sample developers, technicians and advisers under your service. Our One-stop-shop process would bring you unexpected advantages on prices and delivery duration.

We look forward to cooperating with you.

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