Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men

Let approximate that there are hundreds of short sleeves polo shirt styles, then there are also propably thousands ways to design strips for them. We believe that strips are more than simply patterns, they could be considered as diverse ways to enhanced the atractiveness of the product. For all the mentioned reasons, Thygesen Vietnam presents services of mass producing and wholesale supplying.

Product specification:

-Cotton and Polyester (the Proportions is adjustable by customers).
-Pull on closure.
-This features short sleeve, striped print along the body and sleeves. Complete with a classical collar
-Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
-Easy styling, appropriate for both working and casual purposes.


Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men Manufacturer


Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirts Manufacturer provides One-Stop-Shop service for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Beside plain Polos, Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirts are the also the most common design of clothes. Stripes make the wearer looks more fashionable, younger and active. A man wearing a Striped Short Sleeve is most likely be a more interesting man than the one who only stick with a classic Polo Shirt. In addition, people love Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirts not only because of their fashionable looks but also their premium function integrated in each design like: being light in weight, breathable, good moisture absorption, soft and smooth…

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is not a direct distribute those Polo Shirts to the consumers on the market, but we are the one who manufacture those items. We decides the quality of the product. For many years operating in this industry as a Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirts Manufacturer, We had built and supplied for an One-Stop-Shop service helping people manufacturing best quality Polo Shirts at the most effective process in terms of cost, time, and effort.

Our service includes all production stages from fabric development, sourcing, sample development, pattern making, manufacturing, quality inspection, packaging and delivery. Customers would surely save lots of time and expense compared to working with many other suppliers in each stages.
Quality are guaranteed by the whole well-set-up-manufacturing and management system. 100% fabric and accessories would be inspect before production. In house experts & technicians and in-line QCs ensure that every technicians requirements would be undertaken in the right way. Our workers are well-strained to master modest machines & technology to produce high quality products at a remarkable productivity.
Located in the area where low cost labors force are available. Our service have big advantage in terms of price.
That’s how we create and share value with our customers. We are quite confident that our service could bring them more additional advantage on their market.

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