Thermal Compression Under Trousers

Thermal Compression Under Trousers Is One of the most discerning options for gym lovers. The compression of this product makes the workouts so much easier
Thermal Compression Under Trousers is also extremely comfortable to wear thanks to its elasticity, ultrasoft-touch and heat retention.
Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides One-stop-shop service of this product for those company whose goal is to bring the best quality to the customers

Product Specification
-96% polyester, 4% spandex
-High stretching/ Good compression
-Natural movement
-Soft, breathable & comfortable

Thermal Compression Under Trousers Manufacturer

Fitness and Beauty are now widely awared, especially by young people; thus, the products generated for this purpose are increasing noticeably. By being one of the top products of this trend, Thermal Compression Under Trousers won’t let your customers down. Besides, one of the additional advantage the product brings to the users is that it eliminates the need to wear heavy gear in cold weather.
Furthermore, with nearly a century of experience in garment industry,Thygesen Textile Vietnam can meet all the requirements of yours from types of products to scale of manufacturing. We keep the qualities of the products at highest level and use the OEM process to reduce the delivery time as well as the products prices.