Women Printed Leggings

Alter your leggings collection and bring the brand new style to your customers by our high quality and carefully designed Women Printed Leggings. Thygesen Textile Vietnam have been providing One-stop-shop service for mass producing various kind of legging and the women printed legging manufacturing procedure is certainly not a exception.

Product Specification:

-Material: Polyester, Spandex (can be altered by the customers).
-All sizes available.
-Machine-washable, recommended cold hand wash, hang dry
-Appropriate for both casual and working occasion.
-Fitted, Tapered leggings that hit between calf and ankle; Great layer piece.

Women Printed Leggings Manufacture

Owing to the harmonious relationship with international fabrics and materials suppliers, we have access to the latest and advantageous fabric researches and developments. Thus, the women printed leggings obviously inherit our high technology advantages, which could be shown by the natural movement, fast absorption, moisture management, flexibility and durability.

With regard to our aforementioned One-stop-shop service, we have all round trained customer advisers which can assist you independently, give you the accurate recommendation without taking anytime consulting the technicians or other teams. Moreover, we do own a factory with modern machines, facilities and tremendous man power to run and maintain it continuously; as a consequence, we can fully control our manufacturing process including style development, order handling, manufacturing and shipping arrangements. Along with the ISO9001:2008 quality assuring system and LEAN procedure implementation, we maintain the remarkably high working efficiency, therefore, we can lower the manufacturing expenditure, preserve the committed shipping schedules.

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