Women Thermal Long Johns

Along with Men’s thermal long johns, we are also manufacturing and providing a wide range of these products for Women. In fact We are providing One -Stop-Shop manufacturing, OEM service. Therefore, there is no limit in design, types, materials… of these products

Products Specifications
– 60% Cotton/ 40% Polyester ( or other blend as per customer’s requirement)
– Machine Wash
– Thermal-knit pant featuring logoed elastic waistband, tapered leg, and flat no-rub seams
– Shrinkage controlled (<4%)
– Made in Vietnam

Women Thermal Long Johns Manufacturer

Will women and girls hibernate in the cold winter while men keep doing their exciting workout & fitness? Absolutely not. Playing a very fundamental roles in providing every people a better support in workout and playing sports… our selection of thermal long johns are not just for men but also for women who do not feeze their desire of pursuing an active life in the long cold winter. Better than that, we are providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service to transfer our factory to your lab where your idea of designs & functions of the products will be brought to life in a closed efficient and well-controled manufacturing process

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