Women’s Plus-Size Push-Up Sports Bra

Thygesen Textile Vietnam are manufacturing and supplying of many kinds of wholesale plus size made out of many kind of functional fabrics in a lot of delicate design that not only support the wearer very well in terms of keeping the good shape but also making a really comfortable, soft, smooth, breathable and safe.

Products specification

– 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane ( adjustable as Customer’s Specification)
– Hand Wash
– Sports bra has underwire for support and shape
– Straps have reinforced comfort binding
– Pull over closure
– Stretch fabric dries quickly and offers flexible fit

Women’s Plus-Size Push-Up Sports Bra Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Plus Size Bra Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market

Among thousands of high functional and supportive products provided here, we are also manufacturing and supplying for a wide selection of plus size bras from seamed to seamless bras, un-padded to padded bras, strapped to strapless bras…). Actually, We are providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service for those kinds of products.

A plus size Bra are combine with a lot of special characteristics like durable, high compression but still very breathable, comfortable, supportive and soft. Those characteristics can come from both materials and the structure of the product. We set our every day to perfect us in bring both of them to each piece of our plus size bra.

For decades working Plus Size Bra Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier our global manufacturing industry, we have gained a lot of experience, accumulated strong capacity to provide our customer a reliable service. We could help to carry all stage of production in a full package service (design & pattern making support, materials & samples development, manufacturing and logistics). Our service aims to save our Customers affords, time and expense of working with too much service suppliers.

We are characterized with 3 highlights of capacity: labors, technology and management. All of our labors are well-trained to master many kinds of machines. This is one of our keys to optimize productivity. Technology are essential with us. Besides of modest machines for manufacturing and testing, we apply several algorithm that allows us optimize our productivity based on our own capacity. Management is also our main focus. We strengthen our service with a professional management process to make sure that every things will go smoothly.

Business philosophy
We believe that if we can help our customers and partner take more advantage in their market, they will gain more and share with us more. Therefore, We dedicated ourselves to the commitment of flexible service, high quality products, competitive price, and on time delivery

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