Women’s Tennis Shorts

Among many products lines of Activewear provided by our One-Stop-Shop manufacturing OEM service, We consider our Women’s Tennis Shorts is one of the most special one. Lets check and see if they are suitable for your business!

Products Specification
– 60% cotton, 35% polyester, 5% spandex ( or other combination as per Customer’s Requirement)
– Full sizes for more options
– Stretchy, smooth, natural feeling, breathable, good moisture absorption.
– Made in Vietnam

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Women’s Tennis Shorts Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Tennis Short Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for Global Market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

What make your Tennis Short different from the others’ ? If you are looking for some new advantage in your market, our One-Stop-Shop service might be a better support for you. We dedicated our 85 years of experience in this clothing manufacturing industry to help our customers cover manufacturing segment from design, pattern making, to new fabrics & sample development, bulk manufacturing and logistics.

Let take a look on how we can help you manufacturing high quality products at the very competitive prices on a short period of time.

  • We have a talented and experienced teams of designers and technicians who, with the sensitive mind, they keep updated with new trend, innovation in fashion, and materials industry to bring our product the fresh and advanced characteristics like: breathable, good at moisture absorption, soft and stretchy that enable the wearer to be free in movement during the whole match. Our designer and technician team would also help to get your idea of Customers then make it more friendly with industrial production to optimize the quality and productivity.
  • We invested in a facilitated factory that set up according to international standards and run by skillful and well-trained labors. All product produced at our factory must pass a very strict quality control system before packaged and delivered to the customers. We maximize our productivity by some algorithm base on our realistic capacity thanks to the flexible in our labor course since each of our workers could use many different kind of machines.
  • In sportwear product world, function and fashion are intertwined. Each of our products are intersection of both. We have available here a wide selection of available design. You could freely use our design with your private branded label.

We welcome all customers from every market who would like to work with a reliable Tennis Short Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier. The flexibility in our service would definitely help us to be adaptive with all or your requirement.

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