High Performance Brushed Yoga Leggings

For enhancing the benefit of yoga practice, We provide an OEM service of manufacturing excellent leggings which are combined of both latest fashion and sensible functions. You can’t miss to bring your Customers with this perfect products.

Products Specification
– Material: 55% Nylon, 33% Polyester, 12% Spandex (adjustable as per Customer’s Requirement)
– Soft Yarn and Flexible Machine Washable
– Model Dimentions: Height: 5 ft. 7 in. Bust: 35 in. Waist: 25 in. Hip: 32 in

High Performance Brushed Yoga Leggings Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier

Brushed Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

What do you think that make a legging perfect? Almost legging sold on the market are quite stretchy, some are quite breathable, good at moisture absorb… Unfortunately, they sometimes cause bounce and chafing to the wearer. Then the brushed leggings was launched to the market in order to ease that discomfort from the wearer during their whole active day. We do not directly distribute Brushed Leggings to the market, We choose to be a Brushed Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier offer an One-Stop-Shop service of manufacturing this desired product.

We provide a full-package service
Providing a One-Stop-Shop service means that we would bring you a full-package service. We would help you carry out from material development, design, pattern making, production, inspection, packaging and delivery. All are included in our service. You would no longer waste your time, money and effort with too many service supplier for each of separate stages. Quality would be controlled in an unified system so there would be less issue or problem relating to the quality.

We provide an adaptive service
Flexibility and adaptability are our first-class priorities. Did not let materials becoming our limit, we focused on building up a broad network of good yarn & fabric suppliers. That enables us to be totally flexible in fabric development. Our service would be highly adaptive with different requirements so your product would be very unique. In addition, We set up a strong sample development apartment to take advantage in help our customer bring their ideas, designs to life in the most delighted appearance and an good technical design which is friendly with industrial manufacturing condition.

We provide an economic service
As mentioned above, a full-package service is itself an economic service. Furthermore, our method of optimizing productivity would help you save even more time and money. We locate our factory in a poor area, but rich of skillful labors. We focus on training them to master many kinds of machines and sewing techniques. It is easier for us to arrange them in production lines to maximize our proficiency. That’s how we offer our customer at very competitive prices while maintaining high quality product. We also believe that we do it better than a normal Brushed Leggings Wholesale Supplier. So we welcome you come to visit our office and factory in Vietnam to see how our service benefits our current customers.

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