woolmark training workshop at thygesen

Woolmark Training Workshop

The training workshop has been organized at the office of Thygesen Textile Vietnam on 18th April 2017

The program was organized as a result of many years of close-knit partnership between Thygesen Textile Vietnam and The Woolmark Company in the innovation and development of advanced wool fiber, yarn, and fabric for premium quality garment products of Thygesen.

In response to the invitation from Ms. Doan Thu Hien – General Manager of Thygesen Textile Vietnam, Experts from The Woolmark Company, Ms. Yunny Zhu and Ms. Olina Wang, had came to share with us this special training workshop.

Ms. Doan Thu Hien introduced the Woolmark training workshop.
Ms. Doan Thu Hien introduced the workshop.

The workshop brought to Thygesen’s experts and staff new insights into wool, fiber, yarn, and fabric industry in 3 main parts:

  • Merino wool innovations:
Woolmark training workshop: Ms. Zhu was presenting about the Merino Wool Knitwear Innovation.
Ms. Zhu was presenting about the Merino Wool Knitwear Innovation. She introduced new innovative developments & achievements, described the consumer trends, and explained how those innovations add value to the fabric and garment industry as well as the global market.
  • Merino wool applications:
Woolmark training workshop: applications of wool
Participants concentrated on Ms. Zhu’s share about various prominent applications of wool in most kinds of garment products. The presentation implied the potential of applying these materials to the outstanding knitted garments at Thygesen Textile Vietnam.
  • The process of manufacturing wool fiber, yarn, and fabric
Woolmark training workshop: Ms. Wang's presentation
Participants were following up on Ms. Wang’s presentation about the process of transforming natural Merino Wool Fiber into gorgeous and functional fabrics.

At the end of the workshop, Ms. Doan Thu Hien suggested both companies gradually organized more informative training workshops. Thygesen Textile Vietnam with the valued support from Woolmark would be able to freely develop new kinds of yarn & fabric for Thygesen’s strategic garment products.

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