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Best quality garment manufacturer

Best quality garment manufacturer

As a leading knitted fabric & garment manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam deeply understands both advantages and disadvantages of a typical Vietnam garment factory.

Trustworthy clothing manufacturer

Custom clothing manufacturers are one of the most popular industries in Vietnam, with really good craftsmanship & affordable labor. In fact, about 2.5 millions Vietnamese people are working in this industry, the majority of whom are experienced workers.

Best quality garment manufacturer in Vietnam

Why you should you work with Vietnam’s clothing manufacturers

Large labor force at low cost

Many people are very willing to work as custom clothing manufacturing company workers at basic wages. Compared to China, Vietnamese labor cost in the garment industry is relatively lower. That’s why a lot of garment factories have moved from China to Vietnam recently. 

Thygesen Vietnam is a devoted garment manufacturer

In recent years, the fabric & garment manufacturing industry has accounted for about 20% of Vietnam’s GDP. Aiming to build up an export-oriented economy, the Vietnamese government at the same time invested in developing a high quality and skillful labor force for this industry. In practice, technicians university graduates in Vietnam are qualified enough to deal with every technical requirement in this industry. Therefore, it can be seen that the labor force is actually an advantage of any Vietnam garment manufacturer. 

Government incentives

As mentioned above, the Government of Vietnam is trying its best to support the garment manufacturers. Manufacturers who locate their factories in poor areas and create jobs for local residents will receive big tax incentives and favorable conditions like tax exemption, tax reduction, or tax payment extension…

In addition, local administrators help enterprises connect with organizations and associations that can help them to promote their business. The administrative procedures are also simplified thoroughly to save enterprises’ time and effort. There is no obstacle but encouragement to become a Vietnam garment factory in both economic and administrative perspectives.


Compared to other countries, Vietnam is considered a trustworthy partner in international trade relationships. Vietnam companies are also trustworthy partners in international business relationships too. They bet their reputation on their customer’s trust. 

As Vietnam is a very stable country, there is no risk of politics, law, wars.. or any similar risk. Vietnam laws are also quite friendly with international trade law and business law. There is not too much difference or conflicts between Vietnam laws and international trade law. The Government does not protect companies who have intended to cheat their foreign customers so that those kinds of risks are not much. 

Many of Vietnam’s garment factories in Vietnam are perfecting themselves to meet international quality and manufacturing standards. They know that they need to build their reputation and gain their customers’ trust right from their capacity.


Vietnam garment companies know how to perfect their capability to be able to meet well with customer’s requirements. Although most Vietnam garment factories are small and medium manufacturers, they still can carry out big orders or provide OEM/ODM services for manufacturing garment products. 

garment manufacturer with OEM service

Garment manufacturers in Vietnam build very close-knit cooperating relationships together to have a stronger manufacturing capacity. Not many garment factories in Vietnam have printing or embroidery systems of machines in their house. They choose to cooperate with a professional printing or embroidery service supplier instead to save their capacity from expensive investment.

Thygesen – a reliable garment manufacturer

Among so many Vietnam clothing manufacturers, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is considered a leading knitted fabric and garment manufacturer as well as affordable clothing manufacturer in the North of Vietnam. Starting in Denmark in 1931 and placing its first factory in Vietnam in 2004.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is now the best investment from Denmark into Vietnam. We are now providing ODM/OEM full service manufacturing of almost any kind of high functional knitted garment from Activewear, Workwear to Kidswear, Underwear, Hospitalwear, casual fashion, and bandage.

Thygesen Vietnam is a reliable garment manufacturer

Thygesen owns a modern factory located in Phu Tho province where an abundant labor force is available at a very low cost. Being the first investor in that area and creating many new jobs, we benefit a lot from tax incentives and favorable conditions.

We focus on training our labor very well to master all modest machines equipped in a LEAN system in our factory as well as to be experts in garment techniques. We do everything to assure that all of our garment products must be produced at the highest level of quality.

We make all of our quality control systems, as well as materials & completed product tests, comply with international standards like OEKO-TEX, ISO… We inspect 100% of materials before manufacturing and have in-line Q/C to prevent every technical issue from arising.

Thygesen Vietnam is a high-quality garment manufacturer

We built up professional teams for each stage of manufacturing from Marketing, sales, designers & sample developer, technicians, sourcing, merchandiser, logistics… For decades working with so many customers across the globe, we are confident to be capable and experienced enough to be your trustworthy custom clothing manufacturer that can meet well with all of the customers’ requirements.

Backed with a close-knit relationship with a broad network of material suppliers and subcontractors, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is totally free in helping its customers develop new kinds of materials and samples as well as deal with special requirements.

Our vision is to satisfy our customers with the best quality products, supportive service at the most reasonable cost and shortest lead-time and become one of the best local garment manufacturers on the market. 

Eco friendly clothing manufacturer 

The Importance of sustainable apparel manufacturer

Each year, 85% or 3.8 billion pounds of clothes bought by Americans are discarded in nearby landfills (Bick, 2018). That’s almost 70 pounds per person each year (Bick, 2018).

Eco friendly clothing manufacturer 

Going eco-friendly with your clothing materials helps your products last longer. With the rise of climate strikes and environmental advocacy, consumers are looking for ways to purchase high-quality apparel. By using non-synthetic fabrics and sustainable fabrics, you are also more likely to stand out in the eyes of consumers. And of course, the main purpose of transitioning to ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing is the ability to save our planet. So if you are building your fashion brand, it is crucial to partner with an ethical clothing manufacturer.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Ethical & Eco-friendly manufacturer 

From the beginning, Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ambition has been to operate ethically and sustainably. We believe each of us has a role in helping protect our future. That is why we strive every day together with our partners, co-workers, and customers to create values for the environment, people, and society. We are proud to be one of the leading ethical clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. 

Thygesen Textile Vietnam Ethical & Eco-friendly manufacturer 

With the mission of bringing the best safe and comfortable clothes to people, Thygesen Textile Vietnam dedicates the main part of its production capacity to produce premium quality and high functional knit products. Almost all kinds of special fabric for clothing can be found here. We were also certificated with OEKO-TEX 100 and CE Standard.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam built up our facilities using the LEAN approach, outfitting them with current and high-tech machinery to ensure efficient production. We also conduct continuous R&D efforts, including new materials into our goods regularly. As a result, the factory can provide genuine value to the consumers.

clothing manufacturers sustainable

The eco-friendly clothing manufacturer chooses natural materials of the finest quality to offer the most outstanding care with breathable functions, moisture absorption, antibacterial properties, and freshness. OEM children’s apparel complies with Oeko-tex 100, making it both user-friendly and irritation-free. Specifically, our preferred fabrics for children’s clothing include:cotton, organic cotton,bamboo-spandex, cotton-spandex,..

If you are looking for a sustainable clothing manufacturer, please come and see how our OEM service would help our customers manufacture desired products. 

Trusted garment manufacturer

As one of reliable wholesale clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, Thygesen hold ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000:2014, and WRAP certificates to demonstrate high commitment to complying with quality standards and social responsibility.

We are eager to become a prestigious textile supplier in Vietnam and worldwide while continually bringing True Added Values to our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. Our in-house development team studies your specifications to design readily practical tools, methods, and work instructions, which combined with the deployment of today’s technology, ensure timely production and consistent quality standards.

Streetwear manufacturer

It is estimated the size of the global streetwear market at $185 billion by sales*, making it by some estimates about 10% of the entire global apparel and footwear market.

As a trendy custom streetwear manufacturer, Thygesen provides high-quality customized streetwear clothing. We prioritize the needs of our clients and provide them with a great quality apparel line while meeting the design specifications.

From large orders from major brands to small orders from new fashion lines, Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers OEM/ODM service that includes everything from knitting to ready-made garments, ensuring that our customers save time and money on research and testing.

Thanks to our business partnership with international fabric suppliers, we have access to a wide selection of high-tech materials such as tencel, polyester, and spandex. As a result, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is up to date on the most recent textiles, research, knitting styles, and so forth. We believe that, with the help of our highly qualified customer service representatives, your ideas will be understood and enhanced remarkably.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is confident in our ability to be a trustworthy private label streetwear manufacturer providing you with the finest possible quality while maintaining competitive prices and meeting deadlines.

Private label clothing manufacturer

Recognized among the leading private label wholesale clothing manufacturers in Northern Viet Nam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam thrives to simplify the complexities of this private label apparel manufacturing industry by dedicating ourselves as a private label clothing manufacturer providing ODM/ OEM service.

Private label clothing manufacturer

This special service handles subsequent tasks such as designing and making tech-pack, sample development, bulk production, inspection, and logistics. The task of developing new kinds of knit fabric is also included in Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s service. That enables us to help our customers develop any new design of their own brand.

Custom clothing manufacturers

Custom apparel manufacturing is a service offered by Thygesen to both small and large fashion brands and companies. We are one of the leading on demand clothing manufacturers where you can get any type of bespoke knit clothing you need.


We include all stages of the manufacturing process in a full-package service. This helps to save much of your time and effort compared to using separate services from different suppliers. In this way, we are also able to take control of everything for the best quality thanks to professional cooperation among technicians, workers, designers, salesmen, merchandisers, and logistics… in a unified service.

casual dresses manufacturer

Casual Dress for Girls is a real heaven of creativity for every designer and clothing business. It implies that each garment manufacturer should also be capable enough to bring all of those unique designs and ideas to life.

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam where premium OEM service is provided:

  • Fabric: developed & manufactured at our own fabric factory exactly as customer’s design.
  • Technical designing: we can develop gorgeous sample based on your product ideas or some images or even customize an original sample.
  • Quality guaranteed: modern machines, innovative technologies, best quality controlling, high quality workmanship… are all available here in our own factory.

If you’re searching for a trusted wholesale casual dress manufacturer, let Thygesen Textile Vietnam be your partner.

Modal sweatshirt manufacturer

Sweatshirt always delivers in terms of modern and active casual fashion while giving the wearer exceptional comfort.

Thygesen provides adaptable and useful OEM and ODM services for manufacturing these desired products by developing and selecting high-quality and new materials.Our advantages include design, patternmaking, and sample development. We could set up those processes for a high-quality tech pack in a short amount of time. In addition, you would receive a quote for the best price as soon as possible.

In terms of manufacturing, Thygesen owns factories with modern systems of machines and a skilled labor force. Hence, production time is reduced while quality is ensured. We have gained our customers’ trust to be authorized to help them inspect the cargo before shipment. 

Punctuality in delivery is also one of our commitments to every customer. All of our processes are carried out under an effective logistics system to make sure that the goods are delivered to our customers on time.

Thygesen’s service is available to any customer looking for a trustworthy sweatshirt manufacturer whether you have your own design or require our aid. We will take your ideas and make them into the products you desire.

Shirts Manufacturer

Having been a leading manufacturer of shirts wholesale in Vietnam, Thygesen can offer your brand a wide range of polo shirt products from basic to custom fit. Our shirts always bring high-performance and the most convenience with unique properties of fast absorption, quick-dry, anti-odor, UV cut, and anti-bacterial while maintaining durability. It can be suitable for all daily activities.

With our  ODM/OEM manufacturing services, we can assist you in every process. If you want to bring your ideas for the perfect polo shirts to life, please get in touch with us now!

Sportswear Manufacturing

Custom sportswear has been one of Thygesen’s strategic product lines along with an extensive range of fabrics, namely cotton, Supima cotton, organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo, modal, viscose, polyester, recycled polyester, nylon, rayon, econyl,…

Our continual research and development of new technology push advancements in fabric performance and garment construction to provide high-functionality, breathability, and comfort for all active items, from the base layer of activewear leggings, bras, t-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies to light outerwear in all seasons.

gots certified clothing manufacturers
ethical manufacturers with low moq  manufacturing sportswear

At Thygesen, we believe that your products should be made ethically. Our passion for sustainability and ability to manufacture custom sportswear clothing is the reason Thygesen has been the long-term partner of many well-known clothing brands. We strive to be the best wholesale manufacturing sportswear in the world to bring customers high-quality services. 

Cotton clothing manufacturer

Cotton is the world’s favorite natural fiber. Its beauty, comfort, durability and flexibility make it the perfect choice for clothing, bedding, textiles and many other products. 

Thygesen Textile Vietnam stands out among trusted cotton clothing manufacturers by focusing on customer service. We assist our customers in covering practically all phases from A to Z in order to provide better and more supporting service. We have designers who can create samples and patterns to make your idea or drawing more suitable for industrial production. 

Our service includes all additional processes such as sourcing, production, packaging, and logistics. You may freely utilize our accessible designs with your own branding. We are confident in our ability to be the best Cotton clothing manufacturer on the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and find the best solution for each of your requirements.

Printed dress manufacturer

Printed dress is favored for its image or slogan printed on it, as wearers consider this as a way to express their personality. However, the quality of the products relies on not only the fabrics but also the printing quality. 

Thygesen Textile Vietnam can produce the best printed dresses because we have a modern fabric development system along with good contacts with reliable printing companies in Vietnam. We are confident to be one of the best high-quality wholesale printed dress manufacturers on the Asian market. 

Girl casual wear manufacturer

For a typical product line like Casual & Fashion wear for girls, Thygesen offers various styles, materials, and colors that help your brands successfully adapt and catch up with fashion trends.

We truly understand the challenges in launching, scaling and maintaining a successful fashion brand and are here to support you by ensuring all products manufactured are of the highest quality. With A-Z services, Thygesen Vietnam is an ideal choice for clothing brands looking for a reliable girl casual wear manufacturer.

Party dress manufacturer

A party dress is a must item in the wardrobe for any girl. Different types of party such as children’s party, cocktail party, garden party and costume party would tend to require different styles of dress

Thygesen  now offers OEM/ODM service to assist businesses with a variety of unique features. If you have a product design, we can assist you with anything from sample development to sourcing, pattern making, bulk manufacturing, and logistics. On the other hand, if you’re only looking for party dress manufacturers, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

With a strong team of in-house experts in yarn and fabric development along with experienced technicians, we are confident in handling requirements from our customers in a timely and effective manner.  Another critical capability is our ability to maximize efficiency. Thanks to a 100% investment from Denmark,  we own modern factories that are run under international standardized management and quality control. Each of our workers is trained to use at least three different types of machinery. When it comes to setting up a production line to maximize output, we are completely flexible.

Expert apparel manufacturing

Thygesen’s team is committed to creating innovative ODM/OEM solutions for your fashion brands. Our skillful employees and high-technology machine system allow us to manage the entire process from design to the finished products.

With our wide and continuously developed network of trusted supply chains, we are able to assist you in choosing the most suitable materials to make your collections come to life. We strive to become an expert apparel manufacturing company to offer international quality standard products at reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

activewear running bras in polyester fabric

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