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High-quality Shorts Manufacturer - Thygesen Textile Vietnam

High-quality Shorts Manufacturer

Women always have a high demand for shopping because they always want to change their fashion styles to keep up with trends. Dress shorts is one of the potential fashion markets where many fashion brands can reap great profits. If you have a fashion brand that wants to sell classic dress shorts, you need to find the best dress shorts manufacturer. Thygesen is a leading high-quality dress shorts manufacturer in the world. We specialize in using high-end apparel manufacturing technology in our production lines. The products that this tailor provides are not only of high quality but also very reasonably priced. This article will share the outstanding advantages our apparel company can offer your fashion brand.

Shorts Manufacturer Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Trustworthy Dress Shorts Manufacturer

Thygesen is one of the leading manufacturers of women’s wear, including dress shorts. The staff is always trying to create new designs to change the fashion style to create something new.

Tight Shorts Manufacturers

Tight shorts make it easier for the wearer to work and enhance the figure when worn. With a short and compact design, you will not feel trapped when using it.

With Thygesen’s tight shorts, you can be assured of quality. The company’s product development team is constantly researching and choosing the most suitable fabrics to bring comfort to users. With high-quality sewing techniques and fabrics, your fashion brand will surely leave a good impression on customers when the clothes are tight but still comfortable.

Shorts For Men Manufacturers

Men are also quite fond of shorts because it is easy to coordinate and highly dynamic. The wearer can use it in many different situations, from going out, doing sports to shopping.

Men’s shorts manufactured by Thygesen are also specially designed. Not only do we offer a variety of designs, but the features of the product are also optimized. If you are looking for an apparel manufacturer that helps diversify the brand’s signature product lines, you can look to Thygesen.

Shorts Manufacturers

Short is a potential market in the clothing sector. Because fashion is constantly changing, there will be updated shorts fashion collections every season. Clothing manufacturers also have to constantly change their models.

To help fashion brands satisfy customers, Thygesen constantly changes the short’s designs according to the season and collection. Although it is mass-produced, if your brand wants to have specific shorts, you can ask to customize them with the company. Our professional staff can help you improve your product in the best way!

Shorts Manufacturer ODM service

Casual Shorts For Men Manufacturer

Casual shorts for men is one of Thygesen’s leading typical products today. In addition to accepting designs available for brands, we can also help you create new shorts for men.

The style of casual shorts is considered by many fashion experts to be very dynamic and eye-catching. Gentlemen can also wear these shorts to wear in the summer to show off their solid legs and feel more comfortable.

Fashion Shorts Manufacturers

Shorts are produced not only for the wearer to feel more comfortable and convenient, but also to help the wearer express their own beauty. Other types of clothing have their own trends and styles, and so do shorts.

To help fashion brands that are collaborating with them to catch up with fashion trends in the world, even leading fashion brands, Thygesen has constantly innovated. 

In addition to updating fashion designs, we also follow major fashion brands. Our fashion experts are also constantly coming up with ideas, creating new products based on consumer demand and art.

Shorts Manufacturer private label

Casual Shorts Manufacturer

Casual shorts can ultimately help your fashion brand reach more customers. As mentioned above, male customers especially love this type of shorts. However, women wearing casual shorts will bring a completely different and very interesting experience.

Thygesen has tried collaborating with many designers and stylists to create product lines that can enhance the wearer’s beauty. Men wear it, it looks young and dynamic, while women wear casual shorts, it is a liberal and attractive beauty.

Wholesale Short Manufacturer

Shorts wholesalers can provide your brand with a broader and more diverse source of goods. Accordingly, you can choose from many different models of shorts, and even get the goods right away without waiting for the production process to finish.

Thygesen is both a leading shorts manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam. We have a large warehouse to store many products for immediate wholesale to various fashion brands. This is also the point that many retail stores love to choose this garment company.

Cotton Shorts Manufacturer

Cotton is one of the most popular natural fabrics today. Cotton is not only user-friendly but also environmentally friendly. Clothing made from this material is usually very absorbent, and stretchy and does not cause skin irritation.

Thygesen is a clothing manufacturer with sustainable and ethical goals in mind, so we are keen to develop product lines from eco-friendly materials. This garment manufacturer’s cotton shorts are all OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, proud to offer safe, quality and reliable shorts.

Shorts Manufacturer OEM service

Cute Shorts Manufacturer

Cute shorts are a particular item for women and children. To expand the product portfolio, you can refer to many different cute shorts for your fashion brand. It can attract more female customers to your fashion store.

Thygesen understands that, so our creative design team is constantly creating new cute shorts. From colors, and decorative motifs to designs, are designed and innovated by professional fashion experts.

Summer Shorts Manufacturer

Shorts are indispensable in every summer. It helps the wearer feel less hot and makes all activities easier. In particular, the shorts produced by Thygesen are also comprehensively improved in terms of features, fabric quality, and design, making them all the more special.

If your fashion brand is looking for a clothing manufacturer that can provide unique and quality summer shorts, Thygesen is an excellent choice.

Mini Shorts Manufacturer

Mini shorts are quite picky clothes to wear. It is very sexy and suitable for people with hot bodies. Due to the high requirements of the wearer, manufacturers must also consider carefully choosing when producing mini shorts.

With more than 90 years of experience in the field of clothing production, Thygesen is confident in bringing the most perfect mini shorts designs. Not only has the appearance beautiful, but the designs have also been improved to provide just enough privacy and comfort for the wearer. Indeed customers will feel impressed with your brand’s mini shorts.

Men’s Cotton Casual Shorts Manufacturer

Thygesen is a perfect men’s cotton casual shorts manufacturer. We can provide you with the best quality cotton shorts at an affordable price. If you are looking for a supplier of men’s cotton shorts for your store, you can refer to the information below:

Men’s Casual Cotton Shorts Manufacturer

Cotton shorts are one of the top choices for men. They feel the product is comfortable to wear. Natural cotton fabrics are also friendly to the user and the environment.

To produce standard men’s casual cotton shorts, manufacturers must have enough experience and production ability. Thygesen not only uses the best cotton fabric in our production but also meets high standards in terms of product quality and manufacturing processes. The most prominent is the STANDARD 100 of OEKO-TEX®. You can rest assured when choosing this company as a men’s cotton shorts manufacturer for your fashion brand.

Shorts Manufacturer sports apparel

Gray Casual Shorts Manufacturers

Casual shorts are produced with many different tones according to the needs of the wearer. However, some manufacturers only produce certain colors for which we have the fabric material. Gray is a neutral color that many customers love, but this color is quite rare in the product portfolio of many shorts manufacturers.

Thygesen is one of the leading gray casual shorts manufacturers. You can completely trust the quality and price this manufacturer offers. In addition to gray, you can request to produce many other colors as desired.

One Of the High-Quality Black Casual Shorts Manufacturers

Thygesen is one of the high-quality black casual shorts manufacturers. We provide many different models of shorts, and you can also use related support services.

Casual Summer Shorts Manufacturers

Thygesen is one of the best casual summer shorts manufacturers. We can meet your various requirements for shorts. Not only owning a vast collection of summer shorts designs, but you can also ask them to adjust and create new designs.

If your brand wants to have its own brand-specific shorts, you can bring the design and ask them to follow. With many years of experience in the field of clothing manufacturing, Thygesen can confidently help you fulfill all your ideas and realize them.

Long Casual Shorts Manufacturers

Long casual shorts is a pretty special outfit when it is short pants but has a longer length than usual. This model is loved by many men. To meet the needs of the market, Thygesen also produces many different models of long casual shorts. You can choose the appropriate template or request customization according to the requirements of the brand.

Summer Shorts Outfits Manufacturers

Summer is the season of dynamic, sporty outfits to the throne. Therefore, highly flexible clothes such as shorts are also preferred to use this season. Thygesen captures that, so fashion experts design and create unique summer shorts outfits with excellent materials. The wearer not only feels comfortable and flexible in operation, but also very fashionable and comfortable in the special designs of this company.

Spandex Shorts Pants Manufacturer

Spandex is a fabric widely used in garment manufacturing. Not only has high durability and good elasticity, but it also helps the wearer feel comfortable. Thygesen is one of the spandex shorts pants manufacturers with the ability to produce top-notch shorts. Not only has improved sewing technology, but spandex has also received many improvements to bring a better experience to users. If you choose Thygesen as the manufacturer then surely your brand can make a good impression on customers.

Shorts Manufacturer running activewear

Wholesale Shorts Manufacturers

Thygesen is one of the short wholesale manufacturers with reasonable prices and high-quality clothing, confirmed by many fashion brands working with Thygesen. In addition to being a manufacturer of high-quality and diverse shorts, this garment factory is also a leading shorts wholesaler with a large inventory and diverse product portfolio. 

You can find many different models of shorts in our inventory. If you choose the samples that are available in stock, you will be able to pick up the goods immediately without waiting for the production process to end.

Jogger Shorts Manufacturers

If you are looking for jogger shorts manufacturers, then Thygesen is one of the top choices. We offer many different models of jogger shorts both in design and in decoration and color. You can also suggest custom requests as you wish. The remarkable thing is that you can order with fabric options and product quality.

Woman Shorts Manufacturers

Men seem to prefer using shorts, but women’s shorts are also selling well. The market for good products is one of the reasons why you should invest in this product.

Thygesen with trending women’s shorts will help your fashion brand attract customers and increase sales. If you have your own design, we will help you realize it. On the contrary, the company’s professional design and prototyping team can help you with any related issues. Even if you do not feel confident enough to develop in this new market, the company can advise you based on many years of experience in the industry.

Stretch Casual Shorts Manufacturer

Stretch casual shorts can bring out the look of the wearer, so this model is quite popular with young people. These shorts are suitable for both men and women, so the consumption market is also large. If your fashion brand is also selling shorts, you should consider more about this line more.

You can find Thygesen – one of the leading stretch casual shorts manufacturers today. We not only provide you with quality products at an affordable price, but also suggest some business solutions. This Asian clothing maker can help your fashion brand grow more vigorous.

Factory For Sport Men Shorts Manufacturer

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is proud of the production system as well as the technologies applied in the clothing production process. In addition to the experience gained from nearly a century of clothing production, the staff is constantly innovating technology to keep up with the development of the world.

Thygesen is equipped with many modern high-tech equipment and machines that enable the production of large quantities of high-end apparel in a short time. Thygesen Textile Vietnam has 2 factories with a strong capacity of up to 800,000 products/month.

The entire creation and production process consists of 16 steps that help to perfect dress shorts with the highest quality. The production process meets international standards with many of the world’s leading apparel manufacturing certificates.

In addition, the company also uses modern machines in the design and prototyping stages. We use 3D images with modern simulation techniques to realize customers’ ideas. If you have any further requirements for your sport men’s shorts, you can discuss them with our design and stylist team.

In the sewing factory, modern machines such as cutting machines, sewing machines, printing machines, and embroidery machines are fully equipped to complete the sewing and decoration stages most completely.

Custom Shorts Manufacturer

Thygesen is a leading custom shorts manufacturer today. With more than 90 years of experience in the apparel industry and a team of professional staff, this apparel manufacturer can realize all your fashion ideas. 

Requests to change your own design or modify your clothes according to your requirements are considered and accommodated. Our supportive customer service can help make your fashion brand more special than ever.

Custom clothing is currently one of Thygesen’s strategic product lines. Therefore, we focus on investing in our capacity to improve the production capacity of high-quality dress shorts. 

Thygesen continuously researches and develops new technological advances that leverage fabric performance and garment textures to provide new functionality in shorts.

Through many years of working with leading fashion brands, Thygesen’s custom service has improved. We can satisfy customers’ requirements with professional OEM services. You and your fashion brand can have complete confidence when working with this company.

Sweat Shorts Manufacturer

Sweat shorts are incredible apparel that can be worn by both men and women. It’s perfect for wearing at home, during workouts or on lakeside walks. Sweat shorts are usually made from soft, stretchy materials to bring comfort to the wearer.

You may be surprised when you see sweat shorts made by Thygesen. Their products ensure quality and design and meet many international standards for costumes. Despite the high-quality products, the price you get when partnering with Thygesen will surprise you. We provide many add-on services and help your business grow in the beginning.

 Final words

Dress shorts manufacturers are the people who can support you to get the most profit in the fashion business. To develop your fashion brand stronger, you need to find quality and reputable clothing manufacturers. With our clothing manufacturing experience, Thygesen is confident to be one of the leading dress shorts manufacturers today. We can not only provide customized products on request, but also advise and help you with new designs in the future. Hopefully, through our sharing, you have understood more about Thygesen and found a satisfactory dress shorts supplier!

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