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Professional zipper polo shirts manufacturer

High-quality zipper polo shirts manufacturer

Thygesen is known as the leading zipper polo shirts manufacturer in Vietnam and in the world. We offer high end custom garments that are simple yet modern and trendy. In addition to quality assurance, this garment manufacturer also offers a variety of designs for each product type. If you decide to partner with them, you will receive surprisingly competitive prices. In this article, we’ll help you learn more about what Thygesen can offer your fashion brand!

Thygesen – High quality golf polo shirt manufacturer

As one of the leading zipper polo shirt manufacturers, Thygesen always offers you the best quality products. We also have a lot of experience, ethical values ​​and ability to diversify products in garment production.

The long-term experience golf polo shirts manufacturer

The long-term experience golf polo shirts manufacturer

Thygesen has over 90 years of experience in garment manufacturing. In addition to ordinary clothes, zipper polo shirts are one of the products that this garment factory focuses on developing and producing.

In addition to a team of highly skilled professionals and tailors, Thygesen also owns many modern machines. We have strong production capacity thanks to factories with advanced sewing technology and staff who can master the technology. You can find product development departments in this apparel company. They have the role of developing products from fabrics, designs to catching up with fashion trends.

With a development journey of more than 90 years, Thygesen has obtained many international certificates of garment standards such as ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000: 2014 and WRAP. You can be completely assured of the quality of this supplier’s products.

One of leading golf clothing manufacturers

As the leading zipper polo shirts manufacturer, Thygesen is equipped with many modern high-tech equipment and machines that enable the production of large quantities of high-end apparel in a short time. Currently, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has 2 factories with a strong capacity of up to 800,000 products/month.

zipper polo shirts manufacturer OEM service

The entire creation and production process consists of 16 steps that help to perfect golf clothing with the highest quality. In addition, the company also uses modern machines in the design and prototyping stages. They use 3D images with modern simulation techniques to realize customers’ ideas.

In the sewing factory, modern machines such as cutting machines, sewing machines, printing machines, embroidery machines are fully equipped to complete the sewing and decoration stages in the most complete way.

The ethical golf apparel manufacturers

Thygesen is not only a top quality manufacturer as well as zipper polo shirts manufacturer, we also aspire to become a prestigious garment factory, bringing true ethical values ​​to the community, partners and customers. We decided to act ethically and sustainably from day one to protect our future.

In addition to complying with international regulations and standards on the quality of garments, they also care about the safety of the environment. Thygesen products all meet ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000: 2014 and WRAP for user-friendliness. Even if it’s for kids, it’s completely safe and effective.

This garment company has strictly complied with local and international requirements for textile waste treatment in order to minimize waste, reduce the impact of emissions. The materials used by the Thygesen plant in production are also recyclable and optimal in production. They use more eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, recycled nylon/polyester, etc. And of course, we are completely safe to wear.

As for the staff, we are always taken care of and are provided with a safe and healthy working environment so that they can focus on working and develop their full potential. In addition, Thygesen also participates in many charity programs and other non-profit investment funds to spread kindness to society.

zipper polo shirts manufacturer ODM service

Womens Golf Polo Shirts Manufacturers

Women’s golf polo shirts are the favorite clothes of many women to use when playing sports. You can use it for premium sports – golf or other sports. Understanding the needs of users, Thygesen has designed many women’s golf polo shirts with different designs and colors for you to choose from. Hence, we are proud to be your trustworthy zipper polo shirts manufacturer on the market.

Unisex Golf Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturers

In addition to regular short-sleeved golf polo shirts, unisex golf long sleeve polo shirts are also used in many cases. You can wear it in the summer to avoid the hot sun, in the winter to reduce the outdoor cold. In particular, because it is a unisex shirt, it can be used for both men and women, with a variety of functions. Thygesen is focusing on developing and producing this style of shirt to make it more diverse.

Short Sleeve Golf Polo Manufacturers

Short sleeve golf polo is an indispensable outfit in summer golf sessions. Short sleeves make it easier and more flexible to operate your hands. The wearer will also feel cooler under the heat of summer. The Thygesen design team is developing new golf polo short sleeve models. Please contact us if you’re looking for a zipper polo shirts manufacturer.

Golf Shirt Dryfit Manufacturer

A golf shirt dry fit is a very special shirt that makes the wearer more comfortable when playing golf. You will not feel uncomfortable when your body sweats a lot, always feel comfortable and dry in the hot weather. Thygesen searched for the right material to be able to create this particular polo shirt.

Quick Dry Golf Polo Manufacturers

In addition to the dry fit golf shirt, quick dry golf polo is also another special clothing line. The shirt is made from a super absorbent and quick-drying fabric, so you’ll feel sweaty even when you’re playing golf outside for a long time. To come up with this product, Thygesen spent a lot of time researching to be your devoted zipper polo shirts manufacturer.

Mens Polo Golf Shirts Manufacturer

In addition to unisex polo, polo shirts for men and women will have certain differences. Men’s polo golf shirts not only help to show masculine beauty, but are also more suitable for men’s vigorous activities. Thygesen has relied on the characteristics and properties of men playing golf to design the most perfect men’s polo shirt.

zipper polo shirts manufacturer custom designs

Premium Golf T Shirt Manufacturer

In addition to being the leading zipper polo shirt manufacturer, Thygesen is also the largest golf T shirt manufacturer in the world. Their team has spent years developing T-shirts that are suitable and truly comfortable when playing golf. Not only quality assurance, the design team is always developing potential ideas to create more attractive models and designs.

Thygesen OEM manufacturer can offer you a large quantity of golf t shirts, which are varied in style and color as well as in quality. They always focus on producing and perfecting products, so your order is always completed in the shortest time.

The warehouse of this garment company is also very large and complete. Fortunately, if the number of products you need is in stock, you will receive your order very quickly.

High-Quality Zipper Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Zipper polo shirts not only have good looks but also have a variety of designs. It is convenient for re-use processes making it easier for you to operate when playing golf.

Zipper Neck Polo Shirts Manufacturers

Zipper neck polo shirts will often help you easily adjust the size of the neck to help the wearer feel more comfortable. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of movement and it is easy to feel hot and tired after long outdoor activities. Using a polo shirt with a zipper at the neck will help you loosen up when needed. Grasping this point, Thygesen’s zipper neck polo shirts have a very unique and convenient zipper neck design.

Solid Color Zipper Polo Shirt Manufacturers

You may like the zipper at the neck to be a different color from the shirt color to create accents or vice versa. Thygesen offers both forms of polo golf. You can order custom solid color zipper polo shirts on request. The professionalism of Thygesen staff can handle all your requirements.

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Zipper Manufacturer

Short sleeve polo shirt always have their own charm. Short sleeve polo shirt zipper is also especially popular with golfers. Short-sleeved polos not only make your activities more flexible, but we do not cause heat in the summer. Thygesen’s short-sleeved zipper polo shirts are even more versatile and easy to use.

Women’s Short Sleeve Golf Shirts Manufacturers

Women’s short sleeve golf shirts are one of the best-selling apparel in many retail stores today. Garment manufacturers are constantly improving their products to attract the attention of women. Short sleeve golf shirts help women show their dynamism, youth and hidden beauty when playing games.

Women’s Polo Shirts Zippers Manufacturers

In addition to the usual women’s polo shirts, women’s polo shirts zippers are also popular outfits. The wearer can adjust the neck size much more easily and conveniently than conventional polo shirts. It also brings with it a strangely attractive beauty.

Knit Polo Short Sleeve Zipper Manufacturers

Knit polo short sleeve zipper is an impressive shirt pattern used for both men and women. It not only has an elegant and light beauty but also impresses with knit. This highlight makes polo shirts more attractive on the golf course. You can find matching women’s polo shirts zippers manufacturer in the list of Thygesen. As one of the top zipper polo shirts manufacturer in Asia, we are proud to be your partner to bring the best products.

Polo Striped Hoodie Manufacturers

zipper polo shirts manufacturer private label service

In addition to the polo shirt models mentioned above, polo striped hoodie is also a type of outfit that many people love to use. It has a variety of designs with long or short sleeves, especially with an adjustable hat and lanyard. 

Thygesen has a special design for polo striped hoodie models. In addition to ensuring the quality of fabric is customized according to your needs, you can change the design to match the goals of the brand. We are eager to be your trustworthy zipper polo shirts manufacturer.

Zipper Plaid Polo T Shirts Manufacturers

Zipper plaid polo T shirts have a simple design and like most other zipper polo shirts, but it has more interesting decorative motifs. You may even be surprised by the colorful stripes. In addition, this shirt can make you more attractive and outstanding on the golf course.

Thygesen is a zipper polo shirts manufacturer. We can offer a variety of zipper polo patterns with a variety of designs and textures. If you have your own designs for your fashion brand you can contact us.

Custom Logo Golf Man Shirt Manufacturer

If you are looking to establish and develop your own golf fashion brand, you can find the custom logo golf man shirt manufacturer. These manufacturers will help you print your custom logo on the apparel you order.

In addition to choosing the style, design, and color of the shirt, you can also choose the position of logo printing, printing technology to suit the brand’s criteria.


If you want to develop a fashion brand specifically for golfers, then in addition to product quality, you also need to pay attention to quantity and trendy designs. The polo shirt is one of the most commonly used shirt styles when playing golf. It can be said that polo shirts are considered the trademark of this sport.

Searching for s zipper polo shirts manufacturer will help diversify your stock. You can also rely on their fashion production experience to develop your fashion brand more effectively. Hopefully, what we share in this article can help you.

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