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Progressive Knit Fabric Manufacturing
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Knit Fabric Manufacturer

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From the start in Ikast, Denmark in 1931, Thygesen have got 85 years of experience contributing itself as a reliable custom fabric manufacturer. The knitted fabric manufacturing factory in Vietnam now providing almost kind of hot trendy, fashionable and functional fabric for both Thygesen’s garment factory and Thygesen’s customers. At this time, Thygesen is focusing on the high quality kinds of fabric which are perfect intersections between fashionable and functional characteristics. Thygesen is providing many kinds of fabric which are suitable for a wide range of knitted garment like activewear, workwear, hospital wear, kids wear, underwear and bandage… Fabric manufactured in Thygesen’s factory meets well with international standards like ISO, OEKO-TECK. With the advantage of having in-house yarn & fabric expert, Thygesen Textile Vietnam keeps itself being able to provide its customers with unlimited options. Garment products made of Thygesen’s fabric certified with Oeko-teck are freely imported into high developed markets like USA, EU, Australia, Japan… without any barrier.

cotton fabric manufacturer thygesen textile vietnam

Cotton Fabric Manufacturer

Considered as the most common material used in knitted garment manufacturing industry, cotton fabric is our main product. With many years of experience as a knitted fabric manufacturer supplying to US, EU, Japan, Australia markets…, Thygesen perfected itself to be the first place where people come to find cotton fabric. Invested in modern machines, Thygesen is owning both vertical knitting and circular knitting productions system being capable of manufacturing 500 tons per month. Any kind of cotton fabric from Singer Jersey, SJ structured, Interlock, Interlock 2 layers, Interlock with elastic, Inter-rib, Structured Inter-rib , ( 1×1,2×2,2×1..)… can be produced here. Thygesen have in-house yarn, fabric expert to cover from knitting, to dying, finishing to make unlimited number of different kinds of fabric. We have a lab to analysis, test and inspect the quality, functions and performance of fabric according to standards like ISO, AATCC, JIS… Fabrics can be produced with in any color according to the hottest trend or as per customer’s requirement with the color fastness can reach to level 4. They are industrial washable at 30oC, 40oC, 60oC, 75oC…. with the filling can reach to level 4 or level 5 while the shrinkage is kept within 3-5%. In term of finishing techniques: cotton fabric manufactured in Thygesen’s factory can be integrated with many kinds of technologies like wicking, anti-UV, anti-bacteria, Sold Release, and anti-flammable technology….

polyester fabric manufacturer

Polyester Fabric Manufacturer

We minimize almost disadvantage of polyester to make our fabric soft, smooth, absorbent, quick-dry, breathable, cool and super color fastness. With new generation of polyester like modal, tencel, thermal, coolmax…. we are manufacturing and providing unlimited kinds of knitted polyester fabric which are the most suitable for activewear, kidswears casual fashion…

Not only contributing ourselves as a knitted fabric supplier, we are also a garment factory, we have a really good chance to introduce our knitted polyester fabric to our customers from many market. They use our fabric for their strategic products and our fabric keeps meeting well with the market demand. We cooperating with the best dying houses in Vietnam for premium quality fabric. They are industrial washable at 60oC, with the color fastness and pilling of level 4. OEKO-TECK,ISO, AATCC, JIS… standards are complied to make sure that our fabric are totally safe without any harmful substance.

nylon fabric manufacturer thygesen textile vietnam

Nylon Fabric Manufacturer

While Cotton can be considered as the King in the world of casual T-Shirt, Nylon must be the Queen the the world of leggings. Leggings made of Nylon-spandex blends are luxurious, high perfomance, durable, breathable, stretchy, good compression and absorbent. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we are manufacturing and providing for so many kinds of Nylon fabric which can be 100% of Nylon or blended with various kind of other composition in unlimited options of weight, color, knitting pattern and finishing techniques… With a wide network of yarn suppliers in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, Thygesen is capable of developing any new blend of Nylon which is integrated with many valued functions. Inherit both the traditional textile manufacturing experience of Vietnam and advanced management from Denmark, Thygesen is trusted as a reliable knitted fabric supplier generally and knitted Nylon Fabric manufacturer in the North of Vietnam who is providing premium quality, fashionable and high performance Nylon fabric specifically.

bamboo fabric manufacturer thygesen textile vietnam

Bamboo Fabric Manufacturer

Bamboo is a new kind of fabric with a huge potential application. Fabric made with bamboo fiber are super soft & silk, cool, luxurious hand feel. Bamboo fabric appear to be much better than even cotton fabric. Garment products made of bamboo fabric are not only breathable, absorbent, quick-dry but also anti-bacteria and irritation-free. It is also easy to blend bamboo with other composition like spandex to be integrated with even more valued characteristics.
At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, Bamboo fabric is widely use in our own kidswear items and customer’s garment products which are desired in almost developed market like USA, EU, Japan, Australia… All of them meet well with OEKO-TECK 100 standard. They are totally safe to the wearer’s skin.
Thygesen Textile Vietnam welcome all customers from all over the world looking for a kind of premium quality fabric which is of natural origin.

bamboo fabric manufacturer thygesen textile vietnam
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