The Grand Factory Opening Of Thygesen Sewing Vietnam

The Grand Factory Opening ceremony of Thygesen Sewing Vietnam– a big day and milestone of Thygesen Vietnam on 12 April 2017  in Yen Lap Industrial Zone, Chua 11 Village, Yen Lap Town, Phu Tho Province, Vietnam.

We were thrilled to have with us the Board of management, Council members, Local Leadership representatives, and all of our esteemed customers and partners in this special event.

The Grand Factory Opening Of Thygesen Sewing Vietnam

Ms. Doan Thu Hien (General Manager) and Mr. Niels Laurits Thygesen – The Owner of Thygesen Group

thygesen group

Ms. Doan Thu Hien (GM) was greeting Mr. Morten Thygesen (Chairman of Council Members)

Yen Lap district Leadership Representatives

Ms. Doan Thu Hien (GM) was greeting Yen Lap district Leadership Representatives

The Grand Opening began with an eventful traditional musical performance

eventful traditional musical performance

General Manager’s speech

General Manager’s speech

Ms. Doan Thu Hien briefed on the history and achievements of Thygesen Textile Vietnam and the mission of the whole Thygesen corporation for a bright future for Thygesen Sewing Vietnam. 


Mr. Ha Duc Quang, Yen Lap District Party Secretary

Mr. Tran Quang Tuan, Chairman of Yen Lap District People’s Committee

Representative of Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam


Mr. Niels Laurits Thygesen,

Mr. Morten Thygesen, Chairman of Council Member,

Distinguised guests and all the Staff of Thygesen Textile Vietnam.

Today, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is glad to organize the Grand opening of the first sewing factory in Yen Lap Industrial Park, Yen Lap District, Phu Tho Province. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your valuable presence at this special event.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Thygesen Textile Vietnam Company Ltd belongs to Thygesen Textile Group (TTG), which is located in Ikast, Denmark. After 86 years of operation since its establishment in 1931, the Group has 11 affiliates operating in two major areas: fabrics/garment industry and textiles for the automotive industry.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam was established in Vietnam in 2004, and is one of the three most successful Danish companies investing into Vietnam in the past 10 years, according to data of the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi.

Our mission is to become a reliable supplier of high quality textile products in Vietnam and world-wide while building up a friendly and sustainable working environment which creates more jobs for the employees and increasing benefits to the company stakeholders. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is consistent with its Core Values ​​which are: People, Integrity and Prestige, Cooperation and Friendship, Desire for improvement and Social compliance.

The company has successfully built a Thygesen culture, a Thygesen working spirit and a trusted image with our valued customers, partners and suppliers in Vietnam and world-wide.

Start from a traditional market in Northern Europe, the company has expanded its export to other countries in the European Union, USA, Japan, Australia and started to focus on the domestic market.

Thygesen Vietnam’s revenue has been continuously growing for the last 7 years, creating a solid base for the investment expansion in Vietnam.

Ladies and Gentlemen, In the strategy to expand investment in Vietnam, in 2016, the Council member officially approved on the Project of Building the First Thygesen Sewing Factory in Vietnam with an estimated yearly capacity of 5 million garments. The new factory is equipped with the latest automatic sewing machines, using LEAN concept in production flow and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.   We aim to develop the new factory as one of the best practice garment manufacturers in Vietnam which can meet increasing demands from both domestic and overseas customers, while ensuring social compliance responsibility as per SA-8000 and WRAP regulatory.

After coming into operation, Thygesen Sewing Vietnam will create jobs for more than 300 labors of Yen Lap district and surrounding areas, contribute to improve people’s standard of living and socio-political stability. The second sewing factory is projected to be completed by 2020 with double capacity in comparison with the first factory.

During the project implementation, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has received the kind support of the relevant departments of Phu Tho province, Yen Lap District People’s Committee and the Industrial Park Management Board  I myself have personally received a lot of sincere comments from customers, partners, and colleagues who are working in garment industry to find out the optimal solution for the factory, saving investment cost while ensuring the quality and production of the factory.  On this occasion, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Mr. Niels Laurits Thygesen and the Council Members, particularly Mr. Morten Thygesen, Chairman of Council Member and my direct manager, who have always trusted and supported our proposals for the development and expansion of Thygesen Vietnam.  We would like to thank the Yen Lap District People’s Committee for offering us valuable support and privileges as the first investor in the Yen lap district. We would like to express our gratitude to Thygesen Vietnam’ customers who have always trusted and supported us for the last 10 years We are pleased to say thank you to our partners and suppliers for your kind support and encouragement to us since our first steps.

We are also want to send our gratitude to all the staff of Thygesen Textile Vietnam and Thygesen Sewing Vietnam for your loyal support and work, and the strong belief in a bright future for all of us, now and forever.

Thank you!

Mr. Kazuo Niimi – Managing Director of GSI Trading Hong Kong Limited – ‘s speech

mr. kazuo niimi

Ladies and Gentleman

First of all, my heartiest congratulation on the official opening of Thygesen Sewing Vietnam.
Denmark and Japan have a long and strong partnership.

In 1867, Denmark and Japan signed an agreement on mutual commerce and navigation. This year is a memorable year of 150 years since the conclusion of the treaty.

I will also introduce that the Thygesen Textile Group and GSI CREOS CORPORATION were founded in the same year 1931.

Vietnam and Japan also have a long and strong partnership.

In March 2014, Mr. Truong Tan Sang, President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam came to Japan as a state guest.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Vietnam in January 2017.

Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress visited Vietnam as a state guest in March.

And we have an economic partnership agreement.

In Japan and Vietnam, exchange of economic, cultural and human resources is becoming more active and building good relationships.

In December 2016, our Hanoi office staff visited Thygesen Textile Vietnam for the first time.

We and Thygesen Textile Vietnam have made various cooperation and efforts so that production can be started as Thygesen Sewing Vietnam commences operation.

First we started with searching for a fabric factory, we made samples of fabrics, made product samples, and developed them step by step.

Finally, we received orders from Japanese customers and started production at Thygesen Sewing Vietnam in October 2016.

Japanese customers are very strict in quality.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam and Thygesen Sewing Vietnam also responded to the demand for quality improvement from Japanese customers.

Thanks to both the efforts and patience, we were able to ship goods safely in March 2017.

Here I would like to thank Thygesen Textile Vietnam and Thygesen Sewing Vietnam for their generous cooperation and efforts.

For the future development of both sides, GSI CREOS CORPORATION will work together with Thygesen Textile Vietnam and Thygesen Sewing Vietnam to deliver products with fine quality to Japanese customers.

Thank you very much.

Speech of the local Leadership Representative

Speech of the local Leadership Representative

Mr. Tran Quang Tuan (Chairman of Yen Lap District People’s Committee) congratulated the success of Thygesen Vietnam. He highlighted the contribution of Thygesen Vietnam in creating new jobs, increasing labor income and the local social development. Wished a bright success for Thygesen Sewing Vietnam, Mr. Tran promised to bring the best advantage and create a favorable condition for the factory.


-Mr. Niels Laurits Thygesen,

– Mr. Morten Thygesen, Chairman of Council Member,

– Mr. Ha Duc Quang, Provincial Commission, Yen Lap District Party Secretary

And all the distinguished guests.

On behalf of the leadership of Yen Lap District, it is my pleasure to attend the Grand opening of Thygesen Sewing Vietnam in Yen Lap Industrial Park, Yen Lap district. I would like to send my warmest greetings to all of you today.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thygesen Vietnam is the first company to invest in Yen Lap Industrial Park, Yen Lap District. This is very important to Yen Lap district in promoting investment into the district and attracting other investors to form the Yen Lap Industrial Park today.

The Grand opening of the Thygesen Sewing Vietnam will create jobs, increase labor income, contribute to the company development and to the socio-economic development of Yen Lap District.

Therefore, if there is any difficulties during the operation of the factory which need support from competent authorities, Thygesen Vietnam is advised to proactively propose to the People’s committee, we will  support to ensure the most favorable conditions for the success of the company.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the efforts of Thygesen’ leadership and staff, together with the effort of local authorities, I believe in the success of Thygesen Sewing Vietnam in Yen Lap Industrial Park and its contributions to the social-economic development of Yen Lap District. On behalf of the people’s committee, I wish Mr. Niels Laurits Thygesen, Mr. Morten Georg Thygesen, other distinguised guests and all Thygesen’s staff good health, happiness and success.

Thank you!”

Mr. Morten Thygesen – Chairman of Council Member received congratulation flowers from the Local Leadership Representative 

congratulation flowers

Chairman of Council Member’s Speech

Chairman of Council Member’s Speech

Mr. Morten expressed his pride in the new milestone that Thygesen had been achieved and sent thanks to the Local Leadership, all of the Customers, and partners.

Thanks Mr. Tran Quang Tuan for the nice speech. I agree with you in many ways and it is so important that we know how to work together so that it will benefit both us and the Vietnamese people.

Today is a milestone for our company Thygesen Textile Vietnam, but it is also a milestone for the mother company in Denmark – Thygesen Textile group. Our company was founded in 1931 by my grand-father – he was originally a farmer who used to work with farming for more than 20 years. He was probably the one who made one of the biggest decisions –  to go from farming to the textile.

Through the last 3 generations there have been made many important decisions and we have been growing our business a lot for the last 30 years, where the main growth comes from our investments abroad.

Our investments have always followed the evolution of the textile industry, and therefore it was also natural that we made a new setup in Vietnam.

In the years where we have been in Vietnam, the country have developed a lot as seen from an investor’s point of view – all for the better. One of the important things lately is the signing of the free trade agreement with Europe.

It will be very important for us – and Vietnam, that we in the future can compete on equal terms with other countries in this region.  The free trade agreement is one of the reasons that makes us believe that the timing for further investments in Vietnam is right.

We are on a road of development, but this development does not come by itself – it comes by hard work and fruitful corporations, and there are many to thanks:

  • The Yen Lap Communist Party Steering Committee and District People’s Committee (for valuable support and privileges given to us as the first investor in the Yen lap district)
  • The Danish embassy
  • Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Domestic and overseas customers
  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • And YOU – all our employees – we could not have done this without you – thanks for the good and loyal support and work that you have offered to us over the latest years
  • A special thanks to the management in particular our general manager Ms. Hien, who have worked loyal with us since 2008.

As mentioned earlier, today is a milestone for our company. This stone should be seen as the first step of many to come. We believe in a bright future for Vietnam and our business here.”

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

A memorable moment of the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Visiting Thygesen Sewing Factory

Visiting Thygesen Sewing Factory

Ms. Doan Thu Hien invited people to visit Thygesen Sewing Factory and presented the capacity of the new factory as well as the management system that she has applied to the manufacturing process.

Thygesen Vietnam would like to send our warmest and sincere thanks to all of you the Board management, Council members, Customers, and Partners who have made significant contributions to our success of this day and the development of the company.

And all the guests with the Thygesen Board of Management.

Thygesen Board of Management

Our  all Thygesen Vietnam team with the Board of Management

Thygesen Vietnam team

We make your



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