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High-quality plus size hoodies manufacturer 

High-quality plus size hoodies manufacturer 

Hoodies are clothing for cold days, a never-out-of-fashion street fashion loved by young people. Therefore, many businesses and retailers choose this outfit for business. At that time, it is essential to find out about clothing manufacturers that provide high quality wholesale quantities and reasonable prices. If you are looking to learn about plus size hoodies manufacturers, Thygesen Vietnam will be the choice that you should not ignore.

Some general information introduce about Thygesen Vietnam

Thygesen Vietnam was established and developed with 100% capital coming from foreign investors. We operate under the Danish textile group Thygesen, a group founded with over 90 years of development origin dating back to the 1930s. Our main field of activity is the production of interwoven knitted products. relating to fabrics and garments. Thereby, we receive the design and processing of orders in a variety of domestic and export markets.

Fair trade clothing also prioritizes the well-being of workers in the textile industry.
We are Thygesen, and we’re proud to be the premium clothing manufacturer in Vietnam. With years of expertise and a deep commitment to quality, we craft clothing that speaks to your style and comfort

The main products we manufacture for the market are knitted fabrics including sports fabrics, terry fabrics, fleece fabrics and heat-retaining double layers. In addition, we also provide a variety of other knitted products to serve the needs of many different objects such as clothes, towels, socks, swimwear, underwear, …

Our network of activities covers the world, always updating information about products and services for customers to easily learn. The company always satisfies customers when in the production process it always meets international standards for the garment field.

With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and trading for textile products, we have a clear process from the beginning of receiving customer requests until the completion of the product. In addition to the normal-size fashions, we also offer Plus-size items for those who do not have a slim body and have to wear out-of-size clothes. Thygesen Vietnam also promises to bring retailers the most competitive prices.

Besides, Thygesen Vietnam has also received many certificates such as:

  • OEKO-tex Certificate
  • Certificate ISO 9001
  • SA8000 certificate
  • CE Marking Certificate

These are all high-class certificates for garment factories that are assessed by competent authorities to help assess the quality and safety of products. We have obtained these certificates, so customers can be assured of the prestige and quality of the products. We are proud to be the leading plus size hoodies manufacturer on the market.

plus size hoodies manufacturer

Plus size hoodies manufacturer with professional services

Plus size clothes are for people with tall or round bodies, or hobbyists. Currently, there are not many manufacturers of wholesale clothes of all kinds of plus size clothes, most of them focus on finding sources of goods through online channels. Understanding that human need, Wholesale plus size hoodies manufacturer with professional services Thygesen Viet Nam was born. We not only cater to customers with a slim fit body, but also have plus size lines to solve the style worries of oversized people.

Plus size hoodies manufacturer

Currently, hoodies are loved by others because they are the ones that bring a trendy fashion style and can be combined with many different types of clothes. Thygesen is one of the Plus size hoodies manufacturer that has always received the trust and companionship of retailers. The Hoodie jackets offered by us are guaranteed to be of high quality with a variety of designs, colors and sizes suitable for many objects. We take pride in being a plus size hoodies manufacturer that caters to everyone’s style.

Plus size clothing manufacturer

Besides the product is a Plus size jacket, Thygesen Vietnam is also a Plus size clothing manufacturer with a variety of products. We not only supply Hoodie jackets, we also produce many other quality plus size products such as T-shirts, jackets, leggings, bras, etc. Our production purpose is to bring to customers. The most diverse solutions for garment needs.

plus size hoodies manufacturer OEM service

We are a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of the best quality streetwear and fitness style brands. Our team of experts will assist you in sourcing materials, prototyping, exterior decoration, wholesale tailoring and cutting, packaging, distribution, marketing and import and export processing. The company has also established long-term relationships with brands worldwide, offering low minimum order quantities with quick turnaround times.

Thygesen Vietnam was established as a leading supplier and manufacturer of custom apparel for the world’s top famous global brands. We not only provide a variety of clothing items, but also provide a variety of clothing sizes. We strive to be your reliable plus size hoodies manufacturer.

Apparel manufacturers often limit the production of plus sizes due to the small number of users. However, many manufacturers share the same mindset, making it difficult for fashion brands to find the right clothing manufacturer. Thygesen is one of the plus size tops manufacturers loved by many fashion brands.

With more than 90 years of experience in garment manufacturing, we are fully capable of producing plus size clothing as required. The hoodie plus size models will be best completed as soon as possible.

Plus size womens clothing manufacturer

Many tall women often find it difficult to find the right clothes for themselves because many manufacturers do not provide plus size women clothing. If your fashion brand is looking for plus size clothing to expand its customer base, Thygesen is a great choice. You can access the highest quality plus size womens clothing at competitive prices.

Thygesen is a plus size womens clothing manufacturer that can offer your fashion brand a wide variety of plus size items, even custom production on request. You can pre-order models of dresses, t-shirts, and hoodies plus size to satisfy the needs of customers.

custom plus size night dress manufacturing trendy design
These accreditations demonstrate our dedication to delivering high-quality products and services to our valued customers worldwide.

Although it is a plus size product, we always ensure perfection from fabric quality to design. The company’s product development team has improved and upgraded fabrics to provide the best user experience. The fabric that we use in production is usually stretchy, breathable and quick-drying. No matter how large the wearer is, it does not feel uncomfortable. This is a great advantage that can help your fashion brand leave a good impression on customers.

Plus size dresses manufacturers

In today’s market, customers can easily find plus size pants for plus size tops than plus size dresses. To successfully produce plus size dresses while keeping the shape, the manufacturer must be experienced. Thygesen is one of the plus size dresses manufacturers with more than 90 years of experience in the field of women clothing.

We have a team of creative designers and skilled seamstresses who can create a variety of new dresses while finishing high-quality outfits. You can be completely assured of our quality. Everything we put on the market is carefully and selectively checked for quality.

Women hoodie sweatshirt manufacturer with fashionable styles

If you are a retailer and are looking for a wholesale women hoodie sweatshirt manufacturer with fashionable styles, Thygesen Vietnam promises to be the place to bring you the most benefits.

The company uses yarn that is blended with the specifications of its partner spinning machines. Each shirt is cut and sewn by hand, which is the secret to its lasting quality. We have always been proud of our traditional textile mill run by stitch operators with many years of work experience.

Women hoodie sweatshirt manufacturer with fashionable styles

We also manufacture hand-crafted garments using the same process in more than century-old knitting machinery, applying traditional New England craft techniques. With those favorable conditions, the hoodies are successfully produced providing wholesale quantities to retailers. From there they will get the high-end, competitively priced products to provide to customers and get the most profit.

Plain hoodies manufacturer

Thygesen Vietnam is one of the leading apparel manufacturers that offers full service private labels for its custom clothing for brands and retailers. The company provides a one-stop solution for customers through development consulting, sample development, production, project management, sample development, fabric production and graphic design. We have always promoted sustainable clothing production by creating high quality organic clothing.

One of the products that we invest heavily in production is plain hoodies for wholesale with brands and retailers. The shirts we bring to the market all have unique and fresh designs, diverse design colors, durable quality and come in many sizes to suit a variety of audiences.

Plus-size jacket manufacturer

Plus size clothing business is one of the potential and trendy industries now that many people love this style. For a successful, long-term business, you need to pay attention to one of the main factors, which is to have a Plus-size jacket manufacturer with diverse designs and reasonable prices. This is something that many retailers are interested in but not everyone can find.

Thygesen Vietnam will be the perfect choice if you don’t know which manufacturer to choose. The products offered by us are not limited to objects, have a variety of designs, colors and sizes for customers to choose from.

As a long-term trading factory, the factory is committed to always have a source of quality, reputable, good wholesale prices and support free exchange and return of defective goods caused by the manufacturer. To create more favorable conditions for retailers in the best way.

Graphic hoodies women manufacturer

Thygesen also makes its own impression and mark as a wholesale graphic hoodies women manufacturer. With many years of experience, we always promote our strengths and maintain our reputation to be able to export designed and processed fashion to different countries around the world. It also specializes in embroidery, screen printing, graphic design and digital printing based on customer requirements.

Graphic hoodies women manufacturer

Based on the available platforms after more than 90 years of operation, we promise to bring to the garment market the most unique and quality hoodie products. For retailers who come to us, they not only receive the desired quality products but also receive enthusiastic advice and support, there are many attractive incentives with bulk sources.

Thick hoodies manufacturer

On cold winter days, most people choose for themselves thick hoodies that are both fashionable and warm for the body. Understanding that need of people, Wholesale thick hoodies manufacturer Thygesen Vietnam has produced a series of products.

The fashion products of the factory are sewn with stretchy fabrics, for good sweat absorption, breathable to bring comfort in movement when wearing. In addition, we also constantly strive to research the market and regularly launch many eye-catching designs, elegant colors and suitable for costs.

Thus, the above article has provided you with all the information related to wholesale plus size hoodies manufacturers. Thygesen Vietnam promises to be a prestigious and quality address that brings brands and retailers the best products and reasonable prices. Come to us to be able to expand the business scale with a variety of clothing products.

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