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At Thygesen, we understand the importance of timely manufacturing without compromising quality. With decades of experience in Baby Romper Manufacturing, we have become a leading manufacturer offering a One-Stop-Shop OEM service. Our commitment to high quality, short lead times, and cost-saving solutions ensures your ability to satisfy parents in your market with top-notch baby rompers.

Product Specifications

Materials: 100% organic cotton, or blended with spandex, bamboo…. or other kind of fabric as required.

Functionality: safe, comfortable, soft, smooth, no harmful substance, no irritation, no chafing, breathable, moisture wicking.

Size: All sizes available.

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Pursuing the mission of “Bringing inspiration and motivation for community change towards true values ​​and sustainable development”, we prioritize long-term partnerships and continually improve our products and services to meet customer expectations. We invest in the professional development of our team members, ensuring they possess both technical expertise and essential soft skills. Our factories adhere to strict quality standards and are socially responsible, holding certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2016, CE marking, FDA, Oeko Tex 100, SA8000, and WRAP.

Manufacturing Baby Romper with maximum quantity
Thygesen emphasizes sustainable development, quality, and socially responsible manufacturing with various certifications.

High-Quality Baby Romper
Made From Diverse Materials

Thanks to our great sourcing team, we can adjust and create materials to match what our customers want, and we stay updated with all the new material trends. At Thygesen Textile, we promise to give our customers clothes made from really steady and top-quality materials. These materials can include things like organic cotton, spandex, bamboo, and more. We can change how much of each material we use based on what our customers need.

Baby Romper manufacturing with competitive prices.
We offer custom material sourcing and ensure garments are made from the best materials.

Excellence in
Baby Romper Manufacturing

With Thygesen, a trusted clothing maker with more than 90 years of experience, you can count on top-notch quality. Our ODM/OEM services are here to take care of making different types of Baby Rompers, including various styles in lots of colors, attractive printed designs, and fabrics that can be customized however you like, along with different printing methods. We can adjust all of this to meet what our customers want.

Manufacturing Baby Romper according to your needs
With over 90 years of legacy, Thygesen offers customizable ODM/OEM services for various Baby Romper styles.

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Top-quality Manufacturing Services

With our skilled team of experts who find and create materials and our modern factories with advanced machines from Denmark, we’re all set to make lots of different things. We care a lot about the quality of our products and getting them to you on time, so you’re happy with what you get. We also have a special team that’s just for taking care of customers, and they’ll keep you updated while we make your stuff, so we can talk clearly with you.

Eco-friendly ODM Baby Romper manufacturing service
Thygesen guarantees product quality, timely delivery, and transparent communication with its advanced production capabilities and dedicated team.

Partner With Us For Your Custom Baby Romper

With over 90 years of experience in the garment industry, Thygesen takes pride in offering high-quality products and bespoke service to bring value to your business.
Tell us about your ideas, and we will make your vision become reality.

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