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Trendy Pique Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Stylish Pique Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Thygesen is today’s leading stylish pique polo shirt manufacturer. If you want your fashion brand to have top quality pique polo shirts at a reasonable price. Follow our shares below for the best selection!

Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturers

Pique polo shirts fascinate the wearer because of the style suitable for both men and women and the special elastic fabric. It is both stretchy for comfort and breathability. Thygesen is proud to be an apparel manufacturer as well as Polo Shirt Manufacturer that can produce the best pique polo!

Men Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturer

If you are looking for a men’s pique polo shirt manufacturer, Thygesen is one of the top choices. We offer not only the best quality pique polo, but also special renovated pique fabric.

Pique spandex is a knitted fabric with a woven structure with large meshes, helping to create ventilation for the wearer. Pique fabric is a material that is woven from 3 fibers: 65% cotton, 30% polyester and 5% spandex to create a unique, novel and fashionable bird’s eye effect. Thanks to being woven according to new technology with many small diamond-like holes, it makes the fabric look more eye-catching and creates excellent ventilation and absorption when used.

Men Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturer

Today, 80% of polo t-shirts (collared t-shirts) are sewn from this pique, because this fabric is thick, compatible with the thickness of the collar, so when it comes to the shirt, it will be sturdy, luxurious and comfortable.

Early polo shirts were also made from this fabric, developed by the company Lacoste. In many places, pique fabric is called crocodile fabric, derived from Lacoste’s famous crocodile embroidered t-shirt fabric. In addition, pique elastic fabric has large meshes like crocodile skin, so it is called crocodile fabric.

The Pique polo shirt at Thygesen, in addition to retaining its inherent features, is also integrated with many new special features. It is highly hygroscopic and dries quickly. This fabric is also very durable and is difficult to fade or shrink after a period of use. You can be assured of the quality pique polo shirt at Thygesen.

100% Cotton Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturer

In addition to providing signature pique blend fabric, Thygesen also manufactures 100% cotton pique polo shirts. This is our impressive polo model chosen and loved by many fashion brands.

Cotton is the most popular natural fabric. Thygesen’s cotton fabric is made from 100% cotton with many new innovations to help the product meet many high standards. Although we offer the rare 100% cotton pique material, we do not raise the price. Fashion brands can still buy quality polos at competitive prices.

You and your fashion brand can be assured of the quality of the cotton pique fabric we supply. In addition to adding new features, we also achieve many quality standards of apparel in the world.

Men Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturer With High-Quality Fabrics

In addition to cotton pique fabric, Thygesen offers many other quality fabrics, such as pique blended fabric, polyester yarn, spandex yarn or other high-quality materials.

Our staff has tested many different weaves for the best quality pique fabrics. The blend of cotton, polyester and spandex gives the pique great elasticity and breathability.

Men Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturer

With Thygesen’s pique fabric, it has many different levels of stretch such as 4-way stretch, 2-way stretch. The knitting technology of tube rolling or needle threading makes the fabric both smooth and airy and comfortable to wear.

Fashion brands also have more options to choose from as we offer a variety of premium fabrics. If you have any requirements about the material or design of the product, please contact us.

Soft Cotton Polo Shirts Manufacturer

The soft cotton polo shirt that Thygesen offers is not only soft, but also possesses many other special features

The softness not only makes the wearer feel comfortable, but also can judge whether the fabric is really good or not. The soft cotton polo shirt that Thygesen offers is not only soft, but also possesses many other special features. You can enjoy breathability, quick absorption, quick drying and many other attractive features.

Fashion brands can leave a better impression on customers when choosing us as the main manufacturer.

Bright Colored Polo Shirts Manufacturer

The products that Thygesen offer not only use innovative weaving technology to bring out natural light fabrics

Bright colors will make the wearer look more prominent and attract the eye. Many people in many different situations often use this polo shirt. If your fashion brand is looking for bright colored polo shirts manufacturer then Thygesen is one of the trustworthy manufacturers.

The products that we offer not only use innovative weaving technology to bring out natural light fabrics. We can use advanced dyeing technology if fashion brands have special color requirements.

Men Polo Shirt Manufacturer

Stretch Polo Shirt Manufacturer

Stretch polo t-shirts are often preferred because they make the wearer feel more comfortable. Thygesen is an excellent stretch polo shirt manufacturer. With more than 90 years of experience in garment manufacturing, we are confident that we can produce polo shirts with the best stretch. If you are looking for distinctive stretch polo shirts for your fashion brand, Thygesen is a great choice.

Unisex Yellow Polo T-Shirt Manufacturer

Thygesen has produced many different unisex polo t shirts 

Before the polo t-shirt was born, men’s and women’s clothing was completely different, separate. Polo t-shirt were born to erase the gap between men’s and women’s clothing. With a different design, polo t-shirt was born, like a new breeze, it changed the entire culture of distinguishing between men’s and women’s clothing, so it was welcomed by both sexes. And today, polo t-shirts have become familiar, well received by people all over the world with all ages, all genders, all different professions.

Thygesen understands that and has produced many different unisex polo t shirts to satisfy the needs of fashion brands. If you are looking for unisex polo t shirt manufacturer, you can consider choosing us.

Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturer OEM service

Womens Zipper Polo Shirt Manufacturer

Thygesen can produce a wide range of zipper polo shirts for your brand as featured products

In addition to the usual women’s polo shirts, women’s polo shirts zippers are also popular outfits. The wearer can adjust the neck size much more easily and conveniently than conventional polo shirts. It also brings with it a strangely attractive beauty. Thygesen can produce a wide range of zipper polo shirts for your brand as featured products. Our custom service can help you with it all.

Plain Golf Shirts Manufacturers

Plaid golf shirts have a simple design and like most other polo golf shirts, but it has more interesting decorative motifs. You may even be surprised by the colorful stripes. In addition, this shirt can make you more attractive and outstanding on the golf course.

Thygesen is a manufacturer of plaid polo T-shirts. They can offer a variety of polo patterns with a variety of designs and textures. If you have your own designs for your fashion brand you can ask to use them.

Final words

Thygesen is a great pique polo shirt manufacturer that can help your fashion brand to be more profitable. In addition to offering a wide range of premium pique polo models with special fabrics, our streamlined production process has resulted in significant cost savings. Therefore, when you cooperate with Thygesen you will receive competitive prices and increase the possibility of increasing profits.

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