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Custom Pants Manufacturer with Premium Quality
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Custom Pants Manufacturer with Premium Quality – Thygesen Vietnam

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Explore your true pants for your brand with devoted manufacturer

Street fashion is becoming a trend in recent years that is extremely loved by young people. Keeping up with that trend, retailers have turned to on-demand clothing factories to buy in bulk. Thygesen is a high-quality custom pants manufacturer ready to assist you in producing a variety of designs in bulk.

One of the best streetwear manufacturers

Streetwear has grown more widely and diversified, and cheaper streetwear fashion shops have also been born to meet the majority of customers’ needs. Thygesen is also sought after by many fashion brands as a custom pants manufacturer with unique streetwear styles.

Streetwear clothing manufacturer with international certification

If you are looking for a Custom Pants Manufacturer, surely Thygesen will be one of the top addresses not to be missed. We are one of the fashion factories for street style lovers that always receive high praise from retailers as well as customers. 

Especially, you can rest assured when choosing to buy wholesale here because we have received international certification for product quality. The price that our factory sells to retailers is also very reasonable and not too expensive, so the number of products sold every month has also increased significantly.

Clothing manufacturers streetwear with over 90 years of experience

A clothing manufacturer earns trust when they have a long history and are still growing strongly and sustainably. And Thygesen is one of the street fashion manufacturers that has always become the first choice of many customers after more than 90 years of establishment and development.

They did not give up from the early days of establishment, still faced many difficulties and shortages, and did not have a lot of human resources as well as capital. But so far, over 90 years, a long way of development, this street fashion manufacturer has affirmed its standing position in the market. They have won the trust of customers through the products they bring to the market.

Clothing manufacturers streetwear with over 90 years of experience

Street fashion hoodies manufacturer

Street fashion hoodies show “playfulness” that exudes a strong and unique feeling. The style is not limited by any framework or rules. Those who love this style must have a very strong personality.


Understanding the preferences of today’s youth, Thygesen’s street fashion hoodies manufacturing service was born to bring unique and novel Street fashion hoodies to the fashion field.

Especially receiving the love of customers, all the items put on the market are selling very well. Retailers and fashion businesses all come to this manufacturer to buy wholesale pants with many different styles.

Custom streetwear manufacturer

Not every outfit can satisfy customers, but it needs to be adjusted to better suit the needs of each object. Understanding that need, Thygesen has based on customer requirements to produce instead of mass-producing products.

The custom streetwear manufacturer has based on the required information about the product provided by the customer, then conducts research and results in the right products for the needs of the customer. 

Depending on the customer’s requirements for the product, our team will design and process items with different materials and designs. Here, we will also make customizations if customers have any unsatisfied feedback about the product.

Custom streetwear manufacturer high quality 

Men’s pants manufacturer

Pants are known to be a product with a variety of styles expressing personality for streetwear lovers. Streetwear manufacturer Thygesen also offers style lovers the most relevant and trendy products.

Wholesale pant manufacturer with competitive price

Wholesale pant manufacturers are also loved by many people when the price is lower than the listed retail price of the product on the market. Not only that, if the size and number of products in order reach the maximum, the wholesale price is guaranteed to be cheap so that retailers can do business and receive a lot of profit.

Thereby one can also judge that Thygesen is one of the wholesale pant manufacturers with competitive prices. Therefore, the number of their products sold each month is guaranteed to increase significantly.

Custom men pants manufacturer with various styles

With large production resources, we as a high-quality custom men’s pants manufacturer receive many bulk orders with youthful and trendy designs. 

The fashion needs of customers are extremely diverse, they prefer new and unique things rather than too famous outfits. Thygesen can fully meet that demand of customers through new collections, and many different designs. Surely, coming to us, you can find the pants according to your requirements and in different styles.


Custom pants manufacturer

With the motto of prestige above all, custom pants manufacturer Thygesen is always ready to cooperate with those who have the need to create exclusive models and order large quantities of sewing. Coming to Thygesen, it’s easier than ever to find good sources of fashion pants with good prices and beautiful designs.


From the sample requested by the customer, the factory can also process accurately, ensuring the quality, aesthetics, and quantity required. Besides, if you have not found the styles you love, we will also offer available models for your reference. Here we always ensure to bring our customers the best quality products with long-lasting value.

Wholesale sports pants manufacturer

In recent years, people’s health needs have been increasingly focused and paid more attention to having a toned and healthy body. It is also because of this that has pushed the market for the sportswear business to become more vibrant than ever. Meeting that need of people, we also offer high-quality OEM sports pants.

We are a clothing manufacturer specializing in providing wholesale sportswear for distribution to shops and retail stores nationwide. 

Wholesale sports pants with cold elastic material, 4-way stretch, printed with a silicone logo that does not cause peeling, with full sizes options are one of our main products.

In addition, the factory also accepts sewing according to the pattern requested by the shop owners, so you can also give your request, and the workshop will complete it on time.

Womenswear manufacturer

With more than 90 years of experience appearing on the market in the field of fashion and clothing production, Thygesen has not limited its products. Besides the clothes shared above, there are also women’s clothing items so retailers can sell a variety of products.

The factory has a wide range of women’s clothing available, from t-shirts to stylish tops here can provide you. Significantly, the women’s fashion here is guaranteed to have its own design, unlike other clothing manufacturers present on the market. Therefore, if retailers buy here, it will be easier to reach customers and let customers buy their products.

Dresses manufacturer

Dresses are an indispensable part of any girl’s wardrobe. However, most people like unique, novel and not-so-popular dresses, which are worn by many people on the street. Understanding that, clothing manufacturer Thygesen has continuously researched and researched to come up with unique and least-appearing products on the market.

Here, there will be a variety of designs with youthful and fashionable dresses such as brocade dresses, floral patterns, ruffled skirts, puffy flower sleeves, body dresses, checkered button-down dresses, etc. You can refer to these samples of this dress before buying wholesale or ordering sewing. In addition, you can also draw preliminary designs to send to the workshop if you need to design your own.

Cotton pants manufacturer

Cotton fabric is a synthetic fiber made from many natural materials that are very friendly to human skin, and completely non-irritating like many other artificial fiber fabrics. The cotton fabric appears everywhere from casual to luxury clothes can be sewn from this fabric.

The custom pants manufacturer with premium quality Thygesen also chooses cotton fabric for its outfits. The advantage of this material is that it absorbs moisture very well, absorbs sweat, reduces heat and cools the body, especially does not irritate the skin, and is friendly to children’s skin. That’s why Cotton pants are a product that many retailers choose as their business item.

Cotton pants manufacturer

Jogger pants manufacturer

Thygesen jogger garment factory is one of the pioneering manufacturers in the field of clothing production, receiving custom-made sewing. More than anyone else, Thygesen garment factory is always aware of its mission, goals, responsibilities, and core values ​​in guiding its development. Therefore, it is committed that before publishing, the product will be through rigorous quality control stages to provide consumers with quality products at the lowest possible price.

Constantly update the hottest models on the market, catching up with trends to produce the most fashionable and stylish men’s jogger pants. The manufacturer guarantees to provide customers with large quantities in the required time period while still ensuring product quality. At the same time, fabrics, designs, and designs are also very diverse and rich, for you to quickly choose. Custom Pants Manufacturer Thygesen also accepts custom design samples at no extra charge.

We offer OEM textile manufacturing services

OEM is a production method in which customers will place a business to make finished products for themselves. However, those products will be made from the procurement of materials and processed to create the final product. OEM companies are original design manufacturers, manufacturing products on demand and available designs.

OEM is one of four production methods applied to the textile industry today. With this method, the garment factory will be the one to buy materials according to the requirements of customers. Then proceed to cut the fabric and sew the product. Before reaching the tailor’s hands, products need to be labeled to promote the image, as well as the brand of the tailor. Textile products, if made according to the OEM model, ensure the interests of buyers.

In which the product created must meet the correct design. The quality of the fabric as well as the product must be completed according to the items committed in the contract. Some other requirements on images or the use of machinery and technology need to be complied with by agreement of the two parties. 

Finally, the service also needs the security of the product’s technology.

Any customer looking for a wholesale source of clothing will also pay attention to whether the manufacturer has OEM textile manufacturing services. And Thygesen is proud to provide OEM textile manufacturing services to all customers. With this service, customers who order tailoring will create orders for businesses based on available designs. The business or garment factory is then responsible for finding and purchasing raw materials, cutting and sewing to complete the product.

Customers ordering sewing do not have to spend capital to import materials for production. The garment factory will also have cheaper places to import goods than customers. Because at the factory, they always get a reasonable price compared to outside retailers. And sometimes customers will also negotiate with businesses, to get a more reasonable price.

In order to buy raw materials, it is necessary to have qualified people, to avoid buying poor-quality materials. Therefore, it is necessary to have an experienced team to import the best materials. If this phase is canceled, the customer will reduce the cost of spending on this team. Coming to Thygesen, you will receive great benefits when buying products in bulk.

Customized ladies’ fashion shirts manufacturer

Thygesen is also one of the customized ladies’ fashion shirt manufacturers for girls who love stylish shirts. Shirts are no longer just ordinary uniforms but become a famous cultural beauty in the fashion field. The image of the shirt is as familiar in the workplace as before, but it appears everywhere.

Shirts also have a long history of development until today. The name of the shirt is derived from the French name Chemise, the women’s shirt is Chemisier.

With more than 90 years of experience in garment design and contacting millions of customers nationwide, Thygesen will surely bring satisfaction to you. Hundreds of beautiful, unique, and constantly updated women’s shirt designs with current trends. 

The shirts that Thygesen brings have many designs from plain to colors, textures, and lace to choose from. In addition, when mixing the shirt with a skirt or baggy pants, you will have a neat and elegant feeling in the office.

Our staff is always ready to provide 24/7 dedicated and thoughtful advice. You will surely find a shirt that suits you and you like it.

Customized ladies fashion shirts manufacturer

Pantsuit manufacturer

In the menswear trend, this pants suit with fine design details has been chosen as a new fashion icon in the workplace: elegant and discreet. Because of the nature of such a well-tailored suit, the pantsuit becomes rigid when it comes to an outfit for the weekend or a date night.

However, that is not necessarily a challenging puzzle for all women today. With the creativity and taste available, the pantsuit has been transformed and improved by Thygesen, a high-quality Pantsuit manufacturer with even more sweet and graceful elements to become a versatile choice for the necessary occasions in life. live every day.

Streetwear wholesale manufacturer

Besides popular models, Thygesen is also known by many customers as a high-end Streetwear wholesale manufacturer. Streetwear often includes hoodies, tracksuits, t-shirts, and jogger pants. This isn’t the kind of garment that traditional luxury shoppers often associate with rich apparel.

In fact, it is the ease and low production costs that have made streetwear so popular. Thygesen always strives to bring customers suitable and unique styles while ensuring safe product materials. The street fashion that our garment factory brings to the market also ensures a variety of models to suit many different customers of yours.

Streetwear wholesale manufacturer luxury

Women pants manufacturer

When you choose to buy the most beautiful and trendy outfits, have you ever thought about starting an online women’s fashion business to serve the needs of yourself as well as others? You want to trade in clothing but don’t know which wholesale factory is good. Which address, fashion studio has beautiful, trendy, and quality designs. Thygesen is a typical Women’s pants manufacturer that anyone should not miss.

Here, we always bring you quality design products, a variety of designs, and colors to contribute to increasing your shop’s selection by customers. Sewing fabrics are hand-selected by the factory, ensuring high-quality materials. No fading, no ruffled, no stretch for a long time, product commitment is the same as the picture.

There are super profitable, super good wholesale policies for those who want to do business. For defective products, Thygesen still has return policies for wholesalers. A team of enthusiastic and professional consultants will be your companion throughout the time of choosing a model at the factory.


If you need to learn about a high-quality and reputable custom pants manufacturer, then Thygesen will be a perfect choice. 

With more than 90 years of textile experience, we promise not to disappoint customers. 

Hopefully, the information provided in the above article will be really helpful for retailers who are looking for quality and reputable wholesale clothing sources.

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