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Seamless Apparel Manufacturer with Advance Technologies

Seamless Apparel Manufacturer With Cutting-Edge Technologies

Seamless is today’s leading cutting edge technologies in the apparel industry. It is suitable for sportswear or underwear. If this technology was rarely used in the past, many apparel manufacturers now use it to upgrade the quality of their products. Thygesen is one of the leading clothing manufacturers in applying this modern cutting technology. The products that we manufacture are not only of perfect quality, but also of the highest standards in the world. With many typical clothing models made from seamless technology, Thygesen is proud to be a trusted Seamless Apparel Manufacturer that has helped many fashion brands grow their businesses. Read our shares below to know more about this modern sewing technology!

Cutting-Edge Technology Seamless Apparel Manufacturer

Thygesen is cutting edge technology Seamless Apparel Manufacturer can provide your fashion brand with a wide range of seamless apparel at competitive prices. To do that, we not only have modern machinery systems but also many professional staff who can master the technology.

Seamless Clothing Manufacturer With Modem Machinery

Seamless Apparel Manufacturer With Cutting-Edge Technologies

Seamless clothing refers to garments that are constructed without traditional seams or stitching, it feels comfortable to the wearer and is very popular. However, to produce seamless clothing requires sewing factories to own modern machines and advanced technology.

Thygesen – top Seamless Apparel Manufacturer- with the goal of bringing the best products to fashion brands has been at the forefront of seamless clothing production. We are equipped with modern machines such as circular knitting machines for better production.

This type of loom uses lasers to cut the fabric, so it gives sharp cuts that are not as prone to tassel as when cutting with ordinary scissors. Then the clothes will be completely heat pressed so that the joints stick together firmly. 

Produces complete seamless clothing products that meet garment standards without going through any cutting process. Seamless technology with the feature of minimizing seams not only provides efficient productivity but is also more environmentally friendly than conventional methods.

Besides, it is also impossible to ignore the aesthetics and durability of Seamless products. Pre-programmed circular looms deliver precision in near-perfect splicing. Durable heat-pressed seams minimize the possibility of peeling or deviating seams, excess thread is not cut off like normal products. Therefore, Seamless technology is the perfect solution for the garment industry applied by Thygesen.

Seamless Apparel Manufacturer With Professional Staff

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In addition to the system equipped with modern machines and advanced technology, employees are an important factor in deciding whether seamless clothing can be completed or not. Thygesen always has training programs and updates knowledge and technology for employees. We not only focus on updating our knowledge of fashion but also improve our technology level so that our employees can work effectively and at their best.

Workers at Thygesen’s garment factories can easily operate machines and master modern technology. With seamless technology, Thygesen professionals can program the circular knitting machine to make it more efficient on its own.

Various types of circular knitting machines were used and it operated according to pre-programmed commands. This technology eliminates the process of cutting and sewing the fabric, creating seamlessness, which is the way to optimize the production process in terms of both time and product quality.

While the production speed is faster, seam defects or many garment defects that are common in conventional sewing are also eliminated. According to calculations, by this sewing technology one can save up to 40% of production costs up to 40% compared to traditional sewing.

Seamless Sportswear Manufacturer

Private Label Leggings Manufacturer USA Clothing Brands

Seamless is considered an important sewing technology for sportswear. To create the perfect sportswear needs to satisfy many requirements in terms of fabric, design, and seams. However, with seamless technology, sportswear is produced that is not only comfortable, but also saves time and costs.

Understanding that, Thygesen is one of the leading seamless sportswear today. We use seamless technology in the manufacturing process to create the most comfortable sportswear.

We see great advantages and use Seamless technology for workout clothes. A sports bra or Seamless shorts when worn will contribute to proper support for the upper body muscles for a comfortable fit and good elasticity to help the wearer’s movement become more comfortable. Breathable fabric texture keeps your body cool even during intense workouts.

Certainly, thanks to Seamless technology, you will now have more comfortable sportswear than ever before. The fabric in the seamless is stretchy, adjustable in thickness, breathable and soft. However, it is not only good for consumers but also friendly for the environment. Since the cutting and sewing process has been eliminated, this step has contributed to eliminating a lot of waste due to having to sketch a shape on a piece of fabric and cut it.

Seamless Clothing Manufacturer With Various Product Lines

Seamless sewing technology not only provides your fashion brand with quality products, but also can continuously update a variety of product lines. Thygesen – the leading Seamless Apparel Manufacturer -uses only seamless technology that can produce underwear, sportswear, seamless t-shirts and even yoga pants.

In fact, Thygesen realizes the design possibilities of seamless technologies are endless as they can produce different thicknesses, textures and designs that no other type of textile process can do. This flexibility has enabled us to react faster to trends to produce all different types of products such as clothing, hats, gloves, lingerie, bras, swimwear, shapewear, pajamas, sportswear etc.

Seamless technology, on the other hand, uses only the required material. The yarn is fed directly into the needle and once the garment is created, the yarn stops sewing. Therefore, this production process does not create wasteful waste. Moreover, the technology’s control and monitoring systems seamlessly reduce errors and automatically stop when deviations occur in production.

Stylish Seamless Yoga Leggings Manufacturer

Curvy Tights Manufacturer with OEM service

Yoga clothing often has higher requirements than regular clothes. It requires clothing that does not have many uncomfortable seams and has a certain tightness to the body. Meanwhile, elasticity is also an important factor to help the wearer’s movement be more flexible.

Thygesen – Seamless Apparel Manufacturer – has used seamless technology as the ultimate solution for yoga leggings. This technology makes it possible for us to design and sew various styles of seamless yoga leggings without worrying about our staff’s sewing techniques.

Instead of spending a few hours to complete a high-class seamless yoga leggings as usual, now we only need 1 to 2 hours without additional labor. The circular knitting sewing machine can operate automatically after setting the program. The above helps us save production costs so that fashion brands also receive more reasonable prices.

Seamless T Shirt Manufacturers

As a seamless apparel manufacturer, Thygesen has the capability and experience to manufacture all types of apparel using seamless technology. In addition to underwear, sportswear and leggings, Seamless T shirt is an outfit favored by many fashion brands.

Thanks to the special and advanced production technology, seamless T shirt will help the wearer feel more comfortable. The fabrics are fully heat-pressed to form strong adhesive joints, not rough seams. The special blister material used by this sewing technology also makes the wearer feel more comfortable thanks to its good elasticity, softness, breathability and outstanding elasticity.

Innovative Sportswear Garment Manufacturing Company

Innovative Sportswear Garment Manufacturing Company

With more than 90 years of establishment and development in the clothing manufacturing industry, Thygesen prides itself on being an innovative sportswear garment manufacturing company. We are constantly improving, developing and creating new clothing models with modern sewing technologies.

Thygesen always strives to keep up to date with world fashion trends to create innovative sportswear that can help affirm your fashion brand. New fashion outfits are constantly updated with many special features.

In addition to focusing on product innovation, our company also attaches great importance to quality improvement. Most sportswear products are manufactured from the highest quality fabrics, incorporating many modern features. This helps fashion brands entice customers and make them remember them forever.

Final words

If you are looking for a seamless clothing manufacturer then Thygesen Textile Vietnam is the leading seamless apparel manufacturer with cutting edge technologies available today. We can help you optimize your seamless apparel manufacturing needs while providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. You can take your fashion brand to the next level with our products.

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