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Top-Notch Curvy Tights Manufacturer

Thygesen Vietnam – Your Top-Notch Curvy Tights Manufacturer

The market for top notch curvy tights has never stopped growing, making it one of the most essential pieces of clothing for women or men. If you are a fashion brand interested in comprehensive product development, this product cannot be ignored. However, curvy tights are difficult to produce perfectly. Thygesen is one of the leading curvy tights manufacturers available today. 

We not only have a lot of experience but also a very professional staff. The company is able to supply large quantities of high quality tights at competitive prices. If your fashion brand is looking for the top manufacturers of tights, then Thygesen is the first name on the list. Read our sharing below to know more. Good is hard to find.

Stylish Ladies Compression Tights Manufacturer

Thygesen is a stylish ladies compression tights manufacturer with many unique designs. Your fashion brand can use these innovative products to grab the attention of your customers.

Fashionable Ladies Compression Tights Manufacturer

Female customers are the main ones who can help you to sell tights. This market is quite active because women often have more needs to change their clothes according to fashion trends. They are also always willing to spend a lot of money to own trendy clothes. If your fashion brand captures this customer mentality, then you can easily increase profits in a short time.

Thygesen can help you do just that. Not only do we provide a wide variety and quality of tights, but we are also a fashionable ladies compression tights manufacturer. Our team of top designers is always coming up with new ideas, constantly refining and improving socks to make them even more unique and attractive.

Curvy Tights Manufacturer with OEM service

Your fashion brand doesn’t have to worry about finding or catching up on fashion trends. Thygesen’s design and product development team can do just that. We will update fashion trends combined with existing fashion knowledge to create the most impressive products.

High-Quality Compression Leggings Women Manufacturer

In addition to ladies compression tight, compression leggings women are also one of the product lines that fashion brands should own. Its speciality comes from the good stretch fabric, moderate tightness that can show off the wearer’s body curves. Many women’s outfits cannot be without this type of pants. However, these leggings only really impress when they are of high quality.

Thygesen is a high quality compression leggings women manufacturer can offer you the best leggings. We not only develop innovative and novel designs, but also make improvements to fabrics to make an impression on the wearer. The fabric for making our leggings not only has good elasticity, but it also has a breathable feature that helps the wearer not to feel uncomfortable even though the fabric is tight to the skin. Surely customers will have a good impression of your fashion brand.

In addition to features built into the fabric, our leggings also meet many international apparel standards. We use modern machinery and advanced technology in the production line, so the errors in the costumes are almost nonexistent. That also helps Thygesen save production costs and provide more reasonably priced products.

Trusted Curvy Tights Manufacturer Thygesen Vietnam

Men’s Tights Manufacturer

In addition to women, men also need to use tights in necessary cases. With its unique usability, it allows the wearer to move more flexibly. Thygesen is also a great men’s tights manufacturer when it comes to different models of men’s tights.

Fashion brands can choose from pre-made tights or bring their designs to the production department. After prototyping and getting approval, we will proceed to production.

Producing men’s tights is not the same thing as producing women’s tights. Thygesen staff had to make many changes and improvements to suit the nature of the male wearer. To bring the best products to fashion brands, we have done hundreds of tests to develop the best designs.

Compression Tights Manufacturer

Compression tights are a special type of tights capable of expressing a unique fashion sense. However, compression tights manufactured by Thygesen also have a medical effect that helps your fashion brand leave a good impression in the hearts of customers.

Top-Notch Curvy Tights Manufacturer for activewear
Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s Stretch pant, known for superior quality and performance. Our commitment to excellence begins with the materials we use

Accordingly, our product research team shows that compression tights can help wearers with conditions such as varicose veins, preventing blood clots. Very durable elastomer material is used to manufacture compression stockings. It hugs their legs, squeezing their muscles, making it easier for blood to move up to the heart. Thanks to its properties, compression knitted tights facilitate movement, improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, relieve muscle fatigue, minimize painful sensations and protect tissues from swelling.

Fashion brands shouldn’t have to worry about their compression tights getting too tight. We’ve done the math and used the best stretch knit fabric to provide a comfortable experience for our customers. You can completely trust our products.

Ladies Tights Manufacturer

Thygesen is a great ladies’ tights manufacturer when it comes to offering your brand high-quality products at competitive prices. In addition to our ability to offer a wide range of designs, materials and shapes, we can integrate many features into tights as required.

If your fashion brand wants to develop its own line of sticker tights and features that are unique to your brand, we’re here to help. Our custom service is rated as good and effective by many brands. You can not only choose the important elements of the product, but also choose the decorative graphics.

Oversized Tights Manufacturer

Many fashion brands want to satisfy every need of their customers, but they can’t really find a source of oversize clothing, including oversize tights. Not many people use oversize clothing, so many manufacturers automatically remove them from the product list.

Thygesen is different, we supply most oversize clothing including oversize tights. You can order tights according to the needs of the brand and wait to receive the product. Our professional staff will do the calculations and prototyping so that oversize tights can provide the most comfortable user experience. Because it’s an oversize outfit, we’ll have to recalculate the whole thing so we don’t lose shape.

However, you can rest assured that with our more than 90 years of experience in apparel manufacturing, Thygesen can deliver the perfect products to you!

High-Quality Tights Manufacturer With International Standards

International standards for clothing will make it easier for users to identify product quality. Fashion brands often look to tights manufacturers that have achieved many international standard certifications to cooperate. This helps fashion brands reach more customers and sell their products more easily.

Thygesen is a high quality tights manufacturer with international standards. After more than 90 operations, we not only have a lot of experience in the field of producing fashion apparel and tights, but also meet many international standards. Thygesen’s team that strives to improve and develop fabrics day by day has brought many good results.

Curvy Tights Manufacturer with full package service

To capitalize on the benefits of having a factory located in Vietnam, our company has created a strong production capacity supported by an extensive network of raw material suppliers, two factories with the latest technology. advanced, skilled workforce and professional administration. We have the in-house expertise to master the latest technology, materials research and development from fabric to garment structure and style.

Furthermore, we hold ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000:2014 and WRAP certifications to demonstrate our high commitment to compliance with quality standards and social responsibility. . We also participate in the Better Work program which brings together all levels of the garment industry to improve working conditions and respect labor rights for workers.

Your Reliable Curvy Tights Manufacturers

To make the curvy tights business more profitable and profitable, fashion brands need to look to reliable curvy tights manufacturers. A good clothing manufacturer not only provides you with high quality tights, but you also get the product at a more competitive price in the market.

Thygesen is your reliable curvy tights manufacturer. We can offer you a wide range of curvy tights in a variety of styles. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of special materials to make your brand more special than others.

Curvy Tights Manufacturer with private label service

In addition to the wide range of manufacturing capabilities and quality, Thygesen is also a leading manufacturer of custom curvy tights. You just need to put in your custom requirements and we will follow your request. If there are any issues that need to change brands simply contact our customer care team directly. Dedicated and enthusiastic staff will help you answer questions as well as solve problems effectively and quickly.

Trendy Curvy Leggings Manufacturer

In addition to quality and variety of styles, curvy leggings of fashion brands also need to catch up with trends to reach more customers. Understanding this, Thygesen always tries to be creative and catch up with many world fashion trends in products.

Curvy Tights Manufacturer cotton fabric

We not only improve in production technology, but also make many improvements in product design. A team of professional designers is constantly updating outstanding fashion trends with unique creative features. Our fashion brands can even reach more customers and increase sales faster with these trendy curving leggings.

Children’s Tights Manufacturer

In addition to producing tights for women and men, Thygesen also researches and produces tights for kids. To be able to produce the best models of kids tights, we have constantly calculated and improved the skills of the tailors. Putting tights into the best shape for kids is not easy.

Thygesen with many years of experience in manufacturing tights kids can meet many standards in production. In addition to ensuring the quality of the design, we also guarantee the quality according to international standards. Thygesen knows that fashion brands care enough about product safety. To give you that assurance, our products, manufactured under sustainable working conditions, proudly carry the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label.

Thus, children’s fashion brands can be completely assured with the quality of Thygesen’s kids tights.

High-Quality Patterned Tights Manufacturer

Most tights on the market today have no pattern, even one color. This asexuality makes the wearer feel quite boring. It’s not that tights manufacturers don’t want to produce patterned tights, it requires a manufacturer with experience and technology.

Thygesen is considered one of the leading high quality patterned tights manufacturers today. We offer a wide variety of patterns on tights required by fashion brands. When working with us, you will be able to consult the design and test samples before mass production.

The company also uses state-of-the-art machinery and high technology to create sharp, colorfast patterns that can last until tights fail. Fashion brands can choose the printing technology they want, colors and patterns.

Plus Size Tights Manufacturers

Not only producing kids tights, Thygesen also produces plus size tights for many famous fashion brands. We understand the needs of our customers and know that fashion brands need to meet those needs in order to sell more products. Therefore, Thygesen’s staff always strives to create products that are not only quality but also suitable for users’ criteria.

If your fashion brand is in need of a tights manufacturer that can provide a variety of tights from adults, children to plus sizes, then Thygesen is the first choice.

Custom Printed Tights Manufacturer

Thygesen is the perfect choice when our custom service is highly appreciated

Colorful tights will make the wearer feel much more enjoyable. Those who have a taste for fashion and like to show their style and personality will want to own this type of tights. Many fashion brands want to personalize for their customers so they want to look for a custom printed tights manufacturer.

Thygesen is the perfect choice when our custom service is highly appreciated, especially custom printed tights. Fashion brands, in addition to choosing graphics and colors, can also choose printing technology according to their needs. Accordingly, we provide many printing options with modern technology such as sublimation printing, 3D printing, high-tech printing, etc.

We are committed to the quality of graphics printed in our factory. Brands are completely assured of color fastness, ability to color standard and long-lasting.


Through our sharing in this article, you certainly know that Thygesen is the top notch curvy tights manufacturer with many modern production technologies for tights. We do not only produce women’s and men’s tights, but also produce children’s tights and the accompanying custom services. Every product produced from our factory has a commitment to quality. If you have any problems with your order or product, you can contact customer service directly. Enthusiastic staff will answer all questions effectively as soon as possible!

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