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Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturer

Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company

The eco-friendly clothing manufacturing process in Thygesen 

Thygesen is believed to be not just a high-quality clothing manufacturer with high-quality clothing goods and advanced applied technology in garment procedure, but also a fantastic eco-friendly clothing manufacturing company with great social responsibility! 

Ethically sustainable clothing manufacturer 

In Thygesen, we believe that one of our core values is human. We proudly say that we have managed our facilities in accordance with international certification programs such as SA800, WRAP, and Better Work to guarantee that our employees work in a safe environment where they can focus on reaching their full potential and productivity! 

It is incredible and heartwarming to know that Thygesen is recognized for the ongoing support from local communities throughout our development. We are delighted to say that we have created jobs for over 400 employees in Yen Lap District, Phu Tho Province via our charitable efforts. 

green clothing manufacturers

Furthermore, we are delighted to have contributed to Vietnam by providing masks as medical devices to people who live in remote, rural, and polluted areas during the Covid19- pandemic.  We are confident to be the best The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company for your business.

Sustainable clothing manufacturing company 

By using LEAN production, Thygesen is trying every day to minimize waste as well as air emissions impact as much as we can. We have strictly followed the local and international waste disposal requirements to reduce waste storage. 

The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company - Thygesen Vietnam

And yes, we commit that all the chemicals in the garment procedure are managed, treated, and segregated appropriately. Furthermore, we also prioritize the act of recycling used materials and accessories as well! Hence, we are the most renowned The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company on the Asian market.

The sustainable garment manufacturing process 

With the advent of advanced technology, Thygesen has applied the most cutting-edge techniques to make textile and textile clothing items by sustainable materials. 

The sustainable garment manufacturing process 

Some sustainable fabrics that Thygesen uses can be mentioned are organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyesters, bamboo and so on. To verify as well as approve that our products are safe to wear, we are proud to say that all of our clothing and garment products are certified with Oeko-Tex! As a leading The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company, we are eager to be your parter to bring your brand high-quality products.

Sustainable fashion manufacturer 

From the beginning, we have a commitment to ethical business conduct. We are pleased to say that our facility complies with international criteria for producing sustainable clothes.

Sustainable fashion manufacturer 

From the creation and design of each style to the packaging and shipping processes, we consciously practice mindfulness. We take great pride in the fact that our fabrics are made with ethical and organic materials, have a transparent supply chain, use eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging techniques, and are committed to treating animals with respect. So, if your are looking for a The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company, please do not hesitate contact us!

Organic cotton clothing manufacturer

Organic cotton, as you all know, is one of the most environmentally friendly textiles on the market since it does not have to get through a harsh production process. 

Organic cotton fabric manufacturing consumes less energy, emits fewer greenhouse emissions, and requires much less water owing to increased soil quality! With those general standpoints, Thygesen offers this particular garment type as a The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company.

The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company

To be more specific, here are some outstanding advantages of organic cotton materials that you might want to know to choose for your clothing items manufacturing. 

  • High-quality textile material 

Organic cotton is simple to wear and work with, allowing manufacturers to produce long-lasting as well as low-cost organic cotton clothing items that would probably raise a trend! 

The fabric is also a highly sturdy and resilient material, so any goods you make would last longer while still looking fabulous, compared to regular cotton items. 

  • Better choice for sensitive skin 

It is well understood that many types of skin allergies are directly related to the chemicals used in non-organic cotton cultivation. In order to reduce and prevent any type of skin allergies, switching to more organic materials would be a better choice! 

Organic cotton goods are softer and gentler for the skin than ordinary cotton since the fibers are significantly longer. Because of its softness and lack of toxic chemicals used in the production process, organic cotton must be a preferable option for infant garments due to its skin advantages. 

  • Highly versatile 

Another outstanding factor that you would love to use organic cotton is that you can use it practically for any dressmaking project because the resilience of the cotton fibers and threads makes them suitable for all kinds of garments. Whether you want to make T-shirts, summer dresses, or blouses as well, we highly recommend you choose organic cotton. It is an excellent choice! 

How do you find a sustainable manufacturer? 

So, if you are interested in working with a sustainable manufacturer, the next stage that we have to do is finding a suitable one. However, finding a matching sustainable clothing manufacturer is not that easy, instead, it could be quite hard for some of you. In order to help you with that, in this section, we will give you some tips on how to find a sustainable manufacturer! 

sustainable manufacturer thygesen textile vietnam

The importance of working with sustainable manufacturers 

Sustainability in business, especially in the textile industry, is beneficial not only to the environment and society as a whole but also to the firm itself. Here are some significant advantages you might want to know if you look forward to collaborating with a sustainable manufacturer. 

ethical manufacturing companies sustainable and ethical clothing
  • Reduce manufacturing procedure cost 

Since there wouldn’t be too many chemicals in the making process, the manufacturing cost will be significantly reduced. Moreover, in some countries, the government even offers tax credits and savings for companies that commit to going green, and being sustainable. In general, collaborating with sustainable companies takes an ideal investment. 

  • Improve business reputation

People respect sustainability, and organizations with green principles are ready to highlight them as outstanding results. Going green, or contributing to going green, demonstrates to your customers that you care about more than simply getting the profit. This factor would be a great advantage for your company in promoting as well as building identity, especially in the garment and fashion industry. 

  • Increase your profit 

Working with sustainable manufacturers will help you generate more money and considerably increase your company’s bottom line. This would help in reducing company expenses as well as creating more inventive tactics, building a better reputation, and most importantly, expanding your customer circle. Collaborating with a “green” manufacturer will help you and your company has a new customer segment, in which people there respect sustainability as well as the environment. 

How to find a sustainable manufacturer

So, the most critical part is here, how to find a sustainable manufacturer? Here are some tips that Thygesen would like to share with you: 

  • Do some research 

The first step is doing some research to find a sustainable manufacturer. The easiest way is to type “sustainable clothing manufacturer” on Google, there will be tons of answers and suggestions popping up. Then, take a glance carefully to choose the manufacturer that fits you most. 

  • Check on their certifications and social responsibility 

Next, go to your chosen manufacturer’s website to check on their verification and social responsibility. You can also research the corporate’s policies, check on their certification labels and accreditations then evaluate what other consumers, ethical- reviewers or individuals you know have said about that manufacturer. Such evaluations might provide useful information about product quality, functionality, etc. This step might be a little bit hard and time-consuming, but this is the most important one. 

  • Make sure that the clothing manufacturer is ethical 

Once again, to ensure that the clothing manufacturer you have chosen is 100% sustainable and ethical, you should double-check their certification. Some certifications that prove the organization is sustainable are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Better Cotton Initiative, Oeko-Tex, Cradle to Cradle, Fair Trade, USDA Certified Organic, World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and Responsible Wool Standard or Bluesign. 

List of sustainable clothing manufacturers Europe

The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing CompanyThygesen Vietnam

In order to help you find sustainable clothing manufacturers, especially in Europe, here is a list of six sustainable clothing manufacturing companies. For each company below, we highly recommend you to check and double-check as we have instructed. 

  1. Sqetch
  2. Create Fashion Brand 
  3. Lygcycle 
  4. Manufy 
  5. Organic ECO Apparel 
  6. Fush 

Sustainable textile manufacturing products  

All of the products in Thygesen not only have high quality, and are verified to meet customers’ demands, but they are also produced by a carefully supervised sustainable manufacturing process. 

If you are finding sustainable manufacturing products for your clothing brand, Thygesen would be an excellent choice! Clothing items and textile goods in Thygesen are made with unique garments and manufactured by advanced technology and skillful staff, giving customers the most comfortable feeling while wearing them! 

And yes, since Thygesen is a sustainable clothing manufacturer, collaborating with us means that you are contributing to Vietnam’s greener future and the improved economy as well! 

Eco-friendly textile manufacturer 

More than that, Thygesen commits to using a wide range of various eco-friendly textiles, reducing waste and chemicals in the manufacturing process. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is proven to employ environmentally friendly textiles. 

how to find a sustainable manufacturer

With the advancement of technology, our company now manufactures a diverse selection of sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and of course, bamboo as well.

Collaborating with Thygesen is more than just working with a clothesmaker; it is about making the world become a greener place. We are proud to be one of the leading The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company on the market.


And that is all the essential information that you need to know about Thygesen! If you are looking for a reliable The Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturing Company, especially in Vietnam, the one and only Thygesen Textile Vietnam will be a top choice! With over 90 years of expertise, we promise to provide you with high-quality items that meet worldwide standards and outstanding and helpful services! If you are interested in our products and services, please check out our contact information right below: 

  • Location: 9th Floor, Vinafor Building, 127 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam 
  • Contact: via [email protected] or via phone numbers (+84) 963 009 993 
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