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Top Women long and short sleeve T-shirt manufacturer

Women long and short sleeve T-shirt manufacturer

As a Thygesen t shirts manufacturer, could help you manufacture any style of T-shirts, from plain, printed, designer, and long sleeve t-shirts to longline and oversized styles. We have our own fabric development system, good contact with reliable printing factories, and strict quality management from Denmark.

Print long sleeve T-shirt manufacturer

With elegant or unique patterns printed on high-qualified fabrics, your customer will love these T-shirt  not just for their comfort, but also their style.

As the top print long sleeve men t-shirt manufacturer, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is proud to be your partner with long-term experience and expertise  in knitting and sewing, we have become an innovative company specializing in OEM/ODM t-shirts manufacturing.

Thygesen offers a wide range of colors and materials, offering you the freedom to add your own artwork in easy steps with the latest printing technology. We are eager to be a long sleeve t shirts manufacturer offering you the best high-quality products. So if you are looking for a trustworthy long sleeve shirts manufacturer in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Women long sleeve T-shirts manufacturer

A T-shirt is a timeless item anyone should own at any age! That is why the custom T-shirt market is always up-and-coming to enter, not to mention that it is expected to grow to 3,000 million USD by the year 2025.

Long sleeve T-shirt manufacuring with OEM services
Our OEM services provide cost-effective production, ensuring quality long sleeve T-shirts while you focus on core tasks

Let’s take a look to see why Thygesen is the reliable wholesale women long short sleeve t shirts manufacturer that you’re searching for! With hundreds of skilled workers, machines, hundreds, and decades of production experience, our clients see us as a professional and reliable manufacturer of this range of products. Our approach which makes us different is always improving our productivity and service in order to produce at the most competitive prices while maintaining a high level of quality. We strive to be the best lady t shirt manufacturer on the Asian market. Please do not hesitate email us if you are searching for a women long short sleeve t shirts manufacturer to bring you best service

V-neck long sleeve men T-shirt manufacturer

Besides round neck, v-neck designs are also popular in the t-shirt market. Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers OEM/ODM service for manufacturing Men’s V-neck Long Sleeve T-shirts at a competitive price.

We can provide raw materials and numerous fabrics as well as knitting techniques and patterns for v-neck long-sleeve tees. Before moving to the mass-production phase, the designs and samples can be flexibly elaborated through discussions between you and our skilled consultants.

Thanks to modern factories, as well as meticulous quality control, we have the ability to give our customers OEM/ODM solutions, which result in reduced product pricing and faster delivery. Hence, we are confident to be one of the best v-neck long sleeve men t-shirt manufacturers in Vietnam. 

Women shirt manufacturer

T-shirts án shirts in general, are the most important and must-have things in every women wardrobe. Thygesen Textile Vietnam, one of the  renowned women shirt manufacturers as wel as Women t shirts manufacturer, is available to any customer looking for lady shirts manufacturers with competitive prices, whether you have your own design or require our aid. We will take your ideas and make them into the products you desire.

Women shirt manufacturer

Long sleeve shirts women manufacturer

A Long sleeve shirt would be a perfect choice for any woman because it is very easy to combine with other clothes such as a jacket, jeans or a sweater.

By applying the latest knitting, dyeing, and sewing skills and fabric technologies, which create Thygesen’s strengths and advantages in R&D of new and high-technology textile products, our products have exceptional quality. We are proud to be on the top long sleeve shirts women manufacturers in Asia. 

If you believe our service could bring value to your business, then do not hesitate to contact us or keep Thygesen Textile Vietnam in mind as a long sleeve shirts women manufacturer.

Long sleeve shirts women manufacturer

Slim fitness long sleeve women T-shirt manufacturer

Slim fitness long sleeve women’s t-shirt  is one of the most desired sports items due to its well-structured design and high-performance fabric. 

Enhance your new range of Sportswear t-shirts that will help your business stand out. Simply tell us about your product ideas, and Thygesen’s manufacturing service will take care of the rest. Quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

One of our key advantages is staying updated with the latest trends, innovations, and development in both the fashion and materials industry. With a long-lasting and close-knit cooperating relationship with the best yarn & fabrics manufacturers in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam…, we can be a pioneer garment manufacturer in terms of bringing advanced materials into our products.Hence, we’d love to become your trusted partner as a  slim fitness long sleeve women t shirts manufacturer as well as t shirts manufacturer.

Red long sleeve shirt manufacturer

The Red long sleeve shirt  is a great option for any outfit, whether you match it with jeans, skirts or any types of casual wear.

Recognized among the leading red long sleeve shirt manufacturers as well as t shirts manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, Thygesen provides One-stop-shop service. This special service handles subsequent tasks such as designing and making tech-pack, sample development, bulk production, inspection, and logistics. The task of sourcing and developing new kinds of knit fabric is also included in Thygesen’s service. That enables us to help our customer develop any new design of white T-shirts.

Women pink short sleeve shirt manufacturer

Pink is a universally flattering color if you find the right shade. It is also warmer and more classically enchanting than plain beige or white, so pink short sleeve shirt is a must item for every girl. 

Here, in Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we have gathered professional teams of experts that deeply cooperate in every stage to handle your order smoothly so that we could provide premium ODM/OEM service where we carry out everything from the knitting fabric to colors dying, printing, designing, developing, cutting & sewing, packaging, delivery… Particularly, our sales team commits to responding to every inquiry within 24 hours. So any customers who are looking for a reliable wholesale women pink short sleeve shirt manufacturer as well as t shirts manufacturer please contact Thygesen Textile Vietnam.

Women short sleeve shirt manufacturer

Quick dry long sleeve T-shirt manufacturer

Quick dry long sleeve t shirt wicks away sweat and moisture when exercising. It works as a barrier to help you keep cool and comfortable when doing high intensity activities.

Reputed in the global market as one of the leading quick dry long sleeve t shirt manufacturers, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service to integrate more advanced values into each piece of unisex T-shirts to bring the wearer a better experience of supportive and comfort.

Quick dry T-shirt womens manufacturer

Quick dry t-shirts have become more and more  popular in the fitness industry. They are favorite items of professional athletes, runners, fitness enthusiasts, and almost everyone who loves working out. 

As one of the best quick dry long sleeve t shirt manufacturers, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can advise and assist you on materials, product structures, and functionalities using our experienced weaving, dyeing, and stitching procedures. As a result, clients, particularly those with no prior knowledge of textiles, can save money on expert hires. 

Furthermore, our own factories in Vietnam are focused on reducing waste at every stage of manufacturing to ensure that quality and competitive pricing are always ensured. Last but not least, because our designers are constantly keeping up with changing fashion trends, we can advise you on designing new products.

One shoulder short sleeve women T-shirt manufacturer

One shoulder short sleeve women’s t-shirt is a cute, and just sexy item that is enough for outdoor dinner dates or hanging out with friends. 

With nearly a century of experience, Thygesen has up-to-date manufacturing factories that provide OEM/ODM service from material selection through delivery to customers from all over the world. Furthermore, our application of the LEAN producing system allows us to finish orders in the least amount of time. 

For even better support, you could freely use our available designs with our private label. It would be our pleasure to be one of trusted one shoulder short sleeve women t-shirt manufacturers on the market. 

t shirts manufacturer OEM service

Loose cotton short sleeve women T-shirt manufacturer

Women’s cotton short sleeve T-shirts are the most popular products at any market. The demand is huge and it’s obvious that many suppliers are in the market.

 If you are searching for a loose cotton short sleeve women t-shirt manufacturer or a wholesale supplier to enhance your strength and boost your business, One-Stop-Shop service at Thygesen Textile Vietnam for manufacturing and providing Cotton T-Shirt may be able to help.

Polka dot long sleeve shirt manufacturer

Anyone would have at least one Polka dot long sleeve shirt in their closet because this type of shirt can be used both in daily life or travel that makes you look cute and fashionable.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is an experienced clothing manufacturer with advanced technology and professional service. If you choose Thygesen to be your trusted polka dot long sleeve shirt manufacturers, you will benefit from some of the advantages such as: there is no limit on fabrics used for diverse types of custom t-shirt, your choices are unlimited when you work with us, we will help you get your brilliant idea or design started and we have internationally qualified factories with a skilled labor force. 

Grey short sleeve shirt women manufacturer

Grey short sleeve shirt women are one of the best-selling products because they easily match with others clothing items. 

Thygesen offers an OEM service to assist our customers in producing high-quality grey joggers. Each product is a combination of our expertise, quality commitment, and customer service. We are confident to be the high-quality wholesale grey short sleeve shirt women manufacturer in Vietnam. 

Plain cotton long sleeve women T-shirt manufacturer

In spite of only one single color, plain T-shirts are still getting favor from women and this special type of T-shirt is usually used as uniforms.To find a shirt manufacturer who can produce high-quality products for massive order in a reasonable time, Thygesen  Textile Vietnam would be the best choice if you are looking for a plain cotton long sleeve women t-shirt manufacturer. 

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