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Tips to find the best clothing production factories for your brand
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Key factors to find the best clothing production factories for your brand

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Choosing the right clothing production factories is critical to your business’s success, particularly to efficient production as well as the brand identity. However, the selection of clothing factories has always been tricky. There are some key factors you need to put into consideration when finding the most suitable factory for your brand.

Top 4 criteria in choosing clothing production factories

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

Minimum Order Quantities are an indispensable aspect to consider when selecting the right clothing factory. This number can impact the cost of producing your final product and sometimes plays a role in your choice of suppliers. Simultaneously, it is also important to establish the quantities needed for each garment type, because 

Top 4 criteria in choosing clothing production factories

When it comes to the minimums, you should aim for the number that is the most suitable to your business scale. For example, with smaller businesses which lack the cashflow or flexibility to take huge risks and storage space, you need to choose clothing production factories who offer a smaller MOQ. Although the price per unit in this case may be higher, business owners can minimize the risks of deadstock. In contrast, big brands with more financial power can benefit more from clothing manufacturing factories with higher minimums but lower costs.

The factory’s specialized products

Many clothing factories produce a wide range of products to meet a variety of requirements, while others will specialize in specific processes or garments. The latter could be advantageous to your brand because a clothing manufacturing factory that understands your vision and has long-term experience in your niche is likely to have the much-needed specialized equipment to produce the goods.

Besides asking the manufacturers about their specialty and expertise, you can also go online and search for their previous projects and clients. In some instances, you should contact some of these brands, whether you are familiar with them or not, to cross-reference and ask for some feedback. By doing this, you may get some valuable information about not only the product specialization but also the quality, and even any issues that they may have had with the factory.

Inspecting Samples

With any type of manufacturing process, you need to examine the samples closely. Particularly, there are 6 important areas to look out for when inspecting samples from clothing factories before you make your final decision:

  • Stitching – check the stitching quality and see if any sections appear uneven
  • Embroidery or embellishment – check for the secure stitching of the detailings
  • Sleeves – ensure they are of the same length and even.
  • Collar – the collar should also be even and the same length
  • Inside seams – check whether the quality is on par with the outside stitching
  • Gently pull sections of the garment – inspect if the stitching is firm and no sections snag or pull with gentle force.

Ethical manufacturing

In recent years, brand ethics has become more concerned with transparency – accounting for sustainable production, being transparent about production procedures, and assuring customers that the people who manufacture your goods receive fair and decent treatment. This is especially prevalent for firms that have created a solid reputation for producing environmentally friendly apparel.

Partnering with clothing factories that share similar values and ethics ensures that the clothing meets your brand’s requirements, allowing you to build solid relationships with like-minded businesses. Hence, when evaluating a range of garment manufacturing facilities, look for things like how their materials are sourced, what actions they take to lessen their carbon footprint, and whether they have received any “green” certifications

Key factors to find the best clothing production factories Ethical manufacturing

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – meeting your requirements for the best clothing production factory

Thygesen Textile Vietnam Company Ltd is a part of Thygesen Textile Group, which was founded in 1931 and is located in Ikast, Denmark. Being one of the leading Vietnamese apparel manufacturers, we offer ODM/OEM services with strong capacity, thereby catering to your host of requirements.

Quality and Lead time perks

Throughout the manufacturing process, you may concern the most about the product quality and the clothing production factories’ quality control. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, high-quality products are always assured as our whole production system complies with the ISO standards. Going beyond that, we always inspect 100% of the fabric prior to manufacturing, hence ensuring no unexpected problem with the material can occur in production time. With this process, Thygesen Textile Vietnam controls not only the quality but also the lead time to avoid delivery delays. 

Moreover, the finished garments will be examined with method AQL 2.5, instead of going through a third party’s inspecting service. We have in-line quality control to ensure quality consistency. Every issue or problem is always identified and remedied as soon as it occurs. After seeing how we manage the quality control system, our customers rarely need to engage a third-party inspection service.

With little need to deal with a third-party designer or QC team, you can save a lot of time working with our company. This is because Thygesen Textile Vietnam can assist you right from the start of your ideal clothing production. You can see the relatively short lead-time below:

  • 3-5 days: quotations, along with fabric & technical solution
  • 7 days: development of the sample
  • 10-12 weeks: bulk manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing options

In the past decade, some brands and clothing production factories in Vietnam tended to choose low-quality fabrics to maximize profits at the expense of the environment, which received many criticisms from the customers. Therefore, following the shift in eco-consciousness, you and the clothing factory of your choice should make concerted efforts to go green and help reduce the amount of toxic waste for your long-term development.

Key factors to find the best clothing production factories Sustainable manufacturing options

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we always choose sustainable production with our eco-friendly fabrics. They are not only safer thanks to the natural materials and high-quality dye but also priced reasonably. Using safe, sustainable fabrics and dyes, we continuously contribute to social living and environmental standards. With cutting-edge machinery, we ensure that all products manufactured comply with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016, SA 8000:2014, WRAP, FDA,  CE marking, GSV, OEKO-TEX 100. 

Technical Support for new textile products

For the best customer consultant ability, Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides you with competent & professional technical and development teams, who go above and beyond to support customers with suggesting the design, suitable materials, accessories as well as advising on product performance and appearance.

Designing your products from ideas or pictures, our Developers & Technicians will get the exact idea of the products and then provide patterns & tech-pack to bring your vision to life. You can always rely on our team for technical solutions to every typical requirement of yours.

In addition, we have in-depth clothing manufacturing expertise which gives us a competitive advantage in the R&D of new and high-tech textile items. We equipped our facility with enough modern machines to actively handle all garment-making procedures. Moreover, you can entrust us with optimizing the production, as our R&D personnel working on production lines continually find ways to increase productivity without compromising product quality. We can cut our manufacturing costs in this way, making the price much more competitive.

Key factors to find the best clothing production factories Technical Support for new textile products


Choosing the best clothing production factories for your fashion business is crucial. The manufacturer is and will be one of your most important partners, and many of your business decisions rely on them. How trustworthy your clothing manufacturer determines how quickly you can get your products to your customers and how satisfied they are. Therefore, take your time, follow the above guidelines to evaluate carefully all the options before making any significant choices. 

With that in mind, Thygesen Textile Vietnam will help you establish a solid foundation for your business, presenting a companion and an advisor with long-term expertise and experience to any of your requirements and problems. Contact us today!

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