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Finding ODM/OEM clothing manufacturing in Vietnam
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Finding ODM/OEM manufacturing services from Vietnam clothing factories

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Along with cost and quality perks, working with Vietnamese clothing factories provides your business with excellent ODM & OEM manufacturing services. As choosing between the two can be key to new product development projects, this article will give you a better overview of ODM & OEM clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

ODM and OEM – the two promising custom clothing manufacturing services in Vietnam

ODM clothing manufacturing in Vietnamese clothing factories

An ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) provides services such as developing items directly, procuring raw materials, and manufacturing. The garments will then be taken, labeled, and rebranded as these brands’ offerings. Generally, as the ODM clothing factories are involved in the development process, it is to their benefit that your product is a success in the market, leading to more manufacturing and a longer product life cycle. 

In the past 7 years, the demand for ODM in Vietnam has increased. According to a survey by ERC, up to 30% of brands want to use ODM services in Vietnam. Thus, more Vietnamese clothing production factories aim to increase the production value by offering ODM services. They want to have the opportunity to become the direct suppliers of more brands, joining the sustainable supply chain. 

However, while ODM production is an inevitable trend for the textile and apparel industry in Vietnam, only 5% of clothing factories in Vietnam have enough capacity and market information to produce on ODM. These clothing factories include Thygesen Textile Vietnam, Vinatex, Thai Son SP Sewing Company, and so forth.

ODMOEM manufacturing services from Vietnam clothing factories

One of the greatest benefits of ODM manufacturing in Vietnam is that your company can save money. In addition to the extremely reasonable prices, you will only need to spend a small amount in developing and investing in manufacturing machinery. Thus, using ODM services allows you to purchase high-quality finished goods at significantly more reasonable prices, even for smaller quantities. 

OEM clothing manufacturing in Vietnamese clothing factories

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Instead of creating its designs, an OEM clothing manufacturer creates products based on the outsourced company’s designs and specifications (colors, materials, functions, and so on). This can be at the component level, a complicated assembly project, or finished goods. The finished products are subsequently sold under the buyer’s brand name, and the buyer owns the trademarks for these products.

OEM manufacturing services are quite common in Vietnam. 20% of Vietnam clothing factories have been using OEM, the second-highest proportion, just behind the CMT method. Moreover, as with other production methods with high added value, the demand for OEM services in Vietnam is growing. The above survey from ERC also found out that 60% of brands want to directly buy from an OEM manufacturer. These numbers can represent the development potential for Vietnamese OEM services.

OEM clothing manufacturing in Vietnamese clothing factories

From a business perspective, OEM manufacturing services can be tremendously beneficial. Whether your businesses are multinational corporations with large order requirements, small and medium-sized enterprises, or a start-up, OEM services are ideal for you. Specifically, OEM clothing factories in Vietnam can offer the most help to companies that are adept at branding and designing but need knowledge and capacity support in manufacturing. Because the business already has the original idea and processes like testing and branding in place, it simply needs a manufacturer that can help satisfy product demand with skilled labor and low-cost supply chains. 

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – The ideal ODM/ OEM clothing factory for your business

Thygesen Textile Vietnam helps to choose the right fabric for your design

Without a clothing manufacturer, bringing a beautiful garment design to life may be limited by a lack of fabric and fabric-choosing skills. With that in mind, the services of Vietnamese clothing factories, especially ODM services, can benefit your brand by ensuring both product quality and flexibility. In this instance, the manufacturer will become involved in the garment development process and assist you in selecting the best material for your design.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ODM manufacturing helps to choose the right fabric for your design

With 9 decades of experience in the textile and garment industry, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can easily meet all of your needs for new types of fabric and manufacturing capacity, thanks to the OEM & ODM services. We have in-house experts who stay up to date on the latest innovations in garment-making materials and techniques, from single needle seams to flat-lock or bonding. 

Besides, you can access a wide variety of fabric options at Thygesen Textile Vietnam, from the basics like regular cotton/ spandex or polyester to a range of natural materials like Supima cotton, organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo, modal, viscose, merino wool, polyester, recycled polyester, nylon, econyl, Coolmax, thermo-light, and so on.  

Thygesen Textile Vietnam Technical Support to meet your every requirement 

With Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ODM manufacturing, we offer you great in-factory engineering services. Our skilled & professional technical and development teams will go above and beyond to assist in finalizing the design with expert suggestions, appropriate material options, accessories, and advice on product performance & aesthetics.

Thus, if your business needs to outsource manufacturing, the ODM services at our clothing factory will save you a lot of time with the specialized production lines. By having us involved right at the beginning of the process, you can spend less time on not only researching, designing, testing garments but also installing and familiarizing yourself with the machinery. Then, your brand can focus more on researching, market testing, and introducing your products to the consumers.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ODM manufacturing meet your every requirement 

Likewise, Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s OEM services can help you tremendously with technical matters. We provide OEM packages with impeccable technical support from start to finish. We may even assist you with not only design issues including locating appropriate materials, textiles, and technology for your intended items but also shipment by working with the FOB method.

Quality is always assured when working with Thygesen Textile Vietnam

International quality standard

Throughout the manufacturing process, the product quality and the clothing factories’ quality are often your top priorities. Understanding that, Thygesen Textile Vietnam always ensures high-quality products as our whole production system complies with the ISO standards. Better than that, we always inspect the materials before manufacturing, guaranteeing that no unanticipated material issues arise. With these processes, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is capable of controlling both the quality and the lead time to avoid delivery delays.

International quality standard from Thygesen Vietnam clothing factories

Moreover, whether OEM or ODM manufacturing, quality always accompanies efficiency at Thygesen Textile Vietnam. We inspect the finished garments with method AQL 2.5, instead of engaging a third party’s examining service. Moreover, quality consistency is guaranteed with our in-line quality control system. Our top-notch quality management helps your brand get the most premium products, with less time, costs, and effort.

No trade barriers

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we guarantee that the quality of all of our goods meets or exceeds the OEKO-TEX standard, demonstrating that they are completely safe for the skin of the consumer. For this reason, our manufactured products can go freely into highly developed markets such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia, and so on. Trade barriers and stringent criteria are not a problem with our products.

ODMOEM manufacturing services from Vietnam clothing factories with No trade barriers

Moreover, we also care about sustainability, transparency, and ethics in our business. This begins with our work environment to consistently contribute to the advancement of social living standards. For our adoption of social responsibility, accountability, and transparency in businesses, we are certified with SA 8000 and WRAP certifications. 

If you want to manufacture clothing with Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s high-quality ODM/OEM services, contact us now!

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