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Leading Fitness Apparel Manufacturing
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Premium Fitness Apparel Manufacturer – Thygesen Vietnam

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Thygesen Vietnam is one of the premium fitness apparel manufacturers that can take your brand to the next level. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of quality and safe garments. You can make any custom request and get back high-quality fitness apparel at a competitive price. Read the shares below to understand more about us.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer sportswear

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

Thygesen is a premium fitness apparel manufacturer trusted and chosen by many fashion brands. You will understand why brands have such choices through the sharing below!

Long-Term Experienced Workout Apparel Manufacturer

Apparel manufacturing experience is one of the important factors determining the production ability of manufacturers. Thygesen is confident in our manufacturing capabilities as we have over 90 years of experience in clothing manufacturing. For nearly a century, we’ve produced millions of different outfits and worked with hundreds of thousands of fashion brands.

Thygesen captures world fashion trends as well as understands how to produce the best fitness apparel. Thanks to our rich manufacturing experience and professional staff, we can eliminate most of the errors in the production process. Brands that work with us can rest assured about upcoming fashion collections.

Supportive Custom Gym Clothing Manufacturer With Modern Machines

In addition to conventional production, Thygesen provides many supportive services of custom gym clothing for fashion brands. Brands can request customization from design, style, and fabrics to graphics and printing technology. We regularly update and upgrade machines, equipment and production technology in the factory, so we can completely meet custom requirements.

Thygesen’s ability to cut, sew and print textures on fitness clothing is really classy. As a result, customers can come up with more customizations that we can still accommodate. You can request seamless sewing, sublimation printing or more.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer trendy designs

Eco-Friendly Workout Clothing Manufacture

Thygesen is proud to be one of the top-rated eco-friendly workout clothing manufacturers available today. Our development goal is to produce sustainable and user-friendly, environment-friendly apparel. Therefore, from the material to the manufacturing process, we strive to make them as user-friendly as possible.

The priority Thygesen fabric material in production is natural materials such as bamboo, 100% cotton, etc. Or recyclable fabrics like recycled polyester, etc. In production, we apply the LEAN production system to cut production costs, and avoid waste, which can give brands a better price.

Fashionable Women’s Fitness Wear Manufacturer

Not only focusing on developing quality clothes and services, but Thygesen is also really a fashionable women’s fitness wear manufacturer. We have a team of professional and creative designers who constantly update world fashion trends to bring more great women’s fitness models. If your brand wants to get more fashionable women’s fitness wear models to its customers, please contact us immediately. You can choose from the unique designs available, or we will bring your new fashion ideas to life.

Best-Quality Mens Fitness Shirt Manufacturer

Thygesen is a versatile manufacturer. We can produce many different types of clothing, but the fitness shirt is one of the product lines that we are proud of. The men’s fitness t-shirts are not unique in design but also of the best quality. Your fashion brand will stand out and have a more competitive advantage over other brands when selling our t-shirts.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer with long tern experience

To do that, Thygesen’s staff has constantly researched and created versatile fabrics. Accordingly, the wearer will feel comfortable when using it.

Premium Athletic Apparel Manufacturer

Premium athletic clothing has a different quality from regular athletic apparel. Premium athletic clothing is made from higher quality materials and possesses many outstanding features, suitable for sports players. Therefore, not all apparel manufacturers can produce premium athletic clothing. Thygesen Vietnam is a prestigious premium athletic apparel manufacturer as we have the experience, production lines and modern technology to create the best quality fitness wear. In addition to production technology, the company also focuses on improving fabric materials, so you can be assured of doing business and competing with other brands.

Trustworthy Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

Comfortable Men’s Gym T-Shirt Manufacturers

The most crucial point a gym t-shirt should have is to bring comfort to the user. This is a feature that all fitness clothing should have. With that in mind, Thygesen has strived to become one of the leading comfortable men’s gym t-shirt manufacturers today. Thanks to improvements and upgrades from fabric to design, our gym t-shirts have good elasticity, breathability, absorption, comfort, and flexibility for users. These advantages will help your fashion brand’s gym t-shirt become more prominent in the market.

Sports Pants Apparel Manufacturer

In addition to focusing on production, Thygesen is also a leading wholesale sports pants apparel manufacturer today. We can produce a wide variety of sports pants and supply them in bulk. Brands and fashion stores that come to us can choose from our stock of thousands of different product categories. You can even make a custom request if it is timely and reasonable. Of course, when you have a large order, the price you receive will be very affordable. Partnering with us saves you time and a chance to get more profits.

Sustainable Private Label Sports Apparel Manufacturer

If your clothing brand is looking for a sustainable private-label sports apparel manufacturer, Thygesen is the top choice. We specialize in providing private-label sports apparel depending on customer requirements. To help brands stay on target and stand out in the market, we offer them a variety of choices. Your brand can choose from various clothing styles, private-label sports styles, and label styles. Thygesen also creates unique label templates for you to affirm the individuality of your brand in the market.

OEM Gym Tops Manufacturer

Fashion brands love working with OEM gym top manufacturers more than regular manufacturers. Thygesen has been providing OEM service for many years. We can do custom consultations on any type of gym top or other apparel. With our services, you will be taken care of by a team of professional staff. All your fashion ideas will be quickly realized by us. Your job is just to make a request and wait for the final product.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer gymwear

Wholesale Activewear Manufacturer

In addition to producing activewear, Thygesen is also a famous activewear wholesaler in the market. We offer many activewear models with various styles, designs, and quality. In particular, thanks to our production experience and modern production lines, we can supply large quantities of goods in a short time. Brands with us often have a selection of activewear with different seasonal styles at reasonable prices. Indeed this is one of the advantages that help them grow quickly.

Women’s Gym Clothing Manufacturer

Women’s beauty trends are stronger than ever, so women’s gym clothing is becoming a hot fashion industry. Partnering with a premium fitness apparel manufacturer like Thygesen will help you dominate the market.

Spandex Gym Wear Manufacturer

Thygesen constantly researches to find the most suitable fabrics for its sports clothing. After much experience, we realized Spandex is the right fabric for gym wear. Spandex has extremely good elasticity, it can be stretched by 500% but can still return to its original state. In addition to elasticity, this fabric has anti-wrinkle properties, high strength, lightness, good wear resistance, and no lint or scratch. Therefore, clothes that require high durability and good flexibility such as gym wear should be made from spandex.

Thygesen typically uses cotton spandex for its fitness apparel production. It is a blended material that adds excellent natural absorbency. The most used ratio is 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Fabric. This material is used to make sportswear with full elasticity and sweat absorption advantages. Whether stuffing the wardrobe or washing it in the washing machine, it will not affect the quality of the fabric. This will be an advantage to help your brand leave a good impression in customers’ eyes.

Stylish Athleisure Clothing Manufacturer

Athleisure clothing is often considered boring because many manufacturers focus only on the quality and functionality of the clothing. They try to bring products that create comfort and flexibility for sports players, paying little attention to fashion style. Thygesen is completely different, we are a stylish athleisure clothing manufacturer. The company has a department specializing in researching and designing new athleisure clothing models with many different unique styles. This not only makes our sports clothing beautiful and trendy, but also has the perfect quality to help brands satisfy their customers.

Ladies Gym Tops Manufacturer

Ladies’ gym tops are considered as one of the products that many fashion brands are most interested in today. The more women pay attention to exercise to maintain their figure, the greater the number of women gym tops. Understanding that, Thygesen always tries to improve the quality and design of its ladies gym tops to help brands have more competitive advantages. Our staff always strive to produce the best quality products!

Reliable Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

Fitness Tights Manufacturer

If some people love the spaciousness, comfort that regular fitness clothes bring, some people are extremely impressed with fitness tights. The hug that this clothing brings helps the wearer have a more flexible experience during sports practice. With Thygesen’s fitness tights design, our tights also work to support the health and safety of the wearer during use. This will be a big plus to make many customers pay attention to your fashion brand.

Fitness Tights Manufacturer

Workout Hoodies Manufacturer

In addition to summer training clothes like t-shirts, workout hoodies are considered the most appropriate fitness clothing in winter. With this simple and easy-to-use structure, it does not cause discomfort when you are active, but it can also keep the body warm. However, workout hoodies from Thygesen will have more great points. Accordingly, our workout hoodies are machine-made according to special designs and fabrics. The wearer not only feels comfortable when using it, but it also has good moisture absorption, quick drying, breathability, etc. These are the features that many brands consider to help them beat their competitors.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer OEM service

Sexy Gym Clothes Manufacturer

In your store’s gym clothes collection, sexy gym clothes cannot be missing. Although this type of clothing is not commonly used, it has a very good consumption potential. Thygesen has created many different models of sexy gym clothes. They are not too bold but enough to show off the hidden beauty of the wearer.

Breathable Sports T-Shirt Manufacturer

Thygesen has a variety of designs and models of breathable sports t-shirt

Breathable is one of the most important features of sports clothes. Thygesen understands that and all of our sports t shirts include this feature. In addition to being creative in design, the production team also tries to use the best breathable fabrics.

Breathable Sports T-Shirt Manufacturer

Thygesen has a variety of designs and models of breathable sports t-shirt manufacturers, so fashion brands can choose at will. We offer reasonable prices for every successful order to help brands make more profits.

Colorful Workout Tights Manufacturer

For Thygesen tights are not simply casual wear, its versatility and application are very high. Therefore, we always try to diversify and specialize this product line. You can find colourful workout tights in our product catalog. In addition to producing colourful workout tights according to the available samples, if you require, we will custom according to your wishes. If you find your stalls too boring, make them even more interesting with our colourful workout tights.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer printed yoga

White Exercise Pants Manufacturer

White exercise pants are less commonly used than regular sports pants. Its color gets dirty easily but becomes more prominent when the wearer stands in the crowd. Due to the uniqueness, it is rare for any manufacturer to produce perfect high-quality white exercise pants. Thygesen is one of the leading white exercise pants manufacturers. We know which models to use, how to design the perfect white exercise pants!

High Collar Fitness Suit Manufacturer

Not everyone likes to use a high-collar fitness suit during sports training. High-collar fitness suits have a very special design thanks to the high collar suitable for use in winter. This clothes is produced according to the suit, so users can not worry about creating the outfit. Thygesen can satisfy every brand’s custom needs to make your high-collar fitness suit special.

Activewear T-Shirt Manufacturer

Activewear t-shirt is indispensable for sports athletes. This Thygesen outfit not only helps users be more flexible and comfortable during exercise, but also has many models. Your fashion brand can make a distinct impression on your customers with our unique designs. The t-shirts are not only improved from the material but also upgraded in design different from the t-shirts on the market.

Private Label Activewear Manufacturers Australia Market

Activewear t-shirts are one of the most vibrant fashion markets in Australia. Many fashion brands recognize the growth potential of this fitness clothing, so they turn to private-label activewear manufacturers. Vietnam is a country chosen by many clothing brands and Thygesen is the leading manufacturer on the list. We not only provide private-label activewear custom services but also ensure product quality at competitive prices. After many years of cooperation, Thygesen has created a firm trust with customers because it always brings many values ​​and benefits to them.

Crossfit Shorts Manufacturer

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer performance shorts

Crossfit shorts are quite popular sports clothing with unique designs. It brings more comfort and convenience to the wearer. If your fashion store sells fitness apparel, you can’t ignore Thygesen’s crossfit shorts. In addition to being made from high-quality improved fabrics, our novel designs can surprise you. Your brand can choose colors or other custom requirements if needed.

Gym Trousers With Pockets Manufacturer

Gym pants with pockets are the most convenient type of sportswear. The wearer can carry a number of small applications such as keys, wallets, bank cards, etc. When doing sports. However, not every fitness apparel manufacturer can produce standard gym pants with pockets. With Thygesen, we offer unique designs of gym pants with pockets with larger pocket depth, smaller pocket mouth so that the wearer does not drop things during the move. These unique innovations are sure to get your customers excited about the outfits in your store.

OEM Workout Leggings Manufacturer

Leggings are a popular clothing line and have a high shopping demand. Most clothing brands deal with this fashion item. One of the biggest strengths in Thygesen’s fitness clothing production is leggings. We can produce many different models of leggings each with its own features and uses. If you feel that ordinary leggings are too popular in the market, Thygesen can help you customize to make you unique. With a team of professional staff, skilled tailors and a system of modern machinery and technology, we are confident in our custom ability. Surely your fashion ideas will be perfectly realized by us.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer with premium fabric

Private Label Activewear Manufacturer Europe Markets

Currently, European countries are promoting sports activities and healthy body training. Fitness clothing has become one of Europe’s most vibrant fashion markets. Many fashion brands can grow quickly and make a lot of money if they catch up with this fashion wave. You need to find a reputable private-label activewear manufacturer for your brand. Thygesen Vietnam is a good choice.

We not only have rich experience and skilled staff, but also have obtained many international certifications in garment manufacturing. Many of our fashion products are manufactured in European standard production lines. They are perfectly suited to the European market which can give your brand more competitive advantage in this fierce market.

Mesh Workout Shirts Manufacturer

For fitness clothes, elasticity, comfort and breathability are the top criteria that determine the customer’s preference for them. After many years of sports apparel production experience, mesh is a suitable fabric to produce many different fitness wear. We have the newest, unique and best quality mesh workout shirts that can be supplied in bulk for your brand. This product can be considered as outstanding sportswear that helps your brand attract more customers.

Fitness Shorts Manufacturer

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer running shorts

Like fitness shirts, fitness shorts are also commonly used clothing when practicing sports or daily life. The style of the shorts is easy to wear, suitable for many different users’ body shapes. With over 90 years of Thygesen apparel manufacturing experience, we are confident enough to create the most distinctive mesh workout shirts to satisfy our customers. Therefore, brands can confidently trade our t-shirts because the quality is always guaranteed.

Activewear Manufacturer Uk Clothing Brands

Thygesen’s capacity and ability to produce activewear has been trusted and recognized by many fashion brands around the world. To that end, we have been constantly improving and growing over the past 90 years. The company not only upgraded production lines and technology, but also established many separate departments to develop effective fashion products. To help the clothing brand become more prominent in the market, Thygesen is not afraid to research and create new fabrics. Since then, the number of successful fashion stores cooperating with us has increased.

Oversized Bodybuilding Shirts Manufacturer

Regular Shirts are not difficult to manufacture and most of apparel manufacturers worldwide can make them. However, to produce oversized bodybuilding shirts, that clothing manufacturer must have production experience and a modern production technology system. Thygesen is an oversized bodybuilding shirt manufacturer that meets those criteria. Our team of skilled tailors are able to create oversized jerseys that fit all body shapes without sacrificing form. The wearer also feels more comfortable thanks to the special fabric and useful features.

Running Clothes Manufacturer

One of the most popular sports activities is running clothes. Running is a popular sport because it is simple and effective. However, to create quality running clothes requires the manufacturer to be capable. Thygesen can help your brand produce runnings that are comfortable, stretchy, breathable, absorbent, durable and soft. These special features can help your brand leave a good impression on customers while also having more advantages when competing in the market. Although offering many quality products, the prices that Thygesen offers will make many brands feel surprised by the reasonableness.


The fitness apparel market is large and growing worldwide. This is the right time for clothing brands to decide to expand their business market. If you want your business to grow longer and more consistently, you need to find the right fitness apparel manufacturer. Thygesen is one of the top choices that can bring many benefits to you. We not only provide a wide range of products and services, but also guarantee quality and competitive prices. If you have a need, please contact us to get the best advice!

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