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Fashionable Sweater Manufacturer

Fashionable Sweater Manufacturer – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Sweater models are indispensable in this winter. Loose, comfortable and warm shirts can provide a great experience for the wearer. However, now there are many fashion brands that sell sweaters. To stand out and compete stronger than them, your fashion brand needs to find a reputable and quality sweater product manufacturer. Thygesen is one of the leading sweater product manufacturers in the world. Here, you can find the most unique and quality sweaters at reasonable prices. Read more to know about the costumes we produce!

Sweater Product Manufacturer

Thygesen is considered by many fashion brands to be the top sweater product manufacturer in terms of quality and price. We can offer a wide range of unique outfits both in terms of style and quality.

Stylish Pullover Sweater Manufacturer

Stylish pullover sweater is undeniably an impressive product line in winter. This type of shirt is easy to combine with many different outfits to create different unique fashion styles. To help fashion brands make a good impression on customers with the variety of outfits, Thygesen always tries to create and design new sweater styles. Pullover sweater is the simplest and most popular but also the most loved. If your fashion brand decides to choose this product from us, it can certainly make a lot of profit.

Sweater Manufacturer sustainability

Pullover Knitwear Manufacturer With Modem Machine

To produce quality Pullover knitwear, we not only have long-term production experience and professional staff, but also have to own many modern machines. Knitted fabrics are completely different from other fabrics. It needs stricter and more difficult textile requirements to achieve the best quality. However, it can provide the softest, most comfortable fabric quality in apparel.

Thygesen understands that and has used modern machinery and the latest textile technology to produce Pullover knitwear sweaters. We are completely confident with our production lines because they can guarantee the quality while the production is completed ahead of time.

Cotton Sweater Manufacture

Cotton is a fabric used by many people as well as fashion brands. It is a natural cotton material so it is completely safe for users and the environment. Thygesen is an eco-friendly 100% cotton sweater manufacturer trusted by many brands and fashion stores. We are one of the leading ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturers today. There are many manufacturers that develop their products in this direction, but few can develop as thoroughly as Thygesen.

Thygesen product lines, including cotton t-shirts, are tested for friendliness from the fabric to the manufacturing process. Thygesen tailors specialize in 100% natural cotton fabrics. We also have our own quality control team to ensure quality at each stage. To give you that assurance, our products, manufactured under sustainable working conditions, proudly carry the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label. Common chemicals are tested in-process. Oeko-Tex certification includes arsenic, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde and pesticides, all of which are known to be harmful to human health.

Fashion Sweater Manufacturer With Various Styles

Fashion style is the factor that determines the attractiveness of that fashion brand. If your fashion store owns a variety of fashion styles, your chances of attracting customers are much greater than other fashion brands. Understanding the necessity of fashion diversity for clothing brands, Thygesen has tried to diversify its products. Each product developed and manufactured by us is custom made according to the requirements of brands to keep up with current fashion trends.

The fashion style in our production is also constantly changing according to the trends. Even our staff tend to create new styles to keep up with fashion trends. Such embracing and staying ahead of the times will give your brand a chance to outshine your competitors.

Sweater Manufacturer for men and women

Ribbed Sweater Manufacturers

Ribbed is a fabric with 2 right sides composed of right loop columns interspersed with left loop columns, forming two layers of loop columns on two parallel planes. Ribbed fabric has high thickness, good elasticity and less curling like other knitted fabrics. Because of these advantages, ribbed sweaters are always sought and favored by brands and users. However, producing ribbed sweaters is not easy.

In addition to the production ability and rich experience, the manufacturer needs to import high quality ribbed fabric. Thygesen is a sweater manufacturer that can meet those criteria. We can finish the bulk ribbed sweater within the pre-delivered deadline. You can have complete confidence in our production ability and experience.

Women Sweater Manufacturer

Women’s sweaters often have a variety of designs with attractive colors to meet the needs of women’s changing fashion styles. Although sweater patterns can change seasonally or even weekly, Thygesen can totally keep up with that. Our staff not only research and create designs in advance, but always keep abreast of fashion trends.

Working with the apparel company Thygesen, your brand doesn’t need to worry about fashion going out of fashion. Every time there is a new fashion trend we will update our customers and bring back women sweater models that make you feel satisfied.

Mens Sweater Manufacturers

In addition to women’s sweaters, men’s sweaters are also one of the favorite outfits used by men. Mainly, this type of costume has a simple design, easy to coordinate, dynamic and can be used in many different cases. Thygesen not only focuses on diverse designs but we also focus on improving product quality. Accordingly, our men’s sweaters are made from a variety of fabrics. Fashion brands can make choices that suit their brand’s needs.

Sweater Manufacturer made in vietnam

Long-Term Experience Knitted Wear Manufacturer

Knitted wear is a quality fashion line with good stretch fabric, soft, comfortable to use. Thygesen is a long term experience knitted wear manufacturer that can help your brand evolve knitted wear.

Sustainable Knitted Clothes Manufacture

We have to admit that knits are very flexible, they are comfortable enough for you to lie on the sofa and rest. They can also give you the necessary grooming but also “comfy” enough to relax in the house. Thus, more than any other material of fashion, knitwear has emerged strongly in every fashion era. Thygesen understands that and always strives to be the leading sustainable knitted clothes manufacturer. We always strive towards a production process that makes the most of raw materials, minimizes harmful materials and reduces emissions to the environment.

We’ve done that, from material creation, design, production to shipping. We use mainly natural or recyclable fabrics. In addition, Thygesen’s factories all use LEAN production systems to minimize production costs and avoid waste. You can rest assured that the sweater comes from our factory.

Knitwear Garment Manufacturer With Premium OEM Services

The leading apparel manufacturers cannot be without OEM service and so is Thygesen. We provide premium OEM services with many incentives and benefits for brands. Thygesen team is committed to creating innovative ODM/OEM solutions for your fashion brands. Skilled staff and high-tech machinery allow us to manage the entire process from design to finished product.

Sweater Manufacturer with honesty

If your brand needs the knitwear garment just contact us and tell us your requirements. We also make custom requests as required to ensure customers are satisfied with the service the company provides. The enthusiastic staff also ensures to answer all questions of the brand in the fastest time!

High-Quality Knits Manufacturing Company

Thygesen is not only a high-quality knits manufacturing company, we also aspire to become a prestigious garment factory, bringing true ethical values ​​to the community, partners and customers. We decided to act ethically and sustainably from day one to protect everyone’s future.

In addition to complying with international regulations and standards for garment quality, we also care about the safety of the environment. Thygesen products are all ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000: 2014 and user-friendly WRAP. Even if it is intended for children, it is completely safe and effective.

Our garment company has strictly complied with local and international requirements for textile waste treatment in order to minimize waste, reduce the impact of emissions. The materials used by the Thygesen plant in production are also recyclable and optimized in production. We use more eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, recycled nylon/polyester, etc. Most of the fabrics included in Thygesen’s manufacturing process have been refined to add outstanding features such as breathability, quick-drying, softness, good stretch, etc. When working with us, your fashion brand will surely have more competitive advantages.

Women Cardigan Manufacturer

In addition to the pullover sweater models, the woman cardigan is loved by many women around the world. This shirt style brings a feminine style, lightness, elegance and sophistication. It can both keep the body warm and have a beauty effect. Thygesen always strives to make good fashion products even better. Therefore, we have created more attractive cardigan designs with unique fabrics. Most of the cardigans produced by Thygesen have good elasticity, extreme warmth and are comfortable to wear.

If your clothing brand cooperates with us, it can certainly increase its competitiveness against other fashion brands. In addition, the rates we offer can help you get more profitable when you start your business. You should consider all the benefits to find the best sweater manufacturer.

Warm Sweater Manufacturer

One of the essential features of a sweater is the ability to keep warm. The user’s request is that these sweaters are not only beautiful but also have the ability to keep warm well. Thygsen understands this requirement, so we are very focused on the fabric for the production of sweaters. The company’s staff is constantly searching and researching to find the most suitable knitted fabric for sweater models so that it can both keep warm and make the wearer feel comfortable.

Trusted Sweater Manufacturer

Every factor that attracts and impresses customers is taken care of and calculated by Thygesen. Therefore, the clothing brands that cooperate with us can be confident in their business and competitiveness.

Mens Casual Pullovers Manufacturer

Men’s casual pullovers, although a casual wear line that doesn’t have many special features, has huge sales. Most people use them on a daily basis so the frequency of redemption is very high. If your fashion brand wants to maintain a steady customer base each fall and winter, the mens casual pullovers business is the right choice. However, how do old customers come back to buy your casual pullovers?

Your brand needs to find a reputable mens casual pullover manufacturer capable of offering a wide range of high quality products. Thygesen is completely confident with the mens casual pullovers that we produce. They are not only diverse designs, good quality but also attractive prices.

Long Sleeve Sweater Manufacturer

In cold times, long sleeve sweaters will definitely be more popular. It not only prevents the cold but also brings a special fashion style. However, many fashion brands worry that sweaters with long sleeves will make the wearer uncomfortable and flexible.

If your brand cooperates with Thygesen, that worry can be completely eliminated. Our product design and development team focuses heavily on product design. Our long sleeve sweater models not only have a unique design, but high-quality fabrics with absolute elasticity can help the wearer be flexible. These advantages will definitely become your brand’s competitive advantage.

Sweater Manufacturer Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Knitted Fleece Zip Jacket Manufacturer

Fleece is a popular material with a lot of people who want the softness of sheepskin or wool without turning out to be real. This can be comforting, as some people find wool sometimes rough and itchy. Others may do so for ethical reasons, preferring synthetic fibers to animal by-products.

Thygesen’s Knitted fleece zip jacket is the pinnacle of the line. It has not only soft, warm material, but also user-friendly. Not every manufacturer can produce such high-end Knitted fleece zip jacket models. If you’re still looking for the right product for the brand’s winter collection, Thygesen’s Knitted fleece zip jacket is not a bad choice.

Printed Sweater Manufacturer

Just because a sweater is usually made of wool or knitted fabric doesn’t mean it’s just one color. For Thygesen, the color of the sweater is also quite diverse. For winter outfits, we often choose striking colors to make the wearer feel warmer. However, if your brand’s selling point is cool colors, you can request a custom with us.

Thygesen can meet all graphic printing requirements of brands because we own the most modern and advanced printing technologies. Accordingly, brands can choose from pre-printed templates provided by our design team or give your ideas. Thygesen prides itself on its graphic printing capabilities and quality.

Ladies Blended Sweater Manufacturers

Sweater models using blended fabrics are loved by many people because they can use a variety of features of the fabric components inside. In addition to fabrics such as Cotton; Rayon; Lycra; Polyester, Thygesen also provides fabric combinations according to customer requirements. This helps customers decide the quality of fabric required by the brand.

As one of the leading ladies blended sweater manufacturers in the market, Thygesen can confidently supply brands with customized blended fabric. Our textile factory has state-of-the-art machinery that can produce the most distinctive blends and improved performance. Surely this blended fabric will be the strength to help your fashion brand gain a foothold in the market.

High Stretch Knit Jacket Manufacturer

Most of today’s clothes require high elasticity to bring dynamism and comfort to the wearer. In particular, the high stretch knit jacket is a type of clothing often used in sports activities or moves outdoors, so stretchy is an indispensable element. Thygesen understands the importance of stretch in jackets, so we always focus on improving the elasticity of the fabric.

High Stretch Knit Jacket Manufacturer

Thygesen mainly uses knitted fabrics in production because the characteristics of this fabric are softness and good elasticity. If the right fabric is used and modern weaving technology is used, many unexpected features can be integrated into the outfit. It is these new breakthroughs in our production that have helped many fashion brands succeed in the business of sweaters, jackets, shirts, etc.

Ladies Sweater Manufacturer

Ladies often have very high requirements for costumes, especially fashion styles. Ladies sweater for them not only has to be warm, beautifully designed, unique but also must be true to current fashion trends. If your brand can meet these requirements, many ladies will become loyal customers of the brand.

Thygesen can help you do just that. We have a team of professional and creative designers. Our sweaters are constantly updated and renewed according to the season to keep up with fashion trends. You don’t need to worry about the sweater in your store being out of fashion, you just need to place an order and we will update you with the most accurate and new fashion information.

Comfortable Knit Shorts Manufacturer

In addition to sweaters, shorts are one of the most popular and used outfits by users. It creates a more comfortable and dynamic feeling for the user. However, not all fabrics can make shorts bring comfort. After much research and surveys of wearers, Thygesen considers knitted fabrics to be the most comfortable and stretchy material. The wearer can work continuously for many hours without feeling any discomfort.

To help your brand sell our shorts better and beat your competitors, Thygesen also improves the fabric’s performance. Accordingly, in addition to beautiful design, our knit shorts are also soft, breathable, quick-drying, etc., to provide a great experience for the wearer.

100% Cotton Sweater Manufacturer

Cotton has always been considered the most eco-friendly fabric in clothing production. Consumers tend to use this fabric more, so brands also want to sell this product. However, very few manufacturers agree to produce 100% cotton sweaters, other mixed fabrics will be preferred to save costs.

In contrast, Thygesen is an eco-friendly 100% cotton sweater manufacturer trusted by many brands and fashion stores. Thygesen’s sweater product lines are all tested for friendliness from the fabric to the manufacturing process. Thygesen tailors specialize in 100% natural cotton fabrics. We also have our own quality control team to ensure quality at each stage.

Thygesen knows that our customers care enough about the safety of their products. To give you that assurance, our products, manufactured under sustainable working conditions, proudly carry the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label. Common chemicals are tested in-process. Oeko-Tex certification includes arsenic, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde and pesticides, all of which are known to be harmful to human health.

Trendy Sweater Dress Manufacturer

If the girls have a great love for sweaters, it is impossible to ignore the sweater dress. This style of dress is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also can keep warm in cold weather. To help fashion brands satisfy their customers, Thygesen also researches and produces various models of sweater dress. We rely on the latest fashion trends to produce in order to promptly supply products for brands to the market.

Trendy Sweater Dress Manufacturer

With a team of professional tailors and modern production lines, Thygesen can quickly produce new products in a short time with very good quality. If you want your brand to quickly catch up with world fashion trends, you can come to us!

Round Neck Sweater Manufacturer

Round Neck sweaters have been considered a traditional sweater style for a long time. Although the design of this sweater is mostly simple and similar, making buyers feel bored, but Thygesen has changed that. We have many modern printing technologies, so most of our round neck sweaters are customized according to customer requirements or printed with existing patterns. This helps the shirt models to stand out and be constantly changed to attract customers. Brands that come to us for cooperation will also have more options.


The importance of sweaters cannot be denied. No matter what material or design it is made of, this is an indispensable outfit in every autumn and winter. Your fashion brand should consider entering this potential fashion market. If you decide to join then Thygesen is the leading sweater product manufacturer that can offer you hundreds of growth opportunities.

We have production experience, modern production lines and technology, and a professional staff. All create diverse, quality sweaters at competitive prices. In short, when you decide to cooperate with Thygesen, your brand will certainly be profitable.

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