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How to find a Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam?
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Discovering Your Ideal Clothing Partner in Vietnam

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Despite a difficult and challenging year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is still one of the most attractive destinations for fashion brands all over the world for clothing manufacturer. The total garment and textile export revenue of Vietnam is expected to reach $33.5 – $34 billion in 2020 and may reach $47-48 billion in 2023.

This is an extremely significant increase compared to other countries famous for the apparel manufacturing  worldwide. With an 11-30% market share, more than 6000 clothing manufacturers, and 2.4 million people working in the industry, Vietnam is currently one of the fastest-growing countries in the apparel industry.

What can Vietnam Textile Manufacturing Company produce?

Types of garments Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers producing

Vietnam clothing manufacturers can produce almost any type of textile and garments tailored to your company’s needs. These products not only come with good quality but also cheaper than most clothing manufacturing companies in other countries. For example:

  • Casual Wear
  • Outerwear
  • Underwear
  • Activewear
  • Workwear
  • Clothing for Children
  • Formal Wear
  • Technical Fabrics
  • Furniture Textiles

Besides clothing, textile manufacturers in Vietnam can also cut and sew fabric into articles such as handbags, backpacks, hats, and all kinds of footwear.

Casual Wear by Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Clothing Brands with made in Vietnam clothing

Pretty much well-known brands have their apparel made from Vietnam clothing manufacturers, as Vietnam is famous for being one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world. We can name some top brands with made in Vietnam products:

  • Calvin Klein
  • DKNY
  • Fjallraven
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • The North Face
  • Levi’s
  • Converse
  • Nike
  • Under Armour
  • Lacoste

Pros and Cons of Working with a Vietnam Clothing Manufacturer

Advantages of working with Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers

Advantages of working with Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers

A lower price with premium quality

With a mechanical system capable of producing clothes in bulk quantity and a large number of workers, the manufacturing prices of fabrics, clothes, and other types of apparel in Vietnam clothing manufacturers are cheaper than in other countries without sacrificing the quality of the goods. In terms of quality, finished products from clothing manufacturers in Vietnam are among the top 10% in the world.

Advantages of Taxes and Free Trade

Vietnam has a lot of Free trade agreements (FTA) with many countries in the world, such as all nations in ASEAN, South Korea, Australia. Recently, Vietnam has signed two big agreements: the EU – Vietnam Free trade agreement (EVFTA) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), opening up many opportunities for garment manufacturers in Vietnam and international investors.

Lead time

In the fashion industry, especially the fast fashion industry, Make to Market – the shorter time a product goes from the start of researching, designing, production, make it to the store, the more advantages a retailer will get. If this is one of the key elements that you are looking to improve for your company, then working with a Vietnamese clothing manufacturer will greatly reduce this time. That’s why many fast fashion brands in the world such as Uniqlo, SPencer, or Target have chosen Vietnam clothing manufacturers as the number one choice.

Disadvantages of working with Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers


High minimum order quantity

Vietnamese clothing manufacturers often do not accept small quantity orders, usually below 2000 and small sample runs. So if you’re a start-up and want to gradually scale-up, finding a clothing manufacturer can be a bit of a challenge. But if you are a wholesaler or a fashion brand that wants bulk orders at cheaper prices, then Vietnam would be a great destination to look for garment manufacturers.

Components of garments are from China

Although Vietnam has a big source of raw materials to serve the production of clothing, there are still many components such as buttons and zippers that must be imported from China. This can delay the order, especially if there are problems with transportation from China. To avoid this, suppliers often import these details earlier so your order has a faster lead time.

Less developed logistics chain

With so many ports across the country, clothing manufacturers in Vietnam can transport your order to the West Coast of the US within 3 weeks, to Europe within 4 weeks, and even much faster if your business is in Southeast Asia. However, Vietnam’s in-country logistics have yet to be as well developed as China, so it may take longer for clothing manufacturers to ship their goods to ports. Besides, with a lot of goods to be exported and long Tet holidays, Vietnamese ports are usually crowded, and your order can be delayed for days.

How to find a good Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam

Find manufacturers through Trade shows

Meetups in the textile and garment industry can help you a lot in finding a reputable garment manufacturer with the right potential to work with your company. Every year, in Vietnam, there are many Trade shows for domestic and foreign businesses to connect with clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, thereby the two sides can establish a close and mutually beneficial business relationship. You can refer to some of these Trade shows in Vietnam:

  • The Vietnam International Textile & Apparel Accessories Exhibition: This is a very big exhibition, not only with the participation of garment manufacturers from Vietnam but also from China and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Vietnam International Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition: This exhibition focuses mainly on machinery commonly used in the production of fabrics.
  • Vietnam Hanoi Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo (HanoiFabric): This expo does not focus on finished garment products, but promotes textile machinery, sewing technology, dyeing, and other chemicals in the textile and garment industry.
  • Vietnam Saigon International Textile and Garment Industry Expo (SaigonTex): This exhibition is organized by Vietnam National Textile & Garment Group, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, VCCI Exhibition Service Co Ltd. Vietnam Textile & Garment Industry. This is considered a big fair and brings together many of the most famous clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

Work with Directories

Directories can help you with finding a suitable clothing manufacturer for your business. You should stick to well-known and experienced directories because these directories usually have a lot of options for you. When working with directories, you should carefully explain your requirements, so that you can choose a clothing manufacturer that suits your needs the best.

Search Engines

Search engines such as Google can be a great option to find a clothing manufacturer. However, most garment manufacturers in Vietnam do not regularly update information about their operations, factory photos, or partners on their websites. Therefore, if you are looking for information about manufacturers this way, please be patient to find the best Vietnam clothing manufacturing company.

Online Groups

Forums or groups on social networks are also a great place to seek help from businesses that have the same need of cooperating with clothing manufacturers in Vietnam as you. These businesses will not only give you a deeper insight into the manufacturers they have worked with, but they can also review the ordering process, product quality, and share with you the contact information for these Vietnamese manufacturers.

Old-Fashioned Research

Networking and talking to other businesses in the industry is very important, especially when this is your first time working with a clothing manufacturer overseas. For example, you need to carefully check the types of substances used in the factory, and whether they comply with the laws in the country where you intend to sell. Size is also a very important factor because size can vary between countries, especially between countries in Europe and Asia.


If you are looking for top garment manufacturers in Vietnam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is regarded as the best place to get clothes made in Vietnam. With  expertise in textile manufacturing, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to quality, Thygesen offers an ideal solution for many global clothing brands.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam Company Ltd also known as Thygesen Sewing Vietnam is a clothing manufacturer based in Vietnam – belongs to Thygesen Textile Group located in Ikast, Denmark. With a long history of more than 90 years, the company has been proudly receiving worldwide reputation in the production of high-quality garments for many major brands in the world.

The corporation owns several factories and the most up-to-date textile machinery, having the ability of handling materials from cotton, spandex, polyester to High Compression Nylon, Cordura, Lenzing Tencel, Modal,… Along with safety certificates namely: SA8000-2014, ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016, WRAP, CE marking, FDA and Oekotex100. Hence, when it comes to made in Vietnam clothing, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is confident to be one of the most trust-worthy clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

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