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Cargo Trousers

Our cargo trousers are expertly crafted using high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your preferences. With Thygesen Textile Vietnam, you can trust in premium quality and unmatched comfort, ensuring you’re always prepared for any adventure or task.

Product Specifications

Materials: Cotton/Polyester (or other blends as per customer’s requirement).

Functionality: Versatile functionality, featuring multiple pockets for storage, durability for rugged activities, comfort for extended wear.

Size: All sizes available.

Customization: Customized printings/colors as per clients’ requirements.

Elevating Fashion Through Cargo Trousers Excellence

Ethics in Action
Truthfulness Is Our Core Value

Truthfulness is not just a word; it’s a way of life at Thygesen Textile Vietnam. Our commitment to truthfulness permeates every aspect of our operations. We believe that honesty and transparency are vital in building lasting relationships. When you work with us, you can trust that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions. If any issues arise, we address them with integrity and a sense of responsibility.

Cargo Trousers manufacturing with OEM service
Truthfulness is our way of life at Thygesen Textile Vietnam, where honesty and transparency build trust

Quality Control Is
Of Utmost Importance To Us

Our dedicated quality control team meticulously monitors and inspects each pair of cargo trousers at various stages of the production process. We conduct thorough checks for fabric quality, stitching precision, fitting accuracy, and overall craftsmanship. Any deviation from our strict quality standards prompts immediate corrective actions to maintain excellence.

Cargo Trousers manufacturing with Quality Control
Our commitment to excellence drives us to implement stringent measures to ensure that every garment leaving our manufacturing facility meets the highest quality standards

Turn Your Design Into Life
With Customization Services

With our customization service, we provide full support in turning your design ideas into reality. Our experienced and skilled team collaborates closely with you to develop the perfect sample before proceeding with bulk production. This ensures that your vision is realized exactly as you imagined it. Whether you have unique design requirements or specific fabric preferences, our customization service is here to make your cargo trousers stand out.

Cargo Trousers manufacturing with Customization Services
Our customization service brings your design to life, ensuring your cargo trousers stand out as you envisioned

Global Standards
All Products Are Made With Care

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is unwavering in its commitment to upholding global standards with our cargo trousers. As a garments factory, we hold internationally prestigious certificates that recognize our dedication to adhering to local and international labor laws and maintaining stringent quality standards. All our products are made with care and precision in our own SA8000 & WRAP, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, ISO 9001:2015 sewing factory. 

Cargo Trousers manufacturing with global standards
With Thygesen Textile Vietnam, you can trust that your cargo trousers are produced with the highest level of care and responsibility, meeting global standards of quality and ethics

Partner With Us For Your Custom Cargo Trousers

With over 90 years of experience in the garment industry, Thygesen takes pride in offering high-quality products and bespoke service to bring value to your business.
Tell us about your ideas, and we will make your vision become reality.

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