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Casual Joggers

With over 90 years of industry expertise, we blend craftsmanship and advanced technology to deliver high-quality, customizable joggers that perfectly align with your brand’s vision. Trust Thygesen Textile Vietnam for your joggers manufacturing needs. 

Product Specifications

Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, Tencel, Modal, Aerogear… or any other kind of fabric can be developed as required.

Functionality: Breathable, temperature balanced, feature with elastic or drawstring waistband.

Size: All sizes available.

Customization: Customized printings/colors as per clients’ requirements.

Weaving Dreams into Every Thread of Your Casual Joggers

Tailoring Your Vision
with Our Customization Options

We acknowledge that each customer possesses distinct requirements and preferences. This is why we provide extensive customization choices to guarantee our products align precisely with your specifications. Whether you need tailored sizes, design alterations, branding elements, or specific fabric preferences, our experienced team is prepared to help you realize your vision. We work closely with you, attentively considering your needs and offering expert guidance throughout the customization journey

Casual Joggers manufacturing with custom options
We offer extensive customization options to ensure our products align perfectly with your unique requirements and preferences

Collaborative Expertise for
Superior Product Enhancement

Our experienced team invests the effort to attentively comprehend your requirements and grasp your vision. Leveraging our industry know-how and market acumen, we offer valuable counsel to improve the design, functionality, and overall excellence of your products. We are dedicated to partnering with you to attain the most exceptional results possible. Rest assured, you can rely on us for pioneering solutions that will enhance the quality and appeal of your products. 

Casual Joggers manufacturing with Superior Product Enhancement
Our dedicated team leverages industry expertise to understand your vision, enhancing product design and functionality

Transparency Is At
The Core Of Our Values

Our commitment revolves around offering clear insights into our manufacturing procedures, materials utilization, and supply chain practices. By placing transparency at the forefront, our goal is to establish trust and uphold accountability in all our endeavors. When you collaborate with us, you can rest assured that our operations maintain a high standard of transparency, empowering you to make informed choices and have full confidence in the products we provide.

Casual Joggers manufacturing with Transparency
We are dedicated to cultivating transparent and candid communication with our clients, partners, and stakeholders

Trusted by Many Global Brands
Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Boody

Our unwavering dedication to quality, dependability, and ensuring customer contentment has positioned us as the favored selection among well-known international brands such as: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Boody, Girlfriend Collective. We comprehend the distinct requisites and pressures linked to engaging in global markets, and we exert our utmost efforts to surpass clients anticipations in areas like product excellence, punctual delivery, and effective communication. 

Casual Joggers manufacturing with global brand
Our relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for renowned global brands

Partner With Us For Your Custom Casual Joggers

With over 90 years of experience in the garment industry, Thygesen takes pride in offering high-quality products and bespoke service to bring value to your business.
Tell us about your ideas, and we will make your vision become reality.

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